Status Report re Sganga’s existence
Thursday November 27, 2014
Thanksgiving Day

Man, am I THANKFUL! Wife May, a Super Cook, prepared a great traditional Thanksgiving Day spread. I dove in with great trepidation, hating to gain weight that is counter-productive on the racquetball court. Son Paul and Mary, a friend of May, joined us in a family-like atmosphere.

None of my other kids, Clare, Laura or Brian have yet to acknowledge my existence. Up until a few months ago, Laura would phone for a casual talk, but no calls since. I suspect she may have read my ebook I HOPE I OUTLIVE MY GREEDY KIDS on her Kindle tablet in which I speak of her sorry, deceased husband Don Parker as a poor excuse for a man who was a 10 on a STUPID SCALE, and how she abused a father who was generous to a fault with her. The three sorry suckers don’t even bother to communicate with oldest brother Paul who will be 66 come Christmas Eve. If you want a portrait of the three ungrateful brats, read my book.

Luckily, I don’t need them nor do I miss them. I wrote them off long ago even to the point of legally disinheriting them to forestall their making any claims re my assets, which will all go to wife May who has enriched my life far more than I could have hoped for.

I have finished my pleasant chore of writing HELPING MIDDLE-SCHOOLERS MASTER MATHEMATICS, but I will withhold publishing it till January 1, 2015 so I can put the 2015 copyright date on it. I plan to do a Chemistry book next, which will be Book #15 on Amazon’s Kindle We recently got a small royalty check and I think they will increase and provide May with some supplementary income after I croak. Regardless of the money aspect of my work, I am very thankful to be able to engage in such a meaningful activity when so many millions of oldsters are marking time playing Bingo or sitting in rocking chairs watching inane shows on TV.

I feel I am truly blessed having no ailments as I push 94 come next April 29th, and in no need for any pills. Thank you, God!