Ah, Sex. How Sweet It is!

Monday, September 8, 2014 ftsbull@att.net

All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

Were We Designed and Created Primarily to
Experience PLEASURE?

Pleasure is the feeling of being pleased or gratified. It’s a source of enjoyment, of delight and sensual gratification. It is a Subjective Experience that can vary with Different People depending upon their Individual Tastes, that is summed up in this ancient Latin phrase:

De gustibus non est disputandum.
Tastes cannot be disputed.

It seems that our Intelligent Designer has programmed the Sense of Pleasure into our genes just as our Sense of Beauty was, and that they go together “like a horse and carriage.” Intuitively, we all want to be Happy, to have a keen sense of Well-Being, to be as Contented as a well-fed cat, to have Peace of Mind, to experience Joy, to achieve Self-Fulfillment and arrive at a state of Bliss.

All five of our Senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch, were initially designed to help our cavemen forebears Survive in a hostile environment for obvious reasons. Then, gradually, over thousands of years, all five Survival senses mysteriously and thankfully became sources of Pleasure.

A Wonderment
The inclusion of Pleasure and our Sense of Beauty into our Survival Senses, to me is a fortuitous Miracle. Think about how boring and dull life would be if there were no music, dancing or art, and if Sex were solely a matter of producing Offspring with No Pleasure involved, as is the case with many other species of animals.

Our Sense of Pleasure enables us to enjoy:
Gourmet Foods that thrill our Taste Buds, like the very expensive wines. (Some a thousand bucks a bottle!)

Sweets, like ice cream, cakes and candy.

Expensive perfumes and lotions, and the Pleasure we get from Smelling fragrant flowers, like roses.

The Touch the Smooth skin of those we love and Smooth objects, like Prayer Stones. (Google them)
Art Masterpieces that Please the Eye like Michelangelo’s Pieta and da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The many forms of Music that Please the Ear, such as Symphonies (Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony), Operas (Carmen) and Songs (Dolly Parton’s romantic I will always love you.)

Somewhere along the line a keen Sense of Beauty emerged that enabled
us to find Pleasure in Movie Musicals like Gene Kelly’s Singing in the Rain, in Literature (To Children, with Love), in People (Think Beauty Pageants), in Nature (Think Rainbows, Sunrises and Sunsets, the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls and views from the Tops of Mountains.)

The Pleasures we derive from being Creative. This could apply to
working with our hands to make and build things, to making great discoveries (think Discovering America, lost cities, fossils), solving difficult problems (Like trying to figure out how the Universe and Life began), curing diseases, scientific achievements, like landing on the moon and returning to earth, and contemplating such things as how and why we came to exist, where did moons, comets, asteroids, and the billions of galaxies with their trillions of stars in them came from. Does the Universe go on forever or does it end somewhere? How can it go one FOREVER? What kind of END can it have?

I once teasingly told a preacher that God made a big mistake. He said
sternly, “God never makes a mistake!” I said, “He sure did when he made Sex so darn Pleasurable! Think of all the serious problems that has caused: Prostitution, rapes, pedophilia, adultery, divorces, homosexuality, you name it.” Then I added: “But it’s worth it, isn’t it!?”

Sex is one of a very few activities where we humans can experience the acme of all pleasures, Ecstasy. I have no idea how our cavemen felt about it, but all I want to say about it is WOW! and I am still saying it, thanks to our Intelligent Designer who didn’t have to provide us with a Gift lower animals, even apes, don’t seem to have to the degree that we do.

There was a time, after the unexpected, sudden death of my first wife, that I lived Alone, which is, emotionally, the Direct Opposite of Pleasure. I was 83 and desperate for the kind of female companionship I had enjoyed for more than 57 years. During the time I tried various avenues of find a Soul Mate, I became concerned that in not having any sex, my sex drive would diminish to Zero and I would not be ale to rise to the occasion if I were lucky enough to find a companion. Based upon my belief that in many instance it’s a matter of “Use it or Lose it,” as it is in sports and my motorcycle-riding and racquetball skills, I decided to engage in what used to be called in the 19th century, the Solitary Vice. Today, the activity is referred to as Masturbation or, in the case of men, Jacking Off.

When I discussed the matter with my Urologist, he nodded in approval and said, “It’s a smart thing to do and what’s more, I’m sure you get a lot of Pleasure from doing it!” Yes I did! And, after the thrill of a very satisfying Orgasm, I had no difficulty getting a good night’s sleep.

I need to add, that being able to Do It required some Motivation. Like it or not, I found it when I visited some Porn Sites. We men are more easily aroused by the Sight of Naked Women, which is the reason for the popularity of Playboy and Penthouse magazines. I subscribed to Playboy, but found the flat, two-dimensional photos no match for Action-Packed Porn Videos for turning me on.

A Thought
I couldn’t bring myself to go to bars, pole-dancing clubs or worst still, a “house of ill repute.” I found visiting porn sites and engaging in that Solitary Vice, the least of the “evils” available to me.

Of the many thousands of porn videos available, only a few had a Touch of Class, such as a beautifully-built, pretty woman getting a Full-Body Massage preceding their Jam Session. The Turn-On with those was that they reminded me of my doing that to wife Babs many times either in bed or when we showered together.

A Very Divine Mystery
The clinching factor in my thinking that we were programmed by our Intelligent Designer to eventually experience Pleasure is the evolution of a woman’s Clitoris, which is the only organ in a human body specifically designed to generate Pleasure. And the Pleasure is not One-Sided. I enjoy the trips I take her on to Australia (Down under) almost as much as she does. The main key to our
sexual compatibility, is that we are dedicated to giving each other as mush Pleasure as possible and we Talk About It! It’s like that question you see on the bumpers of trucks asking, “How’s my driving?”

So, why did a woman’s Clitoris evolve? It’s not Essential for Survival or producing Offspring. Lots of animals get along just fine without one. But, what it does do is provide a woman with the opportunity to be Pleasured just about 24/7 long after her baby-producing years are over!
Why Am I Sticking My Neck Out?

Please Tell Me
What is more Pleasurable than Passionate Kissing during Intercourse?

As of yesterday, Sunday, September 7, 20014, I am still able, at 93+ years of age, to enjoy a thrilling Orgasm. Whether or not that ability is attributable to my engaging in that Solitary Vice, I can’t say. I suspect it had much to do with it, but I also suspect other factors have made me what I am: An Old Geezer who is very thankful he can still experience one of life’s Greatest Pleasures: Sex with someone you Love!

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