A Nonagenarian Tells How to Live Longer and Better

Never panic!

Don’t take any crap from anyone!

Keep in mind:
NO ONE, not the President of thee U.S.; the Pope or the Queen of England
is more important than you are!

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. (Eleanor Roosevelt)

In our culture, it’s vital that you make a barrel of money as fast as you can.

Don’t ask for a celebrity’s autograph unless you are asked for yours.

Be aggressive. Don’t be a wimp. Nice guys finish last! (Leo Durocher)

Work the hell out of your body; feed it intelligently with nutritious food;
feed you mind with intelligent soul-satisfying food for thought; avoid all
negative sources of bad karma, like “action-packed” movies, violence-based
video games and people who are losers.