Why are certain words related to SEX obscene?

Why are certain words related to SEX obscene?

July 10, 2014 Thursday 5 p.m.
As a pre-teen some 80 years ago, and a Street Kid in Brooklyn, N.Y., my friends, and sometimes I, used a lot of “foul language” related to Sex. At the time, I was totally ignorant of the fact that I was the product of my father “fucking” my mother because no one ever told me about “the birds and the bees.” When I did learn that my father and mother engaged in that obscene activity, I was “pissed off” to say the least.

Part of my ignorance and attitude re Sex was due to my having attended a Catholic Elementary School (St. Ambrose) and a Catholic H.S. (Bishop Laughlin Memorial H.S. where I was taught first by Nuns (Sisters of St. Joseph) and then by Brothers (of St. John the Baptist. They saved my life academically, but screwed me up by either openly or subtly by letting us know that Sex was “dirty.” (At least that was my impression.)

Interestingly, at that impressionable time of my life, I also began to question some of Catholicism’s tenets, such as
the fact that it was a Mortal Sin to miss Mass on a Sunday or Day of Obligation, and winding up in scary Hell, and that in receiving Holy Communion the wafer and wine were actually the Body and Blood of Christ. Add to that the belief in “limbo”, “purgatory”; “plenary and partial indulgences”; “venial sin” and having to eat fish on Fridays rather than meat just didn’t cut it with my burgeoning questioning and critical mind.

I recall with some amusement now that one of my rebellious acts was to purposely stare at women’s bouncing tits as they
strode past me on the sidewalk.

The pity of it all is that my previously warped view of Sex has been replaced by one that is completely opposite to the one I was gleaned on. To my mind it’s one of our Creator’s Greatest Gifts, one wherein the word “Ecstasy” applies perfectly, and no other activity I engage in comes even close to being as satisfying and enjoyable. And, the icing on the cake is that I firmly believe it has contributed significantly to my Peace of Mind and Longevity! So, in closing, I say:

Viva la femme! and Viva la Sex!

Frank Sganga ftsbull@att.net

Write Your Own Book

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I have often been asked: What made you take up writing?
I’ve been writing most of my adult life. At first, I felt impelled to do it intuitively,
then I came to realize why. It’s Soul-satisfying. I wear my heart on my sleeve, and I
don’t let disappointments or problems fester inside me. Writing gives me an opportunity
to express my feeling and vent. Also, I am very up front and anyone who provokes me does so
at their own risk. I have a sharp tongue and a reasonably sharp mind.

For example, a relative by marriage prides himself as being an expert in English grammar.
One day I was sitting in the passenger seat while he drove and our wives were in the back seat.
As I gazed out of the window, I spied a home and said, “Wow, that’s a very unique house.”
Quick as a wink, the smart-ass retorted, “Frank. There’s no such thing as VERY unique. It’s
either unique or it isn’t.”

I was instantly provoked and forcefully responded, saying “Allen, you may be unique, but
compared to you I an VERY unique.” The women laughed loudly, and that shut him up, but good!

One of the things I NEVER do is correct someone unless it’s important, like driving the
wrong way down a one-way street!

I’ve written about a dozen books (check Amazon’s Kindle Store), and all of them, so far have
been financial flops. But, frankly, I don’t give a damn. Just having them available world-wide
on the internet gives me a great sense of satisfaction.

There are mainly two kinds of people. The vast majority are like the thousands of spectators
in the stands watching a few who are on the field playing the game. By writing books and,
having them published I have that pleasurable sense of feeling I am still in the game and
at age 93+, I’m not in Limbo just waiting to die.

In my next entry, I will tell you how you too get published even though you are not famous
like Hillary Clinton, who actually had a Ghost Writer write her book.


The old Survivor who keeps on ticking like a Timex watch!

Article in Aging Tree Newspaper

A nice article appeared in the August issue which you can read online if you
Google AGING TREE, go to the top in orange color and click on AGING TREE ILLUSTRATED,
then click on the cover of the newspaper. The lady who wrote the article is Courtney
Senecal and I just wrote this imaginary interview she had with me thinking it may
be worthy of publication. Here ’tis:

Your book deals with Divine Mysteries. What is a Divine Mystery?
It’s something that is scientifically inexplicable; something that borders on being a miracle.
Such as?
The intelligence and information in your DNA that made the unique you. You are basically a bag of billions of molecules that were once dead like dirt. Then one day your father’s sperm entered your mother’s egg, and all of the molecules began to follow thousands of directions that made all of the thousands of parts your body is made of. Some became a brain, others became a heart, eyes, ears, arms, legs, fingers and toes and so on.
Where did the directions come from?
That is the million dollar question. And my answer is: God only knows! I can only think of two possibilities: the directions came either from the molecules we’re made of via evolution or they came from an Intelligent Designer.
From what you say, I presume you believe in an Intelligent Designer.
That’s what my book is all about. As you know I am pushing 94, and it is unbelievable to me that the neuron cells in my brain can recall experiences I had more than 80 years ago. I consider that too to be a Divine Mystery. How do the flesh and blood cells brains are made of store information for so many years. Then too, how is it that flesh and blood cells can be creative, as Beethoven’s were when he created his 9th symphony?
Can scientists provide an answer other than attributing it to an Intelligent Designer?
Not yet, and I doubt very much that they ever will. I am a great fan of Dr. Deepak Chopra who is a frequent guest on Oprah Winfrey’s show and who wrote the book titled How to Know God. He just offered atheists, including the world-renowned biologist and atheist, Richard Dawkins, one million dollars if they could provide a scientific explanation for the biological basis of an idea or a thought. (Google: Deepak Chopra’s million dollar challenge.)
Has anyone accepted the challenge?
No. They merely poo-pooed the challenge as a publicity stunt, but that is a cop-out. I once asked a doctor who was stitching a cut in my hand, “How does a thought move a muscle?” He just shrugged and laughed indicating he didn’t know. Think about it, Courtney. If you mentally tell your hand to make a fist, how does your hand know what you are thinking? Does it have a brain of its own?
I’ll take the 5th on that one.
We humans have abilities that evolution can’t explain because the abilities are outside their scientific domain. Evolution can only explain physical changes that occurred over millions of years, but it can’t account for the supernatural domain where love, minds, souls, consciousness, art, music, pleasure and our sense of beauty reside. That domain, to my mind, is the Kingdom of God referred to by Jesus, that contains all of the Divine Mysteries I talk about in my book.

Anyone out there want to challenge my thinking? Be my guest!!

Idiots Spamming My Website

Idiots Spamming My Website

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An Open Letter to Pope Francis

Praying for World-Wide Peace

Praying for World-Wide Peace

Dear Pontiff:

Presumably you are aware of the dangerous situation resulting from the antagonistic
stance taken by the U.S. and its allies toward Russia that could possibly trigger
a WW III nuclear catastrophe. If not, I suggest you visit www.opednews.com (August 3, 2014)
and read the article: BEYOND THE MUSHROOM CLOUD by Peter Duveen and past articles by
Paul Craig Roberts, ex-assistant secretary of the U.S. Treasury.

A suggestion: As the world’s foremost Peacemaker, I believe you are in the unique
position to invite the leaders of the U.S., Russia and China to the Vatican to convince
them of the futility and senselessness of continuing on the path they are on now, and how
much more sensible it is for all of us to treat each other as Soul-Brothers.

Think of how grateful the people of the world would be to witness such a meeting via all of
the current Media!


Francis T. Sganga

To my readers: It’s the Don Quixote in me that engages in Exercises in Futility, such as the
above letter, but as my Pappy used to tell me, “What have you got to lose?”

My Path to the Blissful State of Mind – Nirvana

To my Unseen Friends the World Over:

Life is a Roll of the Dice. Sometimes you get a seven or eleven on the first throw
and win the pot. But, if you throw the dice often enough, they will come up Snake Eyes
a Three (2 and a 1) or twelve, and you lose. In my 93+ years, the Dice of Life has
been, overall, good to me. After suddenly losing my first wife of 57 years, I didn’t
care whether I lived or died. But, after suffering a great deal of grief and enduring
months of loneliness, current wife May came into my life and for the past four years
I’ve never been happier.

At this stage of my life, all that matters is to love and be loved. Fame and money are
secondary. I’m a writer who would love to achieve recognition and fame, but that too is
secondary to the fact that, like the kids say, May and I are an Item.

Her Tender Loving Care, and our commitment to making each other happy
are the essential ingredients that produced within me a great Sense of Well-being and
Peace of Mind. And, the icing on the cake is the fact that she has motivated me to do what
is very Soul-Satisfying, which is to write books.

My Soul is my Spiritual Guidance Counselor. It guided me into becoming a teacher, a
profession that satisfied it for 33 years. Now, it is being supplied continuously with
Soul-Food via my writing. All of my books are non-fiction and they all have Redeeming
Value that I hope will help readers better understand life and the Universe they live in.

Wife May inspired me to write 8 ebooks that are available on Amazon’s KINDLE. Had we not
met and married on Valentine’s Day 2010, that would not have happened. It was another
instance wherein my Soul was satisfied when I finally found a Soul-Mate. My being alone
was anathema to it. And, the inspiration continues. I’ve just begun to write the Mother
of All Math Books with the goal of trying to help kids succeed in a course, like Algebra,
that drives more kids out of school than any other.

The bottom line? The most important things in life that will help you achieve Nirvana is
to love and be loved, and to spend your life doing your thing rather than anyone else’s.
To work just for a check, to my mind, is to be a slave. Find your gift and hone it to perfection.
That’s what satisfies my Soul and I bet it will satisfy yours.

With affection

Frank Sganga

Promised Article from OpEd News

You may not agree with Dr. Roberts, but at the least he provokes thinking about
more important matters than what is presented on the TV Evening News. Re the Ebola virus:
I wonder why the two guys were not treated where they contracted the disease? All of the
equipment needed to treat the disease could have been flown to site just as easily as
flying the guy to the U.S.

Bold and Daring: The Way Progressive News Should Be

By Paul Craig Roberts
If Nuclear War Doesn’t Exterminate Us Ebola Virus Might
Russia has as many nuclear warheads as Washington, and Washington’s “ABM shield” is a farce
. If the insane American government drives a crisis, which Washington alone created, to war,
we will all die, and for what? The answer is: for a Washington LIE. Do you want to die for
a lie? Another Washington lie? If you don’t, you had better let Washington know.

OpEdNews Op Eds 8/1/2014 at 23:20:05
If Nuclear War Doesn’t Exterminate Us Ebola Virus Might

By Paul Craig Roberts
I just heard on National Public Radio two things that have totally destroyed what tiny bit
of belief I still had in American leadership. I have concluded that the term “intelligent
American” is an oxymoron.
American elites have decided that Americans are not sufficiently threatened by war and
economic chaos, so they are bringing the ebola virus to America. National Public Radio
reported that two people infected with the ebola virus, which cannot be cured and is
usually deadly, are being brought to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia.
All it takes is one cough, one sneeze, one drop of saliva, and the virus is loose in
one of the main transportation centers of the US.
Pandemic anyone? Little doubt but that most of the world would emit a great sigh of
relief to be rid of Washington.
Allegedly the ebola carriers will be quarantined in special rooms. But we already know
that American hospitals cannot even contain staph infections. What happens to the utensils,
plates, cups, and glasses with which the ebola infected persons eat and drink? And who gets
to clean the bed pans? One slip-up by one person, one tear in a rubber glove, and the virus
is loose.
If we don’t die from ebola, we still have to dodge nuclear war. I heard part of Obama’s press
conference. Obama accused Putin of doing everything that only Obama is doing.
If Obama believes what he told the press, he is utterly disinformed by his advisers. If he
doesn’t believe the crude propaganda that he speaks, he is consciously leading the drive to
war with Russia, which probably means war with China as well and the end of us all.
Keep in mind that after eight years the US military was unable to successfully occupy Iraq
and that after 13 years the US is unable to defeat a few thousand lightly armed Taliban in
Russia and China are not Iraq, Libya, or Afghanistan.
War with Russia will be nuclear. Washington has prepared for it. Washington has abandoned
the ABM treaty, created what it thinks is an ABM shield, and changed its war doctrine to
permit US nuclear first strike. All of this is obviously directed at Russia, and the Russian
government knows it. How long will Russia sit there waiting for Washington’s first strike?
Russia hasn’t done anything except get in the way, belatedly, of Washington’s lies that
Washington uses to start wars. Russia (and China) went along with Washington’s lies about
Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. Russia (and China) went along with Washington’s lies
that Washington’s 13-year attempted conquest and occupation of Afghanistan had to do with
finding Osama bin Laden. Washington (and China) fell for Washington’s deception that a UN
resolution establishing a no-fly zone over Libya was for the purpose of preventing Gaddafi’s
air force from bombing his own people, only to discover that Washington misused the resolution
to send the NATO air force to overthrow the Libyan government.
Dr. Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury for Economic Policy in the Reagan
Administration. He was associate editor and columnist with the Wall Street Journal, columnist
for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service. He is a contributing editor to Gerald
Celente’s Trends Journal. He has had numerous university appointments. His book, The Failure of
Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West is available. His latest book,
How America Was Lost, has just been released.

The next entry will talk about what it takes to make a person “happy.”

A Very Informative Website For the Real News!

Dear Fellow Americans:

I am a WW II veteran who has always loved our country, and that Love is now being
tested to the limit. We Americans are in deep trouble, but you would never
understand why if you rely on finding out the truth while reading our newspapers
or watching the so-called news on TV.

And so, I highly recommend that you visit www.opednews.com to read articles by
intelligent and well-placed people who tell it like it is. in my next post I will
paste one of the articles in this blog, but till then, I thought you might be
interested in an anti-war poem I wrote during the fruitless Viet Nam War, There
are photos that probably won’t print, and if you wish, email me at
sicari1921@gmail.com and I’ll send you an attachment:

What price glory?
Written by the author in 1968
at the height of the Vietnam War

Your mother watched
her pre-natal diet for your sake
while your father sweated to pay the bills.
Each heart rejoiced with pure delight
Through years of nurturing.\Bed-time stories; playing catch,
bumps and bruises; booster shots.
In sickness, health, and major-minor mishaps,
all bound together, till death do us part.

“Son, take your vitamins; mind your manners.
Hurry! We’ll be late for church!”

Ah, then school at last where freedom reigned,
and the important thing
was to get along with the group.

But soon the bauble bursts
and the TV scene shows hate, not love,
as Blacks lash out,
and cold assassinations vie
with a brutalizing undeclared war
for your attention.
Attorney General Robert Kennedy on June 5, 1968
Rev. Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968
Then, on to the highest school
where instilled dissent ruptured the mind
and freed the will from aimless wandering.

Free at last! No restraints!
Barefoot, bearded, flowers in hand,
peace and love at any price.

Hippie Potheads – 1968

Old tarnished world, split!
You who made it so, split too!
Damn the war! Damn the draft!
Damn the track you’ve put me on.
I want out – now!
Temporarily lost, the bewildered mind,
free from the bonds of convention,
smell the sweet flowers of oblivion and trips
into the never-never land
of no worries, no frustrations, no reality.

But dreams get busted
and reality crowds in on you;
the old world demands its pound of flesh.
Greetings from the Draft Board
start the immutable forces
that work their ways against you.

War, barbarity and primeval violence
soon push aside the youthful values
nurtured from the cradle till now.

It’s kill or be killed, though you know
that killing kills the killer and
dealing death becomes a way of life.
For what?
For naught is the cry of a youthful mind
that sees no sense in the mutual killing
of pseudo enemies.

They too, caught up by the same monstrous forces
that use youths for shields
and expendable pawns,
are loathe to die for similar reasons.

But lo you died,
despite our loving care,
for causes unknown
and for unexplained reasons.

So, we went to Washington,
where the President
duly solemn and extravagant with praise
Awarded you posthumously
with a hero’s encoffined trinket
symbolizing the ultimate absurdity
A medal for a son!

Pic of a flag-draped coffin being removed from a plane as grieving parents watch.
A Dead Hero

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an attempt to do just that.

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Don’t Provoke Me!

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All others, SHUT UP!!!!

Frank Sganga

Newest endeavor: The Mother of All Books About Math. Got 70 pages done so far.
Goal: Infinity!

The Road to Happiness for All of Us??

Follow the GOLDEN RULE!! And, try to make each other HAPPY!

Breaking News: New Book on Kindle

DIVINE MYSTERIES by Francis T. Sganga is now available on Amazon’s Kindle tablet. That brings the total to 9. The next book, I HOPE I OUTLIVE MY KIDS is now being fine-tuned for publication in about 2 weeks.

The picture below sucks because I haven’t mastered how to insert images in my posts. The good part is that you can’t see my facial wrinkles!

Do you need to improve your SEX LIFE? (Who doesn’t!) The 93 year-old Italian Stallion, the inimitable Frank Sganga, tells you how in his Kindle eBook titled LOVE AND SEX AFTER 90. Since it pulls no punches, he had to use the Pen Name Sal Sicari to avoid embarrassing his wife who has a sharp elbow she uses to let me know she’s unhappy and not available until further notice. (She doesn’t read my blogs, thank goodness, which gives me a considerable amount of freedom to do what I like to do: Tell it like it is.)

I am an extremely lucky old Duff who is thankful for all of the blessings I enjoy, and especially the blessing of having a wife who is a top-of-the-line companion. No two marrieds are more compatible than we are. That doesn’t mean we don’t have our difference. We just ignore them as being superficial, not allowing them to tarnish our relationship. One of my favorite comments to her after we do something together or separately is. “What a TEAM!” If she cooks, I clean up the kitchen afterwards, she takes care of the inside of the house, the outside is my job, except for one astonishing thing. Believe it or not, she enjoys mowing the grass in our large yard, even in hot weather!

This is the Mantra that is responsible for our compatibility: “We have pledged to do all we can to make each other happy.” Our 30 year age difference has been a help rather than a hindrance because she, as my live-in Muse, motivates me to stay as physically fit and mentally sharp as a man my age can get. Repeating myself, I play racquetball three times a week, I ride an 1100 cc 800 lb. motorcycle, I take not pills, not even vitamins, and I have written 8 books since we married on Valentine’s Day, 2010. Of course, last but not least, is the fact that she is a great lover I joyfully ravish about once a week.

Viva la femme!