Anybody out there reading this?

If so, tell me, what are the most important things in Life? The way I figure it,
#1. Having an adequate amount of food and a decent shelter.
#2. Being healthy and physically fit.
#3. To be loved and to have someone to love.
#4. To find your God-given gift, and fine-tune it to perfection.
#5. To know yourself – the kind of person you are and whether or not you are
proud of yourself. (Finding out I am an “Outsider” has helped me considerably
in coping with life’s curve balls.
#6. To know when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.
#7. To understand that you get what you give, which is really what The Golden
Rule is about.
#8. To dedicate your life to making others happy, which triggers the boomerang effect.
#9. To leave this wonderful world in better shape then it was when you entered it.
#10. To keep in mind that people are more important than things.
#11. Not to sweat the small stuff.
#12. Never use yourself for a standard. Other people can spend their lives any
way they please as long as it doesn’t interfere with yours.
#12 To maintain a sense of humor no matter what.
#13. To never panic.
#14. Never allow anyone to put you down with impunity. Sass them back!
#15. Nourish all of you: Body, Mind and Spirit.
#16. With computers, it’s garbage in, garbage out. Same with how you spend
your time. Shun violent movies, TV shows and video games. They are
Soul-Damaging activities.

No one can be luckier or happier than I am, and the main reason is that I have
a loving, very compatible companion to share my life with. The icing on the cake
is that she has been my inspiration in writing 10 ebooks that includes a movie
that are available on Amazon’s Kindle. Just go to Amazon Kindle Store and type
in Francis T. Sganga to review them.

Peace of Mind be with you,

Frank the Perennial Optimist

Inseparable Soul Mates

May and Frank Sganga