How to Live Longer and Better
I just finished writing a booklet titled: A Nonagenarian Tells How to Live Longer and Better.
My qualifications for writing it: I will be 94 next April. I play competitive racquetball
three times a week, ride an 800 lb. 1100 cc Yamaha motorcycle, my blood pressure averages 110/65;
I have no significant ailments, I take no pills, not even vitamins, and I still get a thrill
out of honeymooning once a week.
The booklet (30 pages) will soon be available on Kindle, but I will be glad to send any of you
a copy as an attachment. I’m not out to make money. I just want to help others get as much of
a kick out of life as I do.
My credo is summed up in this photo. I do all I can to nourish the FOUR PARTS of me that are
critical for happiness and Peace of Mind.

Happiness is...

Happiness is…

Courtesy of Frank Sganga, The Survivor