Want to live to 90+ and still be able to do it? Here’s how!

Technically, I am classified as a nonagenarian. I just finished writing a book titled:
A Nonagenarian’s Path to Living Longer and Better. The first chapter:

A Bit About Me
I am a 93 year-old retired educator turned writer who is physically fit enough to play competitive racquetball
and ride an 800 lb Yamaha motorcycle. [I rode it today (August 30, 2014) 25 miles to Ormond Beach) And, best of all,
I am still able to regularly enjoy honeymooning with my 63 year-old wife, May, without the aid of pills. In fact,
I don’t take any pills at all, not even vitamins, and I have no significant ailments.

Joie de Vivre
Joie de vivre is a French phrase that expresses a cheerful enjoyment of Life, an exultation of the mysterious
Spirit that dwells within us. It is epitomized by the thrill of victory and discovery, and the sweet taste of
success. Sure there is the agony of defeat and a multitude of sorrows, but, at least for me, the pluses I
experienced were worth enduring all of the minuses.
The I that is also Me consists of a Body, a Mind, and a Soul, which I believe is a Spark of the Divine Spirit
that created me. All three parts of me are a team wherein each of the parts depends upon the others and contributes
to the well-being of others. One need only to contemplate the way in which we have come to Exist to fully understand
and appreciate the fact that being Alive is a Miracle!

I am grateful for the Gift of Life and I love being Alive, so much so that I am doing all I can to stretch out the
experience as long as possible. Some very smart people, like Dr. Deepak Chopra (How to Know God) and Dr. Gary Zukav
(The Seat of the Soul) believe we will be reincarnated, but I’m not banking on it. I tend to agree with Eckhart Tolle
(The Power of Now) and the advice of my forebears who said Carpe Diem (Seize the day).

One of the main reasons for my Love of Life is the fact that, at age 93, I am still physically fit enough to play
competitive racquetball, ride an 800 lb. motorcycle and honeymoon about once a week without the need for pills.
From my teenage years to the present, one of my main goals was to do my duty to my body, which was to keep it as
physically fit as possible. I now have an additional goal: To see if I can stay physically fit enough to be able
to play racquetball till I’m 100, and maybe even beyond. Just 6 ½ years to go! Now that’s motivating!

I attribute my fitness and longevity to a number of things, and first and foremost is skill of three doctors who have
kept me in the ballgame. One is my cardiologist, David Henderson, who performed an angioplasty procedure some 22 years
ago, which was a wake-up call that resulted in my making significant changes in my life style.