What is the Mind? It doesn’t Matter. What is Matter? Never Mind.


The Mind is as mysterious as its Creator. Where did it come from? When does it
enter our brains? Tell yourself to make a fist, then do it. How does your hand
know what you are thinking? When my mind wanders into unpleasant memories, I tell it:
“Don’t go there!” and I order it to think of more positive things, like having sex.
Does that mean there are TWO of me?

One of the most fascinating things about minds is that, with their use of hands,
minds have produced everything in the world that is Man-Made using TOOLS invented
by Minds. How can that Ghost in our BRAIN do such things, like building bridges,
skyscrapers, space ships, TVs, computers, drones, self-driving cars, and on and on….



I am the mind,
I am nothing,
I am everything.

Like the Universe
I am limitless;
like numbers,
I have no end.

Look about you;
what you see
was not made by “man”
but by me.

I am the great inventor,
problem-solver and creator.
I am art, music and intelligence.
Like space and God,
I have no beginning and no end.
The thoughts I think,
the words I speak,
are the real me,
not what you see.

How is it
that I can hear and see
and hate and cry,
and feel excruciating pain –
I, who am a ghost?

God and I,
are the ultimate mysteries.

Like words, I exist,
yet, I don’t.
Find me, if you can,
in the place where I reside.

Fathomless, ineffably alive,
I have roamed the Universe
for millennia
seeking that,
which would finally
Give me a home,

‘Tis then I came to “exist”
embodied for a brief moment
In eternity,
wedded to a body
created by the same God
who created me,
till death do us part.

At age 93, death is naturally imminent. I have the Grim Reaper sitting on one shoulder
and a Mortician sitting on the other one. I wonder what will happen to my mind after I
croak? Since it entered my brain when I was an embryo, doesn’t it make sense that upon
my demise, it will return from whence it came? I will find out, I presume, but too bad
I won’t be able to let you know how the movie ends.


Frank, the Wonderer