Atheists vs. Intelligent Designers

Photo: The Chopra Well YouTube Screencap
Deepak Chopra Issues $1 Million Prize Challenge to Richard Dawkins, New Atheists to Explain Biological Basis for Ideas
by Stoyan Zaimov – Christian Post Reporter

July 16, 2014 – 9:46 a.m.

New-age author and physician Deepak Chopra has offered prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins a $1 million prize challenge to offer a scientific explanation for the biological basis of thoughts and ideas.
Addressing what he called a “tribe of militant new atheists,” naming Dawkins, James Randi, and Daniel Dennett, Chopra announced the challenge in a video uploaded on Youtube earlier this week.

Richard Dawkins, a Militant Atheist – GOOGLE him!
Evolutionary Biologist
Richard Dawkins urges all atheists to openly state their position — and to fight the incursion of the church into politics and science. A fiery, funny, powerful talk.
Oxford professor Richard Dawkins has helped steer evolutionary science into the 21st century, and his concept of the “meme” contextualized the spread of ideas in the information age*. In recent years, his devastating critique of religion has made him a leading figure in the New Atheism.
*Incredibly, the brilliant professor can’t give us a scientific explanation as to where the massive amount Information (“Intelligence”) came from! My brain is made up of neuron cells which in turn are made up of Molecules (Essentially “dead” matter). How is it that the Molecules making up the cells can remember things that happened to me more than 80 years ago when I was a teenager? Where did that Capability come from?

Richard Dawkins’ tirades spouting his atheistic beliefs is a perfect example of ignorance in action. He’s a brilliant biologist with about as much insight as a jackass. This quote from my book To My Creator with Love describes people like him perfectly:
If a man without a sense of smell
declared that this yellow rose I hold
has no scent,
we should know that he is wrong.
The defect is in him,
not in the flower.
It is the same with a man
who says there is no God.
It merely means
he is without the capacity
to discern His presence.
Sir Ralph Richardson

But Dawkins’ defect run deeper than that, and is all the more astonishing since he is a brilliant internationally renowned biologist who stupidly clings to his erroneous belief that there is no such entity as an Intelligent Designer.
In several of my books, particularly, Divine Mysteries, I present irrefutable, well-reasoned circumstantial evidence that a Super Intelligence was the Designer and Creator of all that is, including, of course, us. The reason I use the word “circumstantial” is that the reasons cannot be proven scientifically via experiments.
For example, how do you prove scientifically that consciousness (awareness), or our minds, exist? Can famed biologist Dawkins prove where the information (directions) in genes came from that made each of us according to sets of original “Blueprints?” (Different “Blueprints” had to be “drawn” and followed to make all of the organs in our bodies, such as brains, hearts, nerves, blood vessels, bones, muscles, skin, eyes and ears.) Apparently, he believes “Molecules” did it all by themselves. DUH? Who made the Molecules so damn smart?
Dr. Chopra offered prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins a $1 million prize challenging them to offer a scientific explanation for the biological basis of thoughts and ideas. The challenge is basically this:
We are actually bags of “particles” called Molecules that are made of groups of Atoms. For example, we are about 75% water, and a water molecule is made of two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of oxygen (Remember H2O?) . This is easy to prove. I’ve done it in my chemistry classes. What Dr. Chopra is challenging atheists like Dawkins to do is prove that molecules can produce thoughts and ideas. Taking that one step further, how do the Molecules produce Love, Minds, Consciousness (awareness), Souls, Music, Art and our wonderful Sense of Beauty? Who taught them to Invent such things as Computers, Satellites, TVs,
Cell Phones, etc.? Who taught birds how to build nests, spiders how to build webs and bees how to build honeycombs?