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I am a 93 year-old racquetball-playing, motorcycle-riding retired educator-turned writer. Ten of my non-fiction ebooks and their descriptions are listed at Amazon's KINDLE store. My wife, May (63) and I have been happily married for four years and we attribute our satisfying relationship to the fact that we are dedicated to making each other as happy as possible.

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Francis T. Sganga April 29, 1921 – March 21, 2019

I am Frank’s wife May and he has entrusted to me the duty to tell you how he succumbed the death. He had been plagued with an extensive and persistent skin rash that caused lots of itching. We went from doctor to doctor, emergency room to emergency room. Finally a nurse practitioner said “Maybe it is an infection. Let’s try some antibiotics.” We did that. Between the strength of the antibiotics and all the Benydryl he needed to get any sleep to reduce the itching, he ended up mostly sitting typing his latest book or lying down. Soon the antibiotics cleared up his skin. Then a day or two later he came to me and said his leg really hurt and wanted to go to the ER. It was the third time in less than a week we are going to the ER. I felt his leg below the knee. It was cold, but his right leg was warm. We got to the hospital as soon as we could. Upon examining him, everyone realized that he had a life-threatening condition and needed to be hospitalized “so they could save his leg.” Over the next two days he had two operations on the left leg to relieve the blockages. It just made it worse. Then the other leg at the same time developed the problem of blockages and that leg was unrelieved by surgical treatment. Then, both legs essentially died from the groin down. He was on morphine from the second night he was admitted, and in and out of consciousness. The doctor pulled me aside and had me sign a paper because he was no longer able to make decisions for himself. A few hours later the same doctor pulled me aside and told me they had done all they could do and he could be sent home (I did not have the high level skills to take care of such an ailing person) or sent to hospice. I opted for hospice. Went home to get a few things and then went back to hospice. He arrived about 10:00 p.m. Wednesday March 20th. The room was mint green (his favorite paint color because he loved mint chocolate chip ice cream). They spoke with me in an office while they bathed and medicated him. They were going to put an orange striped tee shirt on him. I asked for a red shirt because all his favorite shirts were red. When I first saw him in hospice he was wearing a red shirt with an American flag on it. He was just about incoherent, but kept trying with all his might to say something. I figured out he was saying “Forgive ME” Forgive ME”. I held his hand and said “Of course I forgive you, but there is nothing to forgive. You have been a wonderful husband who has loved me, taken care of my every need, made me laugh, created books with me, the perfect companion and friend not just a husband. You are forgiven.” His last words were “Good! GOOD!!!” They had a nurse sit there with the both of us. She asked me to tell about our life together. He was smiling and squeezed my hand and went into a mode of perfect peace. Another nurse came into the room and said I think his breathing has changed. Let’s make the chair next to him into a bed.” As I got into the newly made up convertible bed, the head nurse whispered into his ear “Now fly with the angels!” All of a sudden every muscle in his face flexed into a huge smile and his closed eyes changed as he looked first to the left and then to the right in surprised like he was greeting some people he hadn’t seen in a long time. He settled down as we were left alone for about 15 minutes. I felt his hand squeeze mine for the last time. I watched as the carotid artery in his neck gradually lessened and lessened its rhythmic pulse, and then it stopped ever so peacefully.

You know how you hear there is a death gurgle at the end. Not with Frank. He had the most peaceful leaving of his earthly body, and I have no doubt he is in a Heavenly realm. He has left this world of pain and rejection, and is with the One Who is all love.
Even in death, he held my left hand in his right hand and I not letting go even as the nurse came into the room, checked him and then announced “He is gone”.

He will never be forgotten. Everyone has their own “Frank” story as his life touched so many people. We are going to celebrate his life soon at a graveside service once we can coordinate that all the family that wants to attend can. He will be buried at the Cape Canaveral National Cemetery in Mims, FL.

Diary of a Dying Man – excerpt

July 23, 2017 Sunday 10 am
Well, with the understanding, skillful assistance of my faithful, loving wife May, I was able to rise to the occasion
last night and experience an orgasm. I have been lying fallow for more than a week, and it was a welcome reprieve from
the boredom I was experiencing. The Mayo clinic wouldn’t give me an appointment and I suspect it was mainly due to my
age and the fact that I was already under the care of a competent cardiologist. Unfortunately, he failed to solve the
problem of my acute shortness of breath, which still persists. I believe my racquetball days are over. I had hoped
Dr. Wilson would be able to fix my problem, but c’est la vie!
I need to quit complaining mentally about my situation and remember to count my blessings, the greatest of which is to
have a loving, compassionate 66 year-old wife. In on of our pillow talks she said adamantly, “I’ll never put you in a
nursing home. Whatever they can do, I will be able to do.” That is very reassuring. From my current vantage point, I think
I’d rather be dead than be interned in a living-dead facility.
Ironically, I feel mentally and physically great despite the shortness of breath problem. I can do heavy-duty yard work,
but in short spurts. After five minutes of so, I sit in a lawn chair and suck on an ice cube. After it completely melts,
I go at it again, and when finished, I shower and spend 10 minutes in the hot tub where the water remains at 102o.
My body loves it! So much so, I hot-tub it at least three times a day.
My mind is restless, having no project to satisfy its penchant to be worked. Since my novel is not due to be published for
about a year, all I can do to keep my mind tuned up and satisfied is to prod myself to work on this book hoping what I have
to say will not bore your mind..
In mulling over my options, I recalled trying to write a book titled An Ageless Mind in an Old Body, but was stymied by
the lack of enough to say to warrant making a book out of it. The topic involves an intriguing paradoxical notion: Our
bodies age and deteriorate but our minds, if nourished and kept active, improve with age. At least, that has been the
case with mine.
I shake my head and sigh when I think about how naïve I was even at age 21 in 1942. Back then, we Brooklyn, New York street
kids didn’t read newspapers, nor were there TVs or the internet to keep us apprised of what was going on in the world.
When it was announced over the radio that the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor, I asked the guy I was playing pool with,
“Where the hell is Pearl Harbor?” The full impact of the tragic even didn’t hit me until I was drafted in the army a year
later. Of course, I, as were millions of other Americans, was incensed and anxious to kill me some Japs. How chagrined,
(and naïve) I was to be denied a rifle and assigned to the medical corps!
Now, some 75 years later, I realize how ignorant I was. Mainly, via the internet, the greatest source of information next
to books, I learned that all of the wars, from Viet Nam onward, were unnecessary and that our youths were and are merely
expendable pawns doing the dirty work mainly for corporations and millionaire top-level politicians in the U.S. and abroad
(i.e. Israel) who couldn’t care less about them and their families. And the game, the lies and the propaganda still goes on,
nurtured and spread by the corrupt Main Media that is mostly owned by only six corporations. The true story of how the U.S.
is self-destructing can only be found on the internet. It’s too long a story to tell in this book. For more, visit these websites:
Oped News
Paul Craig Roberts
Chris Hedges
The Drudge Report
Ralph Nader
Robert Reich
John Kiriakou
Edward Snowden
Chelsea Manning

My body is at the end of its tether, but my mind continues its quest to learn as much as possible before it bids adieu to the
wondrous body that has served it well, so far, for almost a 100 years!
Lastly, wife May and I went to the beach yesterday. There were bikini-clad women everywhere. It’s not only minds that are ageless.
Eyes are too. I couldn’t control my eyes and the effect they produced on my mind. They stared as hungrily at the scantily clad
bodies as they did when I was a teenager, and afterwards, even until now! Is that being naughty? Am I a dirty old man? Frankly,
guys, I don’t give a damn! To my mind, life is a constant search for pleasure, and I agree with Shakespeare who said that
“A woman is a dish for the gods…!” (Antony and Cleopatra: Act 5, Scene 2.)

What It’s Like to Be Dying

Our “Health Care” system has some serious flaws. I have an appointment to see a new cardiologist
on May 28, which is too far from today, but it’s the best I could do. I appealed to the lady
who arranged appointments, telling her I was in distress, but she said they must get my medical
records before a doctor will see me. She advised me to go to the E. R. at a hospital, and I told
her I had already been to two, and after you read what I say below, you will understand why I see
no point in going to all that trouble once more. I then told her, the delay in seeing me would
give me ample time to make “funeral arrangements.”

I prepared the info below to give to my new cardiologist on May 28th:

Basic symptoms: Periodic “attacks” of shortness of breath accompanied by erratic pulse beats.

Insurance Provider: UNITED HEALTH CARE
1. I underwent two angioplasties in 1992 @ 71 years of age.
2. An abdominal aortic aneurysm was repaired in in 2003 @ age 82.
3. Dr. Chee Lee (Humana) said I had Stage 3 chronic kidney disease. (Switched to United Health Care)
4. On March 8, 1017 I was experiencing back pain (@7) just below my left scapula.
Concerned that it may be related to my kidney disease, I went to the Halifax Hospital E. R.
5. Was admitted. Had a chest x-ray, C/T scan and an EKG, plus some 5 or 6 blood drawings.
6. “Elevated heart enzymes” detected. Was given 3 prescriptions for: nitroglycerin, muscle spasm
and hypertension medications. My cardiologist, Dr. David Henderson, was contacted. He came,
told me to make an appointment, and had me discharged.
7. Went to his office and was examined solely by David W. Bamberger, P.A. He checked my computerized
hospital records and chest, then told me to take an aspirin a day and “Just keep doing what you are doing.”
Since my sub-scapular back pain persisted. I asked the P. A. if there were muscles connecting ribs, and he
said, “Intercostal muscles.” At home an internet search listed the symptoms for intercostal muscle sprain
that matched mine. At my wife’s advice, I used a heating pad, which did the job.
My being check by a Physician’s Assistant instead of Dr. David Henderson, who did an angioplasty procedure
re my heart (a balloon job), was very disapointing and a waste of time. Henderson didn’t even bother to
consult with me after the useless visit ended.

8. Since breathing/pulse variations symptoms worsened, I went to Centra Care (Florida Hospital Urgent Care)
for advice. After studying my EKG, Dr. Scott W. VanLue advised me to go to an E. R. immediately since his
facility lacked the equipment to deal with my problem.
9. I went to the E. R. at the Florida Memorial Medical Center, got a chest z-ray, an EKG and a blood
analysis. Dr. Dusty Moses’ advice: just one cup of coffee per day, no alcohol, no racquetball (I played
twice a week), get plenty of rest and see Dr. David Henderson within a week for a follow up. I see little
point in being treated by his P.A. again.
When I have an intermittent shortness of breath “attack”, I immediately check my pulse and it predictably
is erratic. Sometimes just 2 beats, a pause, the 2 beats, a pause and 5 beats, a pause. It’s quite worrisome.

Monday, May 1:
Morning: A cup of raisin bran w. 2% milk. Lunch: a banana and an ear of corn. At 3 p.m. a glass of chocolate
milk in crushed ice. 10 minutes in hot tub at 102o.
Evening, 1 slice of pizza; glass of cranberry juice. BREATHING “ATTACK” (Rapid, breathless). Pulse weak and
intermittent. Very weak. Laid down; slept for an hour. Now, at my computer, on a scale of 1-10; breathing at
about a 5. No chest pain or discomfort. Just short of breath and breathing rapidly

1. What’s wrong with my heart?
2. Can it be fixed?
3. What “behaviors” may I engage in and what should I avoid?
4. What is the prognosis?

Francis T. Sganga 2506 Sunset Dr., New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 386-957-3558 sicari1921@gmail.com

Of course, now that I am officially 96 (April 29) and am aware of how few people make it to my age,
I am keenly aware of the possiblilty of my dying before my May 28th birthday. Complicating matters is the
fact that wife May will be leaving to visit her ailing mother and new granddaughter this Monday. Well, I
intend to give her a grand Honeymoon send-off no matter what!!!

Let’s Hear it for Our intelligent Designer!

The Miracle of Eyes

The eye appears to have been designed;
no designer of telescopes
could have done better.
How could this marvelous instrument
have evolved by chance, through a succession
of random evolutionary events?
Many people in Darwin’s day agreed
with theologian William Paley,
who commented:
“…there cannot be a design
without a designer.”
Robert Jastrow (1925-2008)
American Physicist and Astronomer

The saying “ignorance is bliss” is attributed to poet Thomas Gray (1716-1771). Not so with me.
I want to know all I can about life and the world we live in – the good and the bad. Kindred Spirit
Dr. Henry F. Shaefer, Quantum Chemist and five times Noble Prize nominee put it this way:

“The significance and joy in my science
comes in those moments of discovering
something new and saying to myself,
“So, that’s how God did it.” My goal
is to understand a little corner of God’s plan.”

The design, construction and functions of our eyes is a case in point. One of the thousands of doors
opened by science, that seem to reveal the existence of an Intelligent Designer, is the discovery of
how we see. We depend on our eyes more than any other sense. It’s one of our primary sources for
gaining knowledge. However, it’s another instance where most people take this precious gift for granted .
Try this: Cover your eyes and move about for half an hour or so to fully realize how important they are.
Much of what I am about to say, can be found on the internet or in books. But they all leave out what
may be considered to be the SUPERNATURAL aspects of this precious gift. Okay, hang in there with me to
find out what I consider to be a flash of insight on my part.

To be able to see requires light, which is reflected by an object. The source of natural light is our Sun.
After sunlight strikes an image, let’s say a face we are looking at, the image is
reflected and passes through the CORNEA, the clear dome-shaped surface covering the front of the eye.
The cornea bends the incoming image. The IRIS, the colored part of the eye, regulates the size of the
PUPIL, the opening that controls the amount of light that enters the eye. Behind the pupil is the transparent
LENS, similar in shape to a magnifying glass. After the image passes through the lens, it travels through a
perfectly clear liquid called the VITREOUS HUMOR that enables the eye to maintain its oval shape. The first
stop for the image is the RETINA at the back of the eyeball, which is thin, delicate, photosensitive tissue
containing the special “photoreceptor” cells that, unbelievably convert the image into ELECTRICAL signals.
These electrical signals then travel from the retina of the eye via the OPTIC NERVE, a bundle of about one
million nerve fibers, to our brains. It is said in textbooks that we “SEE” with the VISUAL CORTEX in the back
part of our mushy brains.
The visual cortex part of our brains is made up of NEURONS, which are unique cells that carry MESSAGES.
STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE. The message I sent to your neurons using words was picked up by your eyes, traveled
“electrically” via the optic nerve connecting your eyes to your brain, and was received and “understood,”
supposedly by your neurons.
Some questions I could not find answers to:
1. Neurons, like all of the other cells in our bodies, are made up a jelly-like substance called CYTOPLASM.
How does cytoplasm “SEE” and “UNDERSTAND” what I said?
2. When we “see” an image in our brains, like the image of a horse, WHAT ACTUALLY DOES THE “SEEING?”
For example, close your eyes and think of your mother’s face. There it is somewhere in your brain, but what
actually “SEES” the image? When I asked my doctor the question, he was perplexed saying that it was something
that was not covered in medical school. The best WE both could come up with is that the “SEEING” is actually
done by that mysterious non-thing called CONSCIOUSNESS, which is apparently AWARE of everything going on in
our universe that can be sensed either via our five senses or intuitively. Is not CONSCIOUSNESS like Minds
and Thoughts, in the SUPERNATURAL WORLD. Would it not be appropriate to consider our ability to “see” to be
a miracle-like ability?
We are totally unaware of it, but an image, passing through the convex lens of an eye, impinges on the retina
UPSIDE DOWN* as it does in cameras, and it’s our BRAINS that automatically turn them RIGHT-SIDE UP! Did
“Mother Nature” provide it with that skill? Or, did our Intelligent Designer plan it that way so we could
see things as they really are?
*To get the upside-down image with a magnifying (reading) glass, hold the lens between a sheet of paper and a
well-lighted object, or an outside scene. You then move the lens until a sharp image is focused on the paper.
If it’s an image of an outside scene with moving cars and people, they will appear in reverse and upside down.

To my mind, how we actually SEE is a SUPERNATURAL PHENOMENON that cannot be described as such in public schools,
and that it is not RELIGIOUS matter to do so but an ACADEMIC one. I feel strongly it’s just as valid to infer
the existence of an invisible SUPERNATURAL CREATOR as it is to infer the existence of invisible electrons, protons,
neutrons and quarks. There is sufficient evidence in both instances to grant each equal time in the classroom.


Francis (Frank) T. Sganga

The first key to wisdom
is constant and frequent questioning,
for by doubting
we are led to questions
and by questioning
we arrive at the truth.
Peter Abelard

We are the only creatures on earth that ask questions of ourselves and others. Even at age 96,
there are some that still challenge my mysterious mind that yearns for definitive answers that
have eluded it for most of those years and still do. For example:

How did life begin? Was a Supernatural Force involved or was it a “mechanical” process? Did an
opportune mixture of the nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and other elemental molecules necessary
for life to exist “accidentally and mechanically” become a miniscule globule of moist matter that
mysteriously became enclosed in a membranous cell wall, similar to the skin of a grape surrounding
a grape’s innards, after which, it was spontaneously imbued with the Spark of Life?

Is not this scenario analogous to saying that it is possible for a candle to light itself? Then too,
how does something create itself?
To be alive all cells must contain functioning “systems,” like a digestive system (eating) and execratory
system (waste removal). How did the cell create such systems on its own?
Once created, how did that first cell imbedded with that mysterious Spark of Life, manage to find a way
to replicate itself, which is a required precursor to eventually evolving into all of the zillions of
plants and animals containing zillions of different cells, such as heart cells, skin cells, brain cells
and multiple kinds of plant cells that exist today?
The bottom line: Where did that Spark of Life come from? The molecular chemical elements the cell was
made of? From thin air?
on planet Earth some 4 billion years ago. How does something make itself? If it can’t, could it be,
therefore, that it was an Outside Source (God) that must have done it?

Why were we created?
I wonder: Why do I exist?
Does space go on unbelievably forever? If not, how does it end?
What was there before the Birth of the Universe (the “Big Bang”)?
Where did the energy come from that produced the Big Bang and the billions of stars in the billions
of galaxies in our Universe? Why is there something instead of nothing?
How can something come from nothing?
Where did the information in the blueprints that cells use to make the thousands of body parts we’re
made of come from? Is it not credible that the intricate design of an eye presupposes the existence

If Minds came from somewhere, does it not follow that they will return to whence they came after death?
Does a fetus have a Mind?
When is a Mind “born” in a brain? After a fetus becomes an embryo? After the embryo becomes a baby?
Where do thoughts come from?
Where did the ability to think come from?
It makes sense that only minds can generate information. Can the source of the information in our genes
be the Mind of God?
When we see ourselves in a mirror, what actually does the seeing? Is it the neuron cells our brains are
made of that do the seeing, or is it our consciousness that does the seeing?
Why are we blessed with the ability to see colors rather than just black and white and shades of gray?
Who or what do we thank for that incredible ability?
Where did our sense of consciousness come from that enables us to be aware of ourselves and everything
else in the world we temporarily live in.?
When I close my eyes and image my mother’s face, what does the seeing? Can it be that we have the uncanny
ability to see images with what is sometimes referred to as the mind’s eye?
Mozart composed music when he was a child. Where did the music come from? The molecules he was made of?
Was Beethoven correct when he said music is the Language of God?
Where did our Sense of Beauty come from? Cows don’t marvel at the beauty of flowers, rainbows and sunsets,
why do we?
Our five senses were originally designed and used for survival. Why did all five of them become sources
of pleasure?
Who taught spiders how to build their intricate webs?
Why do babies smile, laugh and giggle soon after birth?
Why is sex so pleasurable?
Where do our creative instincts for art and music come from? Why do we have them?
Where did our unique feeling of love come from as occurs when we experience love at first sight?
Electricity, along with heat light and sound, is a form of energy. In a sense, since it has no weight,
and takes up no space, it’s in the supernatural world of non-things, where feelings exist. Even so,
we all know the zillions of things electricity can do. Can it be similar to “God” as indicated in
this quotation?

For what can be known about God is plain to them,
because God has shown it to them.
Ever since the creation of the world
His invisible nature, namely
His eternal power, has clearly been perceived
in the things that have been made.
Romans 1

Much of Geometry is based upon three undefined words: point, line and plane Can God be viewed as an undefined
term upon which all of creation is based?
Why did a woman’s clitoris, which is not necessary for reproduction, and is the only organ designed for pleasure,
Why did warm-blooded mammals, like humans, birds and dogs, evolve from cold-blooded animals like turtles, snakes
and alligators?
Why did warm-blooded birds evolve from cold-blooded reptilian dinosaurs? (Google: Birds are dinosaurs.)
Isn’t it interesting that Gravity, the mysterious force that keeps our feet attached to the ground, cannot be
definitively explained by our most intelligent scientists?
Similarly, what causes magnetism? Why is there a magnetic north pole and an opposite south pole? What exactly
is electricity? Why does electricity running through a copper wire produce magnetism? Why do magnets spinning
inside coils of wire in an electric motor produce electricity?
The million dollar question: Is God the Architect and Evolution the Contractor?
There are occasions when I stare at beautiful sunset or listen to stirring music like Beethoven’s Ode to Joy
that I am suddenly struck by the fact that I am alive.
Why do people, who are supposedly civilized, kill fellow human beings without just cause?

Albert Einstein
The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion
that stands at the cradle of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger,
who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead, a snuffed-out candle.
To sense that behind anything that can be experienced there is something that our minds
cannot grasp, whose beauty and sublimity reaches us only indirectly: this is religiousness.

© Francis (Frank) T. Sganga civale1921@gmail.com www.sganga.net