What’s Angioplasty?

September 2, 2014 ftsbull@att.net

When I was 71, 22 long years ago, I suddenly experienced symptoms that I first
thought was “pleurisy” but a fast visit to my primary doctor resulted in my finding
out I had “angina” via an EKG (electrocardiogram. I knew that was heart trouble
because the principal I worked for in High School suddenly died from it in his late

How bad was my condition? Based on this sketch of my heart and its coronary arteries,
it gave me a warning that a heart attack was imminent and based on the advice of my
cardiologist and my reluctance to croak, I underwent a procedure called “angioplasty.”

It’s called a “procedure” because there is no “surgery” involved.

Blocked Arteries (95% is Dangerous; 65% is Okay) and the Procedure (“Balloon Job”)

65% or less is Okay

95% is Dangerous