When I die, which isn’t that far off since I’m 93+, what happens to my MInd?


Since I am retired with no 9 to 5 job to go to, I spend a lot of time THINKING, which is a form of MEDITATION, which is supposed to be good for your Soul’s PEACE OF MIND. But, suppose I meditate about how the hell am I going to save enough money to pay my damn real estate taxes (about $6000) come November, then my PEACE OF MIND goes out the window!

THINKING goes on in my BRAIN, and what does the THINKING is “something” called the MIND. Now, if you don’t like to THINK, you may as well stop reading right now and go watch one of the hundreds of those BRAIN-DEAD TV SHOWS like most people do, which are like the pacifier nipples we put in the mouths of babies to keep them quiet.


Right now, my MIND is completely absorbed in writing this entry. It beats the hell out of MEDITATION because it is focused on just one thing and nothing else matters at this moment when the world is in turmoil and chaos is rampant throughout our country. Think: The mess at the border between Mexico and us; millions of people in prison and on food stamps; the idiots in Colorado and Washington states voting for the recreational use of pot, the depressing demand for drugs in our country, the demise of our middle class where people have little hope for a bright future for themselves or their children, the current wars we are engaged in and the ones that are imminent, and you can understand why I find writing to be such a great escape from the grim realities of the current situation in our country and elsewhere, like the beheading of the journalists in Iraq and Syria.

English poet John Milton wrote: “The Mind can make a heaven of hell or a hell heaven.” What is not said is that the Mind is “something” that must be CONTROLLED. For example. I must ORDER it to think about Heaven and not Hell. Bad things happen to all of us that we would like to delete from our brain’s neuron cells, but they just lay there ready to be resurrected when we allow our minds to do so. Sometimes when I resurrect some of the bad things I did or said, I just shudder, shake my head negatively and tell my Mind: “DON’T GO THERE!”

Right now (Sunday, September 7, 2014 11: 44 a.m.) my mind is reminding me that it’s about time for lunch, and that I need to shave off my 4-day growth of beard, have my lunch, head for bed for my nap and my usual Sunday afternoon date with my wife for a bit of bonding.

I will be talking about that mysterious thing we call the Mind a lot more, so if you are as fascinated as I am about the power of Minds, stay tuned. If not, as we used to say as kids, “So long, it’s been good to know you, so long, it’s been good to know you, and I hope to hell you never come back!”

Frank, the Wonderer