Why are certain words related to SEX obscene?

Why are certain words related to SEX obscene?

July 10, 2014 Thursday 5 p.m.
As a pre-teen some 80 years ago, and a Street Kid in Brooklyn, N.Y., my friends, and sometimes I, used a lot of “foul language” related to Sex. At the time, I was totally ignorant of the fact that I was the product of my father “fucking” my mother because no one ever told me about “the birds and the bees.” When I did learn that my father and mother engaged in that obscene activity, I was “pissed off” to say the least.

Part of my ignorance and attitude re Sex was due to my having attended a Catholic Elementary School (St. Ambrose) and a Catholic H.S. (Bishop Laughlin Memorial H.S. where I was taught first by Nuns (Sisters of St. Joseph) and then by Brothers (of St. John the Baptist. They saved my life academically, but screwed me up by either openly or subtly by letting us know that Sex was “dirty.” (At least that was my impression.)

Interestingly, at that impressionable time of my life, I also began to question some of Catholicism’s tenets, such as
the fact that it was a Mortal Sin to miss Mass on a Sunday or Day of Obligation, and winding up in scary Hell, and that in receiving Holy Communion the wafer and wine were actually the Body and Blood of Christ. Add to that the belief in “limbo”, “purgatory”; “plenary and partial indulgences”; “venial sin” and having to eat fish on Fridays rather than meat just didn’t cut it with my burgeoning questioning and critical mind.

I recall with some amusement now that one of my rebellious acts was to purposely stare at women’s bouncing tits as they
strode past me on the sidewalk.

The pity of it all is that my previously warped view of Sex has been replaced by one that is completely opposite to the one I was gleaned on. To my mind it’s one of our Creator’s Greatest Gifts, one wherein the word “Ecstasy” applies perfectly, and no other activity I engage in comes even close to being as satisfying and enjoyable. And, the icing on the cake is that I firmly believe it has contributed significantly to my Peace of Mind and Longevity! So, in closing, I say:

Viva la femme! and Viva la Sex!

Frank Sganga ftsbull@att.net

Breaking News: New Book on Kindle

DIVINE MYSTERIES by Francis T. Sganga is now available on Amazon’s Kindle tablet. That brings the total to 9. The next book, I HOPE I OUTLIVE MY KIDS is now being fine-tuned for publication in about 2 weeks.

The picture below sucks because I haven’t mastered how to insert images in my posts. The good part is that you can’t see my facial wrinkles!

Do you need to improve your SEX LIFE? (Who doesn’t!) The 93 year-old Italian Stallion, the inimitable Frank Sganga, tells you how in his Kindle eBook titled LOVE AND SEX AFTER 90. Since it pulls no punches, he had to use the Pen Name Sal Sicari to avoid embarrassing his wife who has a sharp elbow she uses to let me know she’s unhappy and not available until further notice. (She doesn’t read my blogs, thank goodness, which gives me a considerable amount of freedom to do what I like to do: Tell it like it is.)

I am an extremely lucky old Duff who is thankful for all of the blessings I enjoy, and especially the blessing of having a wife who is a top-of-the-line companion. No two marrieds are more compatible than we are. That doesn’t mean we don’t have our difference. We just ignore them as being superficial, not allowing them to tarnish our relationship. One of my favorite comments to her after we do something together or separately is. “What a TEAM!” If she cooks, I clean up the kitchen afterwards, she takes care of the inside of the house, the outside is my job, except for one astonishing thing. Believe it or not, she enjoys mowing the grass in our large yard, even in hot weather!

This is the Mantra that is responsible for our compatibility: “We have pledged to do all we can to make each other happy.” Our 30 year age difference has been a help rather than a hindrance because she, as my live-in Muse, motivates me to stay as physically fit and mentally sharp as a man my age can get. Repeating myself, I play racquetball three times a week, I ride an 1100 cc 800 lb. motorcycle, I take not pills, not even vitamins, and I have written 8 books since we married on Valentine’s Day, 2010. Of course, last but not least, is the fact that she is a great lover I joyfully ravish about once a week.

Viva la femme!


Test: 2 Photos per Entry

Test: 2 Photos per Entry

Photo #1:

The guy with his hand raised is Richard Dawkins, a smart-ass, smart-mouthed professor from England. The other guy is Dr. Chopra, whom I admire very much, especially after reading his book: HOW TO KNOW GOD.

(I shall now check the entry for precision.)




Talking to Spruce Creek H.S. Kids

H.S. Students

H.S. Students

I had forgotten about this photo. I am talking to a Young Christian’s Club at Spruce Creek H. S. in Port Orange, Florida on April 4, 2013 about the necessity of the existence of an Intelligent Designer to explain our own existence. After answering questions, I handed out copies of God, Where Are You which contains a well-reasoned affirmation of the existence of a Creator we refer to as God.

Atheists vs. Intelligent Designers

Atheists vs. Intelligent Designers

Photo: The Chopra Well YouTube Screencap
Deepak Chopra Issues $1 Million Prize Challenge to Richard Dawkins, New Atheists to Explain Biological Basis for Ideas
by Stoyan Zaimov – Christian Post Reporter

July 16, 2014 – 9:46 a.m.

New-age author and physician Deepak Chopra has offered prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins a $1 million prize challenge to offer a scientific explanation for the biological basis of thoughts and ideas.
Addressing what he called a “tribe of militant new atheists,” naming Dawkins, James Randi, and Daniel Dennett, Chopra announced the challenge in a video uploaded on Youtube earlier this week.

Richard Dawkins, a Militant Atheist – GOOGLE him!
Evolutionary Biologist
Richard Dawkins urges all atheists to openly state their position — and to fight the incursion of the church into politics and science. A fiery, funny, powerful talk.
Oxford professor Richard Dawkins has helped steer evolutionary science into the 21st century, and his concept of the “meme” contextualized the spread of ideas in the information age*. In recent years, his devastating critique of religion has made him a leading figure in the New Atheism.
*Incredibly, the brilliant professor can’t give us a scientific explanation as to where the massive amount Information (“Intelligence”) came from! My brain is made up of neuron cells which in turn are made up of Molecules (Essentially “dead” matter). How is it that the Molecules making up the cells can remember things that happened to me more than 80 years ago when I was a teenager? Where did that Capability come from?

Richard Dawkins’ tirades spouting his atheistic beliefs is a perfect example of ignorance in action. He’s a brilliant biologist with about as much insight as a jackass. This quote from my book To My Creator with Love describes people like him perfectly:
If a man without a sense of smell
declared that this yellow rose I hold
has no scent,
we should know that he is wrong.
The defect is in him,
not in the flower.
It is the same with a man
who says there is no God.
It merely means
he is without the capacity
to discern His presence.
Sir Ralph Richardson

But Dawkins’ defect run deeper than that, and is all the more astonishing since he is a brilliant internationally renowned biologist who stupidly clings to his erroneous belief that there is no such entity as an Intelligent Designer.
In several of my books, particularly, Divine Mysteries, I present irrefutable, well-reasoned circumstantial evidence that a Super Intelligence was the Designer and Creator of all that is, including, of course, us. The reason I use the word “circumstantial” is that the reasons cannot be proven scientifically via experiments.
For example, how do you prove scientifically that consciousness (awareness), or our minds, exist? Can famed biologist Dawkins prove where the information (directions) in genes came from that made each of us according to sets of original “Blueprints?” (Different “Blueprints” had to be “drawn” and followed to make all of the organs in our bodies, such as brains, hearts, nerves, blood vessels, bones, muscles, skin, eyes and ears.) Apparently, he believes “Molecules” did it all by themselves. DUH? Who made the Molecules so damn smart?
Dr. Chopra offered prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins a $1 million prize challenging them to offer a scientific explanation for the biological basis of thoughts and ideas. The challenge is basically this:
We are actually bags of “particles” called Molecules that are made of groups of Atoms. For example, we are about 75% water, and a water molecule is made of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen (Remember H2O?) . This is easy to prove. I’ve done it in my chemistry classes. What Dr. Chopra is challenging atheists like Dawkins to do is prove that molecules can produce thoughts and ideas. Taking that one step further, how do the Molecules produce Love, Minds, Consciousness (awareness), Souls, Music, Art and our wonderful Sense of Beauty? Who taught them to Invent such things as Computers, Satellites, TVs,
Cell Phones, etc.? Who taught birds how to build nests, spiders how to build webs and bees how to build honeycombs?

I Told You: Sex is Healthy!!

I wrote an ebook published on Amazon’s KINDLE titled:
Love and Sex After 90
Since it’s rather explicit, which is my style, wife May objected vehemently against using our names. I tried to explain to her that I was just trying to help fellow Seniors get the most out of their final few years as possible and that using our names would give the book an aura of authenticity. I also told her what I said was no longer “Dirty Talk” in view of the sexual antics now being shown in movies along with the “Dirty Words that are used with reckless abandon.

She wouldn’t buy my reasoning but did consent to my using the Pen Name Sal Sicari, who is a deceased cousin of mine I loved and admired. Frankly, I’ve arrived at the point in my life where I challenge the judgment that FUCK is a “Dirty Word.” WHY? I ask. Nobody can tell me.

My computer Guru, Larry Krzeminski, who formats the books I write to Amazon’s complicated specifications, (he’s done 10 so far with 3 pending) sent me a link to an article titled:

Why Sex Is Good For Your Health.

It corroborates what I say in my LOVE AND SEX AFTER 90 book and what I intuitively believed I needed not long after my first wife, Babs, died after 57 years of a happy marriage and frequent sexual encounters up till about three weeks before she was killed (I call it Negligent Homicide) by a chemo treatment at our local hospital (Bert Fish Medial Center in New Smyrna Beach, FL. Suddenly living alone without a woman companion was unbearable. I told wife May, no longer being able to experience the Joy of Sex was like an addict trying to quit a habit Cold Turkey.

I have said in a previous Blog there is no activity, to my mind, that comes close to being as pleasurable as Sex, and I still thrive on it weekly. I am convinced it’s one of the reasons I still have a Sound Mind that can write books and a healthy Body that can play competitive racquetball and handle an 1100 cc, 800 lb Yamaha motorcycle.

Sex is it! For additional verification, visit this website (enter it exactly):

Title of Article: Why Sex Is Good for Your Health


The full story about Babs’ death and what happened afterwards in told in my Kindle ebook: TO BABY BOOMERS, WITH LOVE.

My chosen role in life right now is to do all I can to make my wife May happy as well as everybody else I can reach.

The Old Goat Who Keeps on Trucking,


Experiencing the Joy of Understanding

Experiencing the Joy of Understanding



July 14, 2014 Sunday 11 p.m.
I’ve been working most of the day on this book:

How to Help Your Child Succeed in Mathematics
And Experience the Joy of Understanding!
Book Description
This is NOT a Math Book! It’s an informative book ABOUT Math that is also interesting and, believe it or not, one that I believe you will find to be enjoyable as well! First off, it assumes no prior knowledge of the subject. Secondly, it shows you in simple, easy to understand language how Arithmetic, Algebra, Plane and Solid Geometry, and Trigonometry are related and fit together.

The book has that Certain Something I refer to as Redeeming Value. When I spend money to see a movie, I want to leave the theater feeling better than when I entered it. This is what I think will happen to you after You enter this book. I guarantee that you will feel it was well worth the effort and expense.
Would you like your child to be the smartest student in his or her math class? Working diligently through this book. I believe, will help tremendously in achieving that goal.

This quote sums up what I mean by the Joy of Understanding:
The significance and joy in my science comes
in those moments of discovering something new
and saying to myself, “So, that’s how God did it.”
My goal is to understand a little corner of God’s plan.
Dr. Henry F. Shaefer, Quantum Chemist and

How it all started.

Once upon a time, God assembled all of his Spiritual Engineers and said:

“I have decided to create a Creature that can personify me and in my Mind’s Eye, I envision this Creature to be able to do such things as survive in his environment, walk, talk, create and reproduce. So, I am going to assign to you various design tasks to achieve my goal.

“The first task is to create a Universe that will contain a place for our Creature to live on. That will be your assignment Matthew, and as you design one, remember that the Creature’s home must provide all of the necessities for survival, such as a Mind like mine, and a Body, which I am going to have Peter design.

“I haven’t thought all of this out completely yet, so I would appreciate any input you can provide as we proceed with this complicated task. Any questions so far? Yes Peter?”

“I think I can design a Body to house a mind, but how do I insert a Mind into the Creature’s body?”

“That’s my job, and I’m working on it. The hard part is to not only insert a mind into the Creature’s body but, since the Creature will be creating other Creature’s like himself, I have to give each of them a mind of its own. Do you have another question?”

“Lots of them. For starters how do I create a Body that can Reproduce itself?”

“I want Luke to help you with that. His job is to design a Reproductive System for your Body. Another question?”

“Yes. I can design the framework, such as a skeleton and muscles to enable the Body to move about and do things. But, shouldn’t this Creature be able to COMMUNICATE with his fellow Creatures?”

“i am assigning Paul to design organs in the body that can do that. Allow me to advise Paul about how that can be done, since it is so complicated. Paul?”


“Do you have any ideas of your own?”

“Not right now. Let me mull over how to your Creatures can communicate with each other and I’ll get back to you at our next meeting.”

“Okay, let me make a couple of more assignments, then we will close shop and reconvene later. There’s no rush. We have all of eternity to complete our task. Have fun.”

Inserting Images in Entries (Posts)

I am determined to master the process which I have yet to learn. This is a continuation of my attempts.

Wife May and I married on Valentine’s Day 2010.

Sganga’s Path to Nirvana

July 11, 2014 Friday 3 p.m.

I used to frequently quote this ancient Roman saying to my children: “De gustibus non est disputandum,” meaning “Tastes cannot be disputed.” This truthful observation applies to many things besides food and what we wear, such as movies, TV shows, sports, cars, occupations and people. My wife thinks I’m handsome; I don’t like looking in the mirror or having my picture taken.

A less obvious application of the saying relates to happiness and how we spend our lives. It took a while but I eventually came to realize that none of us can use ourselves for a STANDARD. The fact that I don’t like beards and look askance at grossly overweight people doesn’t give me the right to judge either of those kinds of people. In short, everyone has the right to spend their lives anyway they damn please and it’s nobody else’s business but theirs, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the way I choose to spend my life.

I am happy enough to proclaim that I have at long last achieved the blissful state of Nirvana, which I attribute mostly to the fact that I have a great life-long wife and companion who has inspired me to do things I never dreamed of doing, like writing a Movie and nine ebooks now on Amazon’s KINDLE. Also, contributing to my great Sense of Well-Being is the fact that, as I approach 94, I am physically fit enough to play competitive racquetball and ride an 1100 cc 750 lb. Yamaha motorcycle. Check the obituary columns and you will find that very few people make it to my age.

I follow a strict physical and psychological regimen designed to help me achieve longevity (I really don’t mind dyng; I just don’t want to be there when it happens), and it obviously has worked, for me anyway. Physically, I work the hell out of my body, ignoring its aches and pains. Believing we are what we eat, I scrupulously avoid eating hamburgers, bacon, hot dogs, sausage, potato chips, French fries and fried food in general. I get most of my protein from eating “embryonic” food like beans and a couple of eggs a week, and lots of fish and chicken rather than beef and pork.

Psychologically, I scrupulously adhere to the Golden Rule and the pact I made with my wife that applies to others as well: I will do all I can to make her and others as Happy as I am.

Maybe, ineffably, in our Creator’s Infinite Wisdom, that’s one of the reasons why we were created. More on this later.