Sganga’s Path to Nirvana

July 11, 2014 Friday 3 p.m.

I used to frequently quote this ancient Roman saying to my children: “De gustibus non est disputandum,” meaning “Tastes cannot be disputed.” This truthful observation applies to many things besides food and what we wear, such as movies, TV shows, sports, cars, occupations and people. My wife thinks I’m handsome; I don’t like looking in the mirror or having my picture taken.

A less obvious application of the saying relates to happiness and how we spend our lives. It took a while but I eventually came to realize that none of us can use ourselves for a STANDARD. The fact that I don’t like beards and look askance at grossly overweight people doesn’t give me the right to judge either of those kinds of people. In short, everyone has the right to spend their lives anyway they damn please and it’s nobody else’s business but theirs, as long as it doesn’t interfere with the way I choose to spend my life.

I am happy enough to proclaim that I have at long last achieved the blissful state of Nirvana, which I attribute mostly to the fact that I have a great life-long wife and companion who has inspired me to do things I never dreamed of doing, like writing a Movie and nine ebooks now on Amazon’s KINDLE. Also, contributing to my great Sense of Well-Being is the fact that, as I approach 94, I am physically fit enough to play competitive racquetball and ride an 1100 cc 750 lb. Yamaha motorcycle. Check the obituary columns and you will find that very few people make it to my age.

I follow a strict physical and psychological regimen designed to help me achieve longevity (I really don’t mind dyng; I just don’t want to be there when it happens), and it obviously has worked, for me anyway. Physically, I work the hell out of my body, ignoring its aches and pains. Believing we are what we eat, I scrupulously avoid eating hamburgers, bacon, hot dogs, sausage, potato chips, French fries and fried food in general. I get most of my protein from eating “embryonic” food like beans and a couple of eggs a week, and lots of fish and chicken rather than beef and pork.

Psychologically, I scrupulously adhere to the Golden Rule and the pact I made with my wife that applies to others as well: I will do all I can to make her and others as Happy as I am.

Maybe, ineffably, in our Creator’s Infinite Wisdom, that’s one of the reasons why we were created. More on this later.