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December 15. 2014 10 p.m.

I found this very interesting article on the Drudge Report:

Real vs perceived age: A matter of life and death?
AP Medical Writer December 15, 2014 Updated 6 hours ago
CHICAGO— How old do you feel? Think carefully — the answer might help predict how much longer you’ll live. That’s according to British research posing that question to about 6,500 adults. Those who felt younger than their real age lived the longest over the following eight years.
Here are five key findings from the study, by researchers Isla Rippon and Andrew Steptoe at University College London. Results were published online Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine: REAL VS. PERCEIVED AGE
The average real age of those questioned was about 66 years. Most adults felt at least three years younger than their real age. Those who felt younger had the least chances of dying over about eight years after the age question was asked. Adults who felt older than their actual age had the greatest chances of dying in that period.

I feel at least 10 years younger than my 93 years, and I attribute the feeling to three major aspects of my regimen:
1. Playing racquetball 2. Riding a powerful 800 lb. motorcycle 3. Staying sexually active.

Other things that may contribute to my feeling: Keeping as fit as possible by lifting weights, not eating junk, fried food, and not allowing my weight to exceed 160 lbs, which I call “my fighting weight” (“fighting” old age) of 160 lbs. 2. Maintaining a sense of humor and having fun 3. Maintaining a proper perspective re life, wherein I don’t worry about anything, I never panic and I don’t take any shit from anyone, including family members. My mantra: Don’t PROVOKE me. 4. I spend my life MY WAY and couldn’t care less about what anyone thinks of me. I only care about what I think of me. And, since I adhere firmly to the Golden Rule I am very comfortable with myself. 5. I strive hard to be a SOMEBODY, especially in my writing of the 14 ebooks being sold by Amazon. 6. I love the feeling of STILL BEING IN THE GAME and I believe it has contributed to my longevity. (Check the obituary columns and see how many make it to my age.Statistically, I should have croaked years ago!)

I just finished writing my 180 page MATH book: HELPING MIDDLE-SCHOOLERS AND MATH HATERS UNDERSTAND MATHEMATICS, which will be published by Amazon around January1, 2015 so it can have an up-to-date copyright.