The Humanoids Are Coming!!


Actually, they are already here, both Mechanical and Human. You may be working for one, or
more. Lots of them were my “bosses” so they thought. Guess what? All of them are dead!! There
was Raymond Dunne, Robert McDermott, Ray Fields, Dan Rutkowski, Julian Markham, Peggy Wesley,
Supt. of Schools, John Smiley, Bill Cowen, Gene Jenkins and William Beachum. They tried to
smother my Spirit and Creativity, but couldn’t do it Somewhere in the Bible it says: No one has
the power to destroy the Spirit. The long story of my battles against them is told in my book
HUMANISTS vs. HUMANOIDS that is waiting to be formatted by my computer buddy Larry for Amazon’s
KINDLE machine.

One of the reasons I incurred their wrath was the fact that I was an “Outsider” (Reference: THE
OUTSIDER by Colin Wilson) who defied educational conventions and told it like it is. (The story
of my struggle against the Educarats is in my book: THAT STUBBORN SEED OF HOPE) For example, I was
the Mathematics Supervisor who railed against the lock-step teaching of the subject, especially
Algebra, but to no avail. My arguments are still valid today, but reasoning with Educrats is like
reasoning with Terrorists. Now, with the advent of the internet, there is a website that twaches math the way I proposed it be taught more than 40 years ago. (Visit Kahn Academy)

In future entries, I will tell you how to identify (if you don’t already know) the Humanoids amongst us.
On the international level, they run China (think the rape of Tibet) and North Korea.

Have a good day,

Frank Sganga