Anybody Home?

Where the hell is everybody? Oh well, I can get along very well with only my wife, May,

who was indispensable in helping me publish THREE BOOKS on Amazon’s Kindle in just 4 days!

The titles:
1. A Nonagenarian’s Path to Living Longer and Better.
(It’s all about being fit, moral and sexually active.)

2. I Hope I Outlive My Greedy Kids
(The Diary of a Disillusioned Widower)

3. Poems and Reflections of Francis T. Sganga
(A Nobody Striving to Be a Somebody)

That brings my total number of ebooks on Kindle to 12! It’s a bit of a rush to know the books
are available WORLDWIDE!

While you may not have Kindle Tablet Machine, you can still go to Kindle Direct Publishing to read sample portions of the books.


You know who…