Why are certain words related to SEX obscene?

Why are certain words related to SEX obscene?


July 10, 2014 Thursday 5 p.m.
As a pre-teen some 80 years ago, and a Street Kid in Brooklyn, N.Y., my friends, and sometimes I, used a lot of “foul language” related to Sex. At the time, I was totally ignorant of the fact that I was the product of my father “fucking” my mother because no one ever told me about “the birds and the bees.” When I did learn that my father and mother engaged in that obscene activity, I was “pissed off” to say the least.

Part of my ignorance and attitude re Sex was due to my having attended a Catholic Elementary School (St. Ambrose) and a Catholic H.S. (Bishop Laughlin Memorial H.S. where I was taught first by Nuns (Sisters of St. Joseph) and then by Brothers (of St. John the Baptist. They saved my life academically, but screwed me up by either openly or subtly by letting us know that Sex was “dirty.” (At least that was my impression.)

Interestingly, at that impressionable time of my life, I also began to question some of Catholicism’s tenets, such as
the fact that it was a Mortal Sin to miss Mass on a Sunday or Day of Obligation, and winding up in scary Hell, and that in receiving Holy Communion the wafer and wine were actually the Body and Blood of Christ. Add to that the belief in “limbo”, “purgatory”; “plenary and partial indulgences”; “venial sin” and having to eat fish on Fridays rather than meat just didn’t cut it with my burgeoning questioning and critical mind.

I recall with some amusement now that one of my rebellious acts was to purposely stare at women’s bouncing tits as they
strode past me on the sidewalk.

The pity of it all is that my previously warped view of Sex has been replaced by one that is completely opposite to the one I was gleaned on. To my mind it’s one of our Creator’s Greatest Gifts, one wherein the word “Ecstasy” applies perfectly, and no other activity I engage in comes even close to being as satisfying and enjoyable. And, the icing on the cake is that I firmly believe it has contributed significantly to my Peace of Mind and Longevity! So, in closing, I say:

Viva la femme! and Viva la Sex!

Frank Sganga ftsbull@att.net

14th book coming up

14th book coming up

OCTOBER 14, 2014 9 P.M.


and experience the Joy of Understanding

Math Book Cover

Math Book Cover

New Book on Amazon’s Kindle

New Book on Amazon’s Kindle

New Book: HUMANISTS VS. HUMANOIDS – The eternal struggle between good and evil.

Book Description
Call me Frank. I will be 94 on April 29, 2015. I am a teacher-turned-writer, having spent 34 years
in Education as a teacher, principal and Mathematics Supervisor. Through most of those years I was
stymied by “bosses” who achieved their positions via the Peter Principle, which roughly defined
states that CRAP RISES TO THE TOP. All of my bosses were HUMANOIDS, who viewed others as expendable
PAWNS and constantly tried to dominate and subjugate them for their own selfish purposes, which
was to become super rich and thereby powerful. Of course, HUMANOIDS are everywhere, especially in
POLITICS and the MILITARY, where the ill use of power can result in the destruction of millions
of people and the cities they live in.
I refer to their counterparts and nemeses as HUMANISTS* who have empathy for their fellow human
beings. Jesus, the Saints, Mother Teresa and the Pope are prime examples. The conflict between
the two antagonists is the classic, eternal struggle between GOOD and EVIL.
*I use the word in its original Renaissance (14th -17th century) sense when it referred to those
of us having the qualities of compassion, benevolence, mercy and love for fellow human beings,
which did not necessarily include an atheistic philosophy as it does today.
As bureaucracies age they tend to be taken over by inept managers who were part of an inner-circle
clique known as “The Good Ole Boys” and who become expert at protecting their asses. But, sooner
or later their pretentious status come tumbling down like a stack of cards pile one atop the other.
The story I tell about my constant struggle to achieve professional and personal self-fulfillment
dates back to the sixties, but the same struggle persists today as evidenced by the revealed
ineptitude of those who headed the IRS, the Veterans Administration and the Secret Service,
all of whom resigned under fire. In the latter case, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson
left after several serious security breaches, the worst being the one at the White House that
raised widespread concerns about the safety of the President and his family.
This is not a whistle-blowing book that seeks to right wrongs. It’s a wake-up call to those
of you who are now, or will be, in the control of HUMANOID bosses. I tell you how to identify
and deal with them. It’s also a compelling human interest story about one man’s struggle to
survive in a Bureaucratic Quagmire, and how I successfully survived the struggle.

You're fired!

You’re fired!

Anybody Home?

Where the hell is everybody? Oh well, I can get along very well with only my wife, May,

who was indispensable in helping me publish THREE BOOKS on Amazon’s Kindle in just 4 days!

The titles:
1. A Nonagenarian’s Path to Living Longer and Better.
(It’s all about being fit, moral and sexually active.)

2. I Hope I Outlive My Greedy Kids
(The Diary of a Disillusioned Widower)

3. Poems and Reflections of Francis T. Sganga
(A Nobody Striving to Be a Somebody)

That brings my total number of ebooks on Kindle to 12! It’s a bit of a rush to know the books
are available WORLDWIDE!

While you may not have Kindle Tablet Machine, you can still go to www.amazon Kindle Direct Publishing to read sample portions of the books.


You know who…

Ah, Sex. How Sweet It is!

Ah, Sex. How Sweet It is!

Monday, September 8, 2014 ftsbull@att.net

All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

Were We Designed and Created Primarily to
Experience PLEASURE?

Pleasure is the feeling of being pleased or gratified. It’s a source of enjoyment, of delight and sensual gratification. It is a Subjective Experience that can vary with Different People depending upon their Individual Tastes, that is summed up in this ancient Latin phrase:

De gustibus non est disputandum.
Tastes cannot be disputed.

It seems that our Intelligent Designer has programmed the Sense of Pleasure into our genes just as our Sense of Beauty was, and that they go together “like a horse and carriage.” Intuitively, we all want to be Happy, to have a keen sense of Well-Being, to be as Contented as a well-fed cat, to have Peace of Mind, to experience Joy, to achieve Self-Fulfillment and arrive at a state of Bliss.

All five of our Senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, were initially designed to help our cavemen forebears Survive in a hostile environment for obvious reasons. Then, gradually, over thousands of years, all five Survival senses mysteriously and thankfully became sources of Pleasure.

A Wonderment
The inclusion of Pleasure and our Sense of Beauty into our Survival Senses, to me is a fortuitous Miracle. Think about how boring and dull life would be if there were no music, dancing or art, and if Sex were solely a matter of producing Offspring with No Pleasure involved, as is the case with many other species of animals.

Our Sense of Pleasure enables us to enjoy:
Gourmet Foods that thrill our Taste Buds, like the very expensive wines. (Some a thousand bucks a bottle!)

Sweets, like ice cream, cakes and candy.

Expensive perfumes and lotions, and the Pleasure we get from Smelling fragrant flowers, like roses.

The Touch the Smooth skin of those we love and Smooth objects, like Prayer Stones. (Google them)
Art Masterpieces that Please the Eye like Michelangelo’s Pieta and da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The many forms of Music that Please the Ear, such as Symphonies (Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony), Operas (Carmen) and Songs (Dolly Parton’s romantic I will always love you.)

Somewhere along the line a keen Sense of Beauty emerged that enabled
us to find Pleasure in Movie Musicals like Gene Kelly’s Singing in the Rain, in Literature (To Children, with Love), in People (Think Beauty Pageants), in Nature (Think Rainbows, Sunrises and Sunsets, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and views from the Tops of Mountains.)

The Pleasures we derive from being Creative. This could apply to
working with our hands to make and build things, to making great discoveries (think Discovering America, lost cities, fossils), solving difficult problems (Like trying to figure out how the Universe and Life began), curing diseases, scientific achievements, like landing on the moon and returning to earth, and contemplating such things as how and why we came to exist, where did moons, comets, asteroids, and the billions of galaxies with their trillions of stars in them came from. Does the Universe go on forever or does it end somewhere? How can it go one FOREVER? What kind of END can it have?

I once teasingly told a preacher that God made a big mistake. He said
sternly, “God never makes a mistake!” I said, “He sure did when he made Sex so darn Pleasurable! Think of all the serious problems that has caused: Prostitution, rapes, pedophilia, adultery, divorces, homosexuality, you name it.” Then I added: “But it’s worth it, isn’t it!?”

Sex is one of a very few activities where we humans can experience the acme of all pleasures, Ecstasy. I have no idea how our cavemen felt about it, but all I want to say about it is WOW! and I am still saying it, thanks to our Intelligent Designer who didn’t have to provide us with a Gift lower animals, even apes, don’t seem to have to the degree that we do.

There was a time, after the unexpected, sudden death of my first wife, that I lived Alone, which is, emotionally, the Direct Opposite of Pleasure. I was 83 and desperate for the kind of female companionship I had enjoyed for more than 57 years. During the time I tried various avenues of find a Soul Mate, I became concerned that in not having any sex, my sex drive would diminish to Zero and I would not be ale to rise to the occasion if I were lucky enough to find a companion. Based upon my belief that in many instance it’s a matter of “Use it or Lose it,” as it is in sports and my motorcycle-riding and racquetball skills, I decided to engage in what used to be called in the 19th century, the Solitary Vice. Today, the activity is referred to as Masturbation or, in the case of men, Jacking Off.

When I discussed the matter with my Urologist, he nodded in approval and said, “It’s a smart thing to do and what’s more, I’m sure you get a lot of Pleasure from doing it!” Yes I did! And, after the thrill of a very satisfying Orgasm, I had no difficulty getting a good night’s sleep.

I need to add, that being able to Do It required some Motivation. Like it or not, I found it when I visited some Porn Sites. We men are more easily aroused by the Sight of Naked Women, which is the reason for the popularity of Playboy and Penthouse magazines. I subscribed to Playboy, but found the flat, two-dimensional photos no match for Action-Packed Porn Videos for turning me on.

A Thought
I couldn’t bring myself to go to bars, pole-dancing clubs or worst still, a “house of ill repute.” I found visiting porn sites and engaging in that Solitary Vice, the least of the “evils” available to me.

Of the many thousands of porn videos available, only a few had a Touch of Class, such as a beautifully-built, pretty woman getting a Full-Body Massage preceding their Jam Session. The Turn-On with those was that they reminded me of my doing that to wife Babs many times either in bed or when we showered together.

A Very Divine Mystery
The clinching factor in my thinking that we were programmed by our Intelligent Designer to eventually experience Pleasure is the evolution of a woman’s Clitoris, which is the only organ in a human body specifically designed to generate Pleasure. And the Pleasure is not One-Sided. I enjoy the trips I take her on to Australia (Down under) almost as much as she does. The main key to our
sexual compatibility, is that we are dedicated to giving each other as mush Pleasure as possible and we Talk About It! It’s like that question you see on the bumpers of trucks asking, “How’s my driving?”

So, why did a woman’s Clitoris evolve? It’s not Essential for Survival or producing Offspring. Lots of animals get along just fine without one. But, what it does do is provide a woman with the opportunity to be Pleasured just about 24/7 long after her baby-producing years are over!
Why Am I Sticking My Neck Out?

Please Tell Me
What is more Pleasurable than Passionate Kissing during Intercourse?

As of yesterday, Sunday, September 7, 20014, I am still able, at 93+ years of age, to enjoy a thrilling Orgasm. Whether or not that ability is attributable to my engaging in that Solitary Vice, I can’t say. I suspect it had much to do with it, but I also suspect other factors have made me what I am: An Old Geezer who is very thankful he can still experience one of life’s Greatest Pleasures: Sex with someone you Love!

For More
Read my book Love and Sex After 90 by Sal Sicari (my pen name) available on Amazon’s Kindle

A Memorial Tribute to My First Wife, Babs

A Memorial Tribute to My First Wife, Babs

September 7, 2014 ftsbull@att.net

Today is my first wife’s 91st birthday. We were married 57 years when she died unexpectedly on October 4, 2003 due to a 2nd chemo treatment that should not have been given at the local hospital, Fish Memorial Medical Center in New Smyrna Beach, FL. She was under the botched care of a Pakistani-trained doctor, Abdul Sorathia, who I firmly believe was guilty of negligent homicide. The whole story is in my book: To Baby Boomers, with Love.

So, here’s to you, Babs, wherever you are. You are still living in tis cranial home I call my brain, and I can see your smiling face even now as clearly as I did when we were joined together as one in Holy Matrimony on September 10, 1946. You gave my life meaning, just as wife May does now, and I thank you both for it.

Frank and Mary B. (Babs) O’Connell Sganga 56th Wedding Anniversary

Frank and Babs

Frank and Babs

May and Frank 2/14/2010

May and Frank 2/14/2010

Lucky Frank and wife May married on February 14, 2010.

When I die, which isn’t that far off since I’m 93+, what happens to my MInd?

When I die, which isn’t that far off since I’m 93+, what happens to my MInd?


Since I am retired with no 9 to 5 job to go to, I spend a lot of time THINKING, which is a form of MEDITATION, which is supposed to be good for your Soul’s PEACE OF MIND. But, suppose I meditate about how the hell am I going to save enough money to pay my damn real estate taxes (about $6000) come November, then my PEACE OF MIND goes out the window!

THINKING goes on in my BRAIN, and what does the THINKING is “something” called the MIND. Now, if you don’t like to THINK, you may as well stop reading right now and go watch one of the hundreds of those BRAIN-DEAD TV SHOWS like most people do, which are like the pacifier nipples we put in the mouths of babies to keep them quiet.


Right now, my MIND is completely absorbed in writing this entry. It beats the hell out of MEDITATION because it is focused on just one thing and nothing else matters at this moment when the world is in turmoil and chaos is rampant throughout our country. Think: The mess at the border between Mexico and us; millions of people in prison and on food stamps; the idiots in Colorado and Washington states voting for the recreational use of pot, the depressing demand for drugs in our country, the demise of our middle class where people have little hope for a bright future for themselves or their children, the current wars we are engaged in and the ones that are imminent, and you can understand why I find writing to be such a great escape from the grim realities of the current situation in our country and elsewhere, like the beheading of the journalists in Iraq and Syria.

English poet John Milton wrote: “The Mind can make a heaven of hell or a hell heaven.” What is not said is that the Mind is “something” that must be CONTROLLED. For example. I must ORDER it to think about Heaven and not Hell. Bad things happen to all of us that we would like to delete from our brain’s neuron cells, but they just lay there ready to be resurrected when we allow our minds to do so. Sometimes when I resurrect some of the bad things I did or said, I just shudder, shake my head negatively and tell my Mind: “DON’T GO THERE!”

Right now (Sunday, September 7, 2014 11: 44 a.m.) my mind is reminding me that it’s about time for lunch, and that I need to shave off my 4-day growth of beard, have my lunch, head for bed for my nap and my usual Sunday afternoon date with my wife for a bit of bonding.

I will be talking about that mysterious thing we call the Mind a lot more, so if you are as fascinated as I am about the power of Minds, stay tuned. If not, as we used to say as kids, “So long, it’s been good to know you, so long, it’s been good to know you, and I hope to hell you never come back!”

Frank, the Wonderer

What’s Angioplasty?

What’s Angioplasty?

September 2, 2014 ftsbull@att.net

When I was 71, 22 long years ago, I suddenly experienced symptoms that I first
thought was “pleurisy” but a fast visit to my primary doctor resulted in my finding
out I had “angina” via an EKG (electrocardiogram. I knew that was heart trouble
because the principal I worked for in High School suddenly died from it in his late

How bad was my condition? Based on this sketch of my heart and its coronary arteries,
it gave me a warning that a heart attack was imminent and based on the advice of my
cardiologist and my reluctance to croak, I underwent a procedure called “angioplasty.”

It’s called a “procedure” because there is no “surgery” involved.

Blocked Arteries (95% is Dangerous; 65% is Okay) and the Procedure (“Balloon Job”)

65% or less is Okay

95% is Dangerous


The Humanoids Are Coming!!

The Humanoids Are Coming!!



Actually, they are already here, both Mechanical and Human. You may be working for one, or
more. Lots of them were my “bosses” so they thought. Guess what? All of them are dead!! There
was Raymond Dunne, Robert McDermott, Ray Fields, Dan Rutkowski, Julian Markham, Peggy Wesley,
Supt. of Schools, John Smiley, Bill Cowen, Gene Jenkins and William Beachum. They tried to
smother my Spirit and Creativity, but couldn’t do it Somewhere in the Bible it says: No one has
the power to destroy the Spirit. The long story of my battles against them is told in my book
HUMANISTS vs. HUMANOIDS that is waiting to be formatted by my computer buddy Larry for Amazon’s
KINDLE machine.

One of the reasons I incurred their wrath was the fact that I was an “Outsider” (Reference: THE
OUTSIDER by Colin Wilson) who defied educational conventions and told it like it is. (The story
of my struggle against the Educarats is in my book: THAT STUBBORN SEED OF HOPE) For example, I was
the Mathematics Supervisor who railed against the lock-step teaching of the subject, especially
Algebra, but to no avail. My arguments are still valid today, but reasoning with Educrats is like
reasoning with Terrorists. Now, with the advent of the internet, there is a website that twaches math the way I proposed it be taught more than 40 years ago. (Visit Kahn Academy)

In future entries, I will tell you how to identify (if you don’t already know) the Humanoids amongst us.
On the international level, they run China (think the rape of Tibet) and North Korea.

Have a good day,

Frank Sganga

A Caricature of FTS – 1946

A Caricature of FTS – 1946


An artist friend drew this caricature of me soon after WWII ended in just
20 minutes.

The Fat Farm Candidate


I once played racquetball with a wealthy youngish American-Iranian home-builder from Ormond Beach,
FL named Morrie who was grossly overweight – like 300+ lbs! He admitted he sometimes got up in the
middle of the night and ate a full course meal. I barely beat him regularly, mainly because he was way
too fat. Well, he got tired of losing and challenged me to a best 2/3 game match, enlisting the aid the
coach-owner Steve Xnidas to help him. The bet? A dinner for two at the Top of Daytona elite

It didn’t work. I ran his ass off taking advantage of my weight and moving ability. First wife Babs
and I fully enjoyed the most expensive dinner on the menu. When I next saw Morrie at the Club, I said,
“Morrie, your main problem is a matter of who is in charge, the HORSE or the RIDER.” After getting a
quizzical look, I said, “A HORSE will do as it pleases if it’s RIDER allows it to. Your BODY is like
a HORSE that just wants to eat grass all the time, and dislikes being worked. You MIND is the RIDER
that must impose its will upon your BODY. It’s mainly a matter of WILLPOWER.”

I work the hell out of my HORSE and rarely allow it to eat more than it should, nor do I allow it to
exceed my self-established FIGHTING WEIGHT of 160 lbs. (I’m only about 5 ft. 7 in. tall.) Yeah, I pig
out now and then, but if my bathroom scale reads more than 160 lbs., I get pissed-off at myself and
“Go Spartan.” Excuse me while I go check my weight right now….

Oh, oh. I thought so because I can feel it. I’m in the RED ZONE at 159.5 lbs! I shall back off eating
my evening snacks of a heaping tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter, and my cheese/pretzel mini
sandwiches with a glass of red wine. I really feel great at about 156-157 pounds and what motivates me
the most is being a lot more agile on the racquetball court at that weight. The other motivating fact
is that I HATE TO LOSE!

Today is Sunday, August 31, 2014. Playtime is Tuesday morning, and I will lose at least 2 pounds by then,
you can bet on it! It’s tough enough to be competitive at 93, and carrying extra weight makes it just
that much tougher. Incidentally, I am still able to rise to the occasion when May and I do our Honeymoon
thing on Sunday afternoons, in case you are interested in what lies ahead for you if you stay in shape!

The Italian Stallion