Why are certain words related to SEX obscene?

Why are certain words related to SEX obscene?


July 10, 2014 Thursday 5 p.m.
As a pre-teen some 80 years ago, and a Street Kid in Brooklyn, N.Y., my friends, and sometimes I, used a lot of “foul language” related to Sex. At the time, I was totally ignorant of the fact that I was the product of my father “fucking” my mother because no one ever told me about “the birds and the bees.” When I did learn that my father and mother engaged in that obscene activity, I was “pissed off” to say the least.

Part of my ignorance and attitude re Sex was due to my having attended a Catholic Elementary School (St. Ambrose) and a Catholic H.S. (Bishop Laughlin Memorial H.S. where I was taught first by Nuns (Sisters of St. Joseph) and then by Brothers (of St. John the Baptist. They saved my life academically, but screwed me up by either openly or subtly by letting us know that Sex was “dirty.” (At least that was my impression.)

Interestingly, at that impressionable time of my life, I also began to question some of Catholicism’s tenets, such as
the fact that it was a Mortal Sin to miss Mass on a Sunday or Day of Obligation, and winding up in scary Hell, and that in receiving Holy Communion the wafer and wine were actually the Body and Blood of Christ. Add to that the belief in “limbo”, “purgatory”; “plenary and partial indulgences”; “venial sin” and having to eat fish on Fridays rather than meat just didn’t cut it with my burgeoning questioning and critical mind.

I recall with some amusement now that one of my rebellious acts was to purposely stare at women’s bouncing tits as they
strode past me on the sidewalk.

The pity of it all is that my previously warped view of Sex has been replaced by one that is completely opposite to the one I was gleaned on. To my mind it’s one of our Creator’s Greatest Gifts, one wherein the word “Ecstasy” applies perfectly, and no other activity I engage in comes even close to being as satisfying and enjoyable. And, the icing on the cake is that I firmly believe it has contributed significantly to my Peace of Mind and Longevity! So, in closing, I say:

Viva la femme! and Viva la Sex!

Frank Sganga ftsbull@att.net

Breaking News

December 15. 2014 10 p.m. ftsbull@att.net

I found this very interesting article on the Drudge Report:

Real vs perceived age: A matter of life and death?
AP Medical Writer December 15, 2014 Updated 6 hours ago
CHICAGO— How old do you feel? Think carefully — the answer might help predict how much longer you’ll live. That’s according to British research posing that question to about 6,500 adults. Those who felt younger than their real age lived the longest over the following eight years.
Here are five key findings from the study, by researchers Isla Rippon and Andrew Steptoe at University College London. Results were published online Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine: REAL VS. PERCEIVED AGE
The average real age of those questioned was about 66 years. Most adults felt at least three years younger than their real age. Those who felt younger had the least chances of dying over about eight years after the age question was asked. Adults who felt older than their actual age had the greatest chances of dying in that period.

I feel at least 10 years younger than my 93 years, and I attribute the feeling to three major aspects of my regimen:
1. Playing racquetball 2. Riding a powerful 800 lb. motorcycle 3. Staying sexually active.

Other things that may contribute to my feeling: Keeping as fit as possible by lifting weights, not eating junk, fried food, and not allowing my weight to exceed 160 lbs, which I call “my fighting weight” (“fighting” old age) of 160 lbs. 2. Maintaining a sense of humor and having fun 3. Maintaining a proper perspective re life, wherein I don’t worry about anything, I never panic and I don’t take any shit from anyone, including family members. My mantra: Don’t PROVOKE me. 4. I spend my life MY WAY and couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks of me. I only care about what I think of me. And, since I adhere firmly to the Golden Rule I am very comfortable with myself. 5. I strive hard to be a SOMEBODY, especially in my writing of the 14 ebooks being sold by Amazon. 6. I love the feeling of STILL BEING IN THE GAME and I believe it has contributed to my longevity. (Check the obituary columns and see how many make it to my age.Statistically, I should have croaked years ago!)

I just finished writing my 180 page MATH book: HELPING MIDDLE-SCHOOLERS AND MATH HATERS UNDERSTAND MATHEMATICS, which will be published by Amazon around January1, 2015 so it can have an up-to-date copyright.


We Are Inundated with Superficiality

Saturday December 13 Midnite

We watched a great movie on Turner Classics Movie Channel called LILLIE. They just don’t make them like that anymore. Fetch the DVD at the local library if you haven’t seen it. After being spellbound by the heart-warming, soul-satisfying movie, we watched a bit of Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy Kimmel and Letterman, and I was struck by the sheer bunch of superficial shit they promulgate and get paid millions of dollars for. Our culture is immersed in deep superficial, meaningless shit, much of it being passed on as entertainment by the movie and TV industries.

It’s the same with the people I associate with, most of whom are brain-dead. When I seriously asked one of them, “Why do you exist?” All he could say was “To please my wife!” Brilliant!

A humorous incident: Last week wife May and I went to Walmart to buy a new leaf rake. When I took it to the cashier, she cautioned me to be sure to use the screw scotch-taped to the handle to keep the rake from falling off. I said, “No problem. I’m good at screwing!” She laughed, looked me up and down ans said, “I’m sure you are.” Wife May was not amused!


A Sense of Humor Goes a Long Way

Wednesday December 10, 2014 5 p.m.

Greetings to all the Ghosts out there who think they are people:

Wife May and I went to the UPS store to mail a package this afternoon where we were greeted cordially by a middle-aged lady behind a counter who was wearing a T-Shirt with a printed Biblical quote I stared at and read aloud. “All things are possible through Jesus Christ.” I then said to her, “Okay, if that’s the case, jump over the counter.” She laughed good-naturedly and that was the end of that exchange.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about an exchange I had with a cashier at Walmart’s.



Blog gone; then back

Wednesday December 10, 2014 10 a.m.

Greetings, whoever the hell you are!
I couldn’t access my blog last night; it disappeared! I thought, Oh,Oh, I’m being censored. But, happily, it’s go again. One of the things that I am not too keen on doing is using obscenities, like “shit” and “fuck.” But then I say to myself, “Hell, the movies are full of worse obscenities than that, without public protest,so they must now be more acceptable to people. Anyhow, the language I use is the REAL ME even though it may paint a negative picture of me. Maybe it’s my age, when we tell it like it is without pretense, and let it all hang out. Then too when I an really “pissed off” (provoked, angry) spewing out obscenities seems to help me vent. And, of course, the LOUDER, the better.

In chatting with my racquetball buddy Robert yesterday, a loner who has just acquired a good-looking lady-friend, I said, “Robert, are you still seeing Janet?” After he nodded, “Yes,” I said, “I don’t know about your inclinations, Robert, but as for me, nothing beats having easy access to two tits and a vagina.” It sounds crude, but it’s the truth and it’s exactly how I rate the experiences of life. It’s at the top of my list.

Incidentally, I’ve said that once before several years ago when I was in a required anger-management class after I was jailed for having a bloody fight with my predatory second wife. Our assignment for the final session was to list 5 things that frustrated us the most. When she (the instructor) called upon me (“She” was a very hot young lady) to voice my frustrations (I didn’t mention that being in her class unnecessarily was one of them), I spouted;
#1. Being old and living alone. (I was a bachelor at the time)
#2. Not being able to play racquetball like I used to
#3. Not being rich, famous and as good-looking as George Clooney.
#4. Not being able to have flagpole erections like I used to.
#5 Not having easy access to two tit and a vagina.

When I looked toward her to make eye-contact, she was just holding her head between her hands shaking it side to side in disbelief. When she looked toward me, I put my arm across my chest and said with tongue-in-cheek, “I’m sorry, Ms. Watkins, but you asked for it and I told it like it is.” She gave me an understanding nod and that was it.

When she handed me my Certificate of Completion of the Course as we left, she said, “I hope you get rid of that last frustration so you don’t wind up back here again.” I said, “No to worry. Jail is no fun.” Then, I said, “Honey, (It was the last day of class so I could be brash without negative consequences) it’s too bad you’re all tied up because you’d be the perfect one to help me get rid of that last frustration.” Then I offered and pointed to my cheek and said, “How about a goodbye kiss?” As she complied, I swung my head around and pecked her on her lips. Instead of getting angry, she wagged her index finger at me, laughed and said, “GOODBYE, you dirty old man, try to stay out of trouble.”

You know what? Humor is the grease makes the world go round smoothly, and for many years it’s seen me through a lot of difficulties!


Ah SEX! How Sweet it is!

Monday December 8, 2014 ftsbull@att.net
One of the things I like about making entries into this blog is that I can say anything I please because I don’t think anyone reads it, and even if they do, I don’t give a shit because the freedom to say what I please is very satisfying. Then too, it’s a great way to vent and say things you THINK about but are reluctant to discuss with others. One of those topics, other than religion and politics, is SEX.

Tell me, what is more fascinating, provocative and interesting than the subject of SEX? I once told a preacher that God made a big mistake! He looked at me sternly and said, “God NEVER makes mistakes!! I said, “He sure did when He made SEX pleasurable. Think of all the problems that caused. Rapes (think about the current charges by women against the famous celebrity Bill Cosby): prostitution with ensuing arrests and the spread of incurable venereal diseases, including Aids: pedophiles even amongst priests who can ruin lives: friction between married couples that can result in divorces: homosexuality that perverts the reason sex organs evolved: adultery: incest; and serial killings like those committed by Ted Bundy (Google Serial Killers).

Incredible! All because an activity, initially designed solely for reproduction, inexplicably became a major source of PLEASURE. But SEX is not the only inexplicable thing that changed for “the better” as we progressed from being animal-like cave dwellers to where we are today (Some scumbags have yet to arrive!). ALL FIVE OF OUR SENSES, which were initially designed for survival, became sources of PLEASURE. We now have gourmet and Soul foods, the arts and music, perfumes and flowers we enjoy smelling, and the pleasure we get from touching things, especially each others bodies. Why I enjoy fondling my wife’s tits and nipples, God only knows, but I thank Him for his foresight in endowing the activity with feelings of PLEASURE.
Of course, a prime example of how pleasurable our sense of touch can be is during foreplay, especially if it involves taking a shower together. But, there are other times, the inexplicable URGE drives us to engage in spontaneous sexual foreplay that can happen at any time, anywhere, and I am foregoing listing the many places and times it has happened to me, and still does!
A question: What other human activity is there that can provide the Epitome of Intimacy that sex does?
Where else can you experience such ECSTASY, unless you are taking drugs like LSD? Why was that Gift bestowed upon us? Can that be one of the reasons we were created – to get as much Pleasure and Joy out of God’s Gift of Life as possible?

I love pondering the imponderable, and that is on the top of my list, which is to be found in my book: DIVINE MYSTERIES.


The Seven Wonders of My Life

Sunday December 7, 2014 ftsbull@att.net

Well, I was able to Rise to the Occasion once again this afternoon after a bit of snuggling and WONDER #1 is How much longer will I still be able to “Pop It” without the aid of pills?

WONDER #2 is how much longer will I be able to play racquetball at a competitive level? My ability has not diminished for years and I wonder if it’s possible to keep on going till I’m at least 100.

WONDER #3: is HOW will I die. I’ve got no significant ailments, and I keep wondering when one will raise its ugly head. I check myself for signs of Alzheimer’s Disease but I’ve got no memory problems. A physical and blood tests at the VA were average and the doctor told us I was in better shape than many of her clients in their thirties.

WONDER #4: I wonder WHEN I will die. I really don’t fear death, but I’m enjoying life so much, I’d rather not be there when it happens. My favorite song that reflects my feelings is MY WAY sung by Frank Sinatra that begins with: (Google it)

And now, the end is here
and so I face the final curtain.
My friend I’ll say it clear
I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain
I’ve lived a life that’s full
I’ve traveled each and every highway
And more, much more than this,

I’m probably the only great grandfather who has never seen his 3 young great grandchildren or one of his grandchildren, nor do I expect to in the future. Actually, I don’t even know their names! The reasons are in my book WHY I HOPE I OUTLIVE MY GREEDY KIDS (The Diary of a Disillusioned Widower). But, you know what? And you’ll have to read my book to understand what I am about to say: My attitude re my Kids is “I DON’T GIVE A SHIT” and ‘FUCK ‘EM.” I’ve got a life and all I need for my happiness. For a while they clung to my mind like barnacles on the bottoms of boats but I scraped them off and got rid of them, even to the point of legally disinheriting all four of them so they can make no claims for my assets, which I am leaving to my deserving, loving wife May.

Wonder #5: Why the hell do I exist? A cowboy had this insightful, thought-provoking inscription on his tombstone:
Once I wasn’t,
Then I was,
Now I ain’t again.

That’s it in a nutshell isn’t it? We are like actors on a stage:
The curtain goes up
We do our thing, and
The curtain comes down
and the show is all over.

WONDER # 6. God, WHO AND WHERE ARE YOU? Where did your SMARTS come from?

WONDER # 7. Is this all there is?



How an Old man Boosts His Libido!

Saturday December 6, 2014 10 p.m. ftsbull@att.net

Flamboyant celebrities, like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus, and even Madonna, shrewdly know that the best way to make it to the top is to do something outrageous. Either in what you wear or don’t wear, or in what you say. Expose your nipples, re women of course, and it’s front page news, and even worthy of the evening news on TV.

I tried being provocative, to help promote my books, but unfortunately, no one reads the audacious stuff I say, like “Why is FUCK” a DIRTY word?” And, why did our Intelligent Designer create a woman’s CLITORIS when it has nothing to do with reproduction? It’s a surefire way to have my wife “go to the moon” when we go at it, and I thoroughly enjoy taking her there. Since she doesn’t read my blogs, I can tell you what really shivers her timbers: Taking her to Australia! And, of course, it works both ways! If you want more details, send me an email and I’ll gladly provide them.

Speaking of being outrageous, last week I startled my racquetball buddies telling them that when I’m bored, I Google LESBIAN PORN VIDEOS to watch some hot-looking babes go at it. My reasoning? Who can teach me better about how to make love to my wife than women who do it? Then too, let’s face it, men are turned on by the sight of beautiful naked women. That’s why billions of guys subscribe to Playboy and Penthouse, buy “adult” DVD movies and visit porn sites. I for one, would rather watch naked women go at it than watch old-lady Barbara Walters, lard-ass Rosy O’Donnell or Rosanne Barr or stupid situation comedies or any of the other crap TV has to offer.

There is one more plus in watching Lesbians go at it. At age 93, I need help in boosting my LIBIDO. It’s a lot healthier, to my mind, than taking Viagra or Cialis, which I don’t trust, and I don’t trust any pills, for that matter, and so far my way works. Sundays are our love-making days, and excuse me while I visit my favorite tune-up site to prepare for the Supreme Encounter of the week hat is second only to racquetball.

If you want to know how I make out, stay tuned!


To the Dummies Who Call Themselves Atheists

December 5, 2014 Fridaty 8 p.m. ftsbull@att.net

Perhaps “dummies” is not the right word. What they are really are “”ignoramuses.” And, there are millions of them, including world-renowned Physicist and best-selling author Stephen Hawking, who majestically proclaims, “There is no God!” Well, being a scientist, he should know that preceding his pronouncement, he should have DEFINED the “God” he is talking about. There is a passage in the Bible (Mathew 4:1-6) where Jesus is “led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the Devil,” and in ab exchange with the Devil is reported to have said, “If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down (from the top of a temple) for it is written: “he will give his angels charge of you, and on their hands they will bear you up lest you strike your foot against a stone.”

I too take issue with this characterization of “God.” The many references to God as He or Him begs the question> Does God have a penis?” Then there’s the Devil. If God created everything and is all-powerful, was the Devil one of “His” creations” And what about those Angels? I sure would like one of them to visit me for a chat. Maybe they can tell me WHY we were created and WHY I, Francis T. Sganga, exist.

I challenge Atheists to refute these thoughts:

I have been Created,
I can Think,
I Know Myself,
I am Creative,
I can Love,
I can experience Pleasure and Ecstasy,
I have a Sense of Beauty,
I intuit the Existence of a Supreme Being.
Therefore, to my Mysterious Mind,
there must be an ineffable Creator that
bestowed those Gifts upon me that I refer to
as my INTELLIGENT DESIGNER, rather than “God.”


Where the Hell is everybody?

December 4, 2014 THURSDAY 10 p.m. ftsbull@att.net

After a week of nursing an infected finger on my left hand, I finally made it to racquetball this morning. Several of the guys said the missed me and were concerned about my welfare. Gave me good vibes to know they cared.

I lacked my usual vigor on the court, figuring the antibiotic pills I’ve been taking for a week might be the cause. I know it’s not old age; I’m not there yet!

Luckily, I had two good partners for doubles, Ray Nichols and Robert Mazurka, so we won all five games, then I pooped out and headed for the shower.

One of my opponents is a fellow-Italian named Dominic who told me he was going to whip my ass as we entered the court. Au contraire!! I, with major help from my partner, whipped his – TWICE!

Our country is in deep shit. Why? Visit www.opednews and the Drudge Report to find out, especially the former site. The natives are beginning to rebel against their Humanoid masters, which has been fueled by the unnecessary force cops are applying to suspects. In the two blatant cases (Ferguson and N.Y.) I don’t understand why they “shoot to kill” when a shot in the leg or arm would bring down the poor victim just as easily. In the N.Y. “strangle-hold” case couldn’t the just have drawn a gun and told the guy to get his hands up or punch him in the balls? WHY KILL THEM?

Right now Humanoids are in control of the world, as I explain in my Kindle ebook HUMANISTS vs. HUMANOIDS, the struggle between Good and Evil. So far, the latter are winning, and I thank God I am no longer under their control as I was when I was an employee of the Volusia County School System. They tried to smother my creativity, but never could, and I gave them as much hell as they gave me. One of the interesting outcomes of my struggles with the bastards is that I outlived all 12 of them, including the Great Pretender and Phony ex-Superintendent Raymond G. Dunne.

C’est la vie!!


The End Is Near & So I Face the Final Curtain

ftsbull@att.net December 3, 2014 Wednesday 4 p.m.
As usual, I checked the Obituary Column today and these are the ages of those who died:

77 85 73 77 86 88 88 72 89 57

Not one of them made it to 90! As I approach my 94th next April 29th, I am acutely aware of how lucky I am. My making it this far is potent testimony to the fact that my regimen has made a major contribution my being able to sit at my computer talking to you right now. Being able to convey our thoughts either verbally or in writing, as well as being able to carry on a conversation between two minds, is a Miracle, and the basis of the Miracle are the mystifying neuron brain cells that produce the thoughts and receive and understand the thoughts of other people’s neurons. Incredible!

Do you recall where the title of the entry above comes from? Frank Sinatra’s song MY WAY. The song is ME ALL THE WAY! Google it on U-Tube.