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Beware of Dental Clinics that offer free examinations and x-rays!!!

A WARNING ABOUT WHAT I BELIEVE TO BE RIPOFF DENTAL CLINICS Coast Dental in New Smyrna Beach & Aspen in Port Orange The Way They Do It:. 1. They will lure you into their clinics by offering free examinations & x-rays. 2. They will present you with a list of defects that require treatment & […]


Thieves Among Dentists

WARNING!! BEWARE of two “dental clinics” who offer free x-rays and examinations: Coast Dental and Aspen Dental. I nearly got ripped off by Aspen and REALLY GOT RIPPED OFF BY COAST DENTAL IN NEW SMYRNA BEACH, and I’m talking BIG BUCKS!! I am now challenging Coast Dental via several avenues, which I will tell you […]