How it all started.

Once upon a time, God assembled all of his Spiritual Engineers and said:

“I have decided to create a Creature that can personify me and in my Mind’s Eye, I envision this Creature to be able to do such things as survive in his environment, walk, talk, create and reproduce. So, I am going to assign to you various design tasks to achieve my goal.

“The first task is to create a Universe that will contain a place for our Creature to live on. That will be your assignment Matthew, and as you design one, remember that the Creature’s home must provide all of the necessities for survival, such as a Mind like mine, and a Body, which I am going to have Peter design.

“I haven’t thought all of this out completely yet, so I would appreciate any input you can provide as we proceed with this complicated task. Any questions so far? Yes Peter?”

“I think I can design a Body to house a mind, but how do I insert a Mind into the Creature’s body?”

“That’s my job, and I’m working on it. The hard part is to not only insert a mind into the Creature’s body but, since the Creature will be creating other Creature’s like himself, I have to give each of them a mind of its own. Do you have another question?”

“Lots of them. For starters how do I create a Body that can Reproduce itself?”

“I want Luke to help you with that. His job is to design a Reproductive System for your Body. Another question?”

“Yes. I can design the framework, such as a skeleton and muscles to enable the Body to move about and do things. But, shouldn’t this Creature be able to COMMUNICATE with his fellow Creatures?”

“i am assigning Paul to design organs in the body that can do that. Allow me to advise Paul about how that can be done, since it is so complicated. Paul?”


“Do you have any ideas of your own?”

“Not right now. Let me mull over how to your Creatures can communicate with each other and I’ll get back to you at our next meeting.”

“Okay, let me make a couple of more assignments, then we will close shop and reconvene later. There’s no rush. We have all of eternity to complete our task. Have fun.”