Sex and Longevity

January 12, 2015 Monday 10 p.m.

The ache in the calf of my left leg is still about a 1 on a scale of 1-5. I believe it’s a side effect of that damn anti-biotic drug I took for my bacterial infection. Thank God I had enough sense to quit after taking only half of them when the ache first began.
I will be seeing my new primary doctor Thursday and I hope he can figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. I’ve tried heat and a self-made compression stocking but no luck yet.
We will go to the YMCA tomorrow where I will put my calf to the test.If it hold up for practice, I will try it out in a game. Not having played for two weeks will take its toll, but what the hell, a “little bit is better than none at all.”
We honeymooned just before lunch, and I mention it simply because, at my age, it means the curtain won’t be coming down anytime soon – at least that’s my theory, which is also based on studies indicating a relationship beteen still being able to do it and longevity. They found that the longer you remain sexually active, the longer you will live. What is interesting is that I have no need for pills to achieve an orgasm. How long this will last, I have no idea, but for now, Viva La Sex!!