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New Book: HUMANISTS VS. HUMANOIDS – The eternal struggle between good and evil.

Book Description
Call me Frank. I will be 94 on April 29, 2015. I am a teacher-turned-writer, having spent 34 years
in Education as a teacher, principal and Mathematics Supervisor. Through most of those years I was
stymied by “bosses” who achieved their positions via the Peter Principle, which roughly defined
states that CRAP RISES TO THE TOP. All of my bosses were HUMANOIDS, who viewed others as expendable
PAWNS and constantly tried to dominate and subjugate them for their own selfish purposes, which
was to become super rich and thereby powerful. Of course, HUMANOIDS are everywhere, especially in
POLITICS and the MILITARY, where the ill use of power can result in the destruction of millions
of people and the cities they live in.
I refer to their counterparts and nemeses as HUMANISTS* who have empathy for their fellow human
beings. Jesus, the Saints, Mother Teresa and the Pope are prime examples. The conflict between
the two antagonists is the classic, eternal struggle between GOOD and EVIL.
*I use the word in its original Renaissance (14th -17th century) sense when it referred to those
of us having the qualities of compassion, benevolence, mercy and love for fellow human beings,
which did not necessarily include an atheistic philosophy as it does today.
As bureaucracies age they tend to be taken over by inept managers who were part of an inner-circle
clique known as “The Good Ole Boys” and who become expert at protecting their asses. But, sooner
or later their pretentious status come tumbling down like a stack of cards pile one atop the other.
The story I tell about my constant struggle to achieve professional and personal self-fulfillment
dates back to the sixties, but the same struggle persists today as evidenced by the revealed
ineptitude of those who headed the IRS, the Veterans Administration and the Secret Service,
all of whom resigned under fire. In the latter case, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson
left after several serious security breaches, the worst being the one at the White House that
raised widespread concerns about the safety of the President and his family.
This is not a whistle-blowing book that seeks to right wrongs. It’s a wake-up call to those
of you who are now, or will be, in the control of HUMANOID bosses. I tell you how to identify
and deal with them. It’s also a compelling human interest story about one man’s struggle to
survive in a Bureaucratic Quagmire, and how I successfully survived the struggle.

You're fired!

You’re fired!

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  1. Debbie Edwards says:

    Hey Mr Sganga
    This is Debbie Edwards who used to work with you at the charter school. Looks like you have been busy. So have I. I have worked at ERAU for 8 years now and have acquired my doctorate degree. I am doing well. Looks like you are also.