I’m on a Roll!

Saturday December 20, 2014 10 p.m. ftsbull@att.net

Got 2 notifications from Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing subsidiary that ebook royalties were deposited directly into my checking account. $10.00!!!! The interesting thing is that my books were sold in Germany and France and the “best seller” was a NONAGENARIAN’S PATH TO LIVING LONGER AND BETTER. It’s a start! I am still fine-tuning the MATH book, which will take another day or so, then I will write AN INTRODUCTION TO THE FASCINATING WORLD OF CHEMISTRY. All-in-all, come January 2015, if I make it, I will have 15 ebooks on Kindle!!

No racquetball or Honeymooning this week due to a bad, phlegm-producing cold that I figure will last another week. Thank God I have all this writing and editing I can do help me weather the storm.

Re my book; I HOPE I OUTLIVE MY GREEDY KIDS – The Diary of a Disillusioned Widower. One of them, Laura, who used to call about once a month till about 6 months ago, must have read it. (She has a Kindle Tablet.) I got a xmas card from her yesterday with this note:

“I do believe you have found peace with each other. May you both have a wonderful Christmas and life together.
Love, Monty and Laura.”

My reaction? I’ll not reply. Is that all she has to say to a 93 year-old father who is living on the brink? You would have to read my book to see how much I did for that ungrateful woman who, along with her sister Clare and brother Brian, is one of the most disappointing things that has happened to me. BUT, I’m over it, and I’ve never been more contented in my life than I am now with wife May and my being a physically-fit and healthy established writer.