Ah SEX! How Sweet it is!

Monday December 8, 2014 ftsbull@att.net
One of the things I like about making entries into this blog is that I can say anything I please because I don’t think anyone reads it, and even if they do, I don’t give a shit because the freedom to say what I please is very satisfying. Then too, it’s a great way to vent and say things you THINK about but are reluctant to discuss with others. One of those topics, other than religion and politics, is SEX.

Tell me, what is more fascinating, provocative and interesting than the subject of SEX? I once told a preacher that God made a big mistake! He looked at me sternly and said, “God NEVER makes mistakes!! I said, “He sure did when He made SEX pleasurable. Think of all the problems that caused. Rapes (think about the current charges by women against the famous celebrity Bill Cosby): prostitution with ensuing arrests and the spread of incurable venereal diseases, including Aids: pedophiles even amongst priests who can ruin lives: friction between married couples that can result in divorces: homosexuality that perverts the reason sex organs evolved: adultery: incest; and serial killings like those committed by Ted Bundy (Google Serial Killers).

Incredible! All because an activity, initially designed solely for reproduction, inexplicably became a major source of PLEASURE. But SEX is not the only inexplicable thing that changed for “the better” as we progressed from being animal-like cave dwellers to where we are today (Some scumbags have yet to arrive!). ALL FIVE OF OUR SENSES, which were initially designed for survival, became sources of PLEASURE. We now have gourmet and Soul foods, the arts and music, perfumes and flowers we enjoy smelling, and the pleasure we get from touching things, especially each others bodies. Why I enjoy fondling my wife’s tits and nipples, God only knows, but I thank Him for his foresight in endowing the activity with feelings of PLEASURE.
Of course, a prime example of how pleasurable our sense of touch can be is during foreplay, especially if it involves taking a shower together. But, there are other times, the inexplicable URGE drives us to engage in spontaneous sexual foreplay that can happen at any time, anywhere, and I am foregoing listing the many places and times it has happened to me, and still does!
A question: What other human activity is there that can provide the Epitome of Intimacy that sex does?
Where else can you experience such ECSTASY, unless you are taking drugs like LSD? Why was that Gift bestowed upon us? Can that be one of the reasons we were created – to get as much Pleasure and Joy out of God’s Gift of Life as possible?

I love pondering the imponderable, and that is on the top of my list, which is to be found in my book: DIVINE MYSTERIES.