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GREETINGS: At 9 a.m. I called my doctor’s office to a make an appointment, and the receptionist said their computer was down, and that she would get back with me when it was fixed. Last year I switched from UNITED HEALTH CARE to HUMANA medical insurance because there are no premiums to pay and they […]


Read this and weep!!

Thursday, May 12th 2016 In new book: Confessions of Congressman X ‘Screw the next generation’ and ‘Harry Reid’s a pompous a**’: Democratic congressman writes Anonymous tell-all book slamming ‘nation of naive, self-absorbed sheep’ as he admits he never reads bills he votes on • ‘My main job is to keep my job, to get reelected. […]


Books in Progress

Greetings: I sent two manuscripts to Austin Macauley book publishers in London: A Celebration of Life and Words of Wisdom for Children I am not revising and fine-tuning Humanists vs. Humanoids and will email it to them in a couple of weeks What else has an old man got to do? fts