A HUMANA Experience

Greetings Fellow Nobodys:

SUBSIDIARY and it’s now available for a whopping $1.99.

Other news: The health care provider medical insurance company Humana I recently joined publishes a magazine
HAO (HUMANA ACTIVE OUTLOOK) and in it they say to their readers: “We want to hear from you.” Great, I thought,
I’ve quit writing for now and intend to spend my time promoting my books, all of which have great Redeeming Value
that will enhance the lives of those who read them, Spiritually and Intellectually.

So, I wrote them this letter:

Francis T. Sganga
2506 Sunset Drive
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
ftsbull@att.net www.sganga.net
Humana Primary Doctor: Gary E. Morales Geraldino @ 386-957-3876

Suzette Shoop, Editor
HAO Magazine
Box 740003
Louisville, KY
February 1, 2015
I will be 94 April 29th, and I have just switched from United Health Care to Humana. Two main reasons prompted the change, despite my reluctance to give up doctors who are primarily responsible for my longevity.
1. Not having to pay United Health Care some $250/month.
2. Being able to be a member of the YMCA, where I play racquetball and work out in their Olympic-sized swimming pool, at no cost thanks to the foresight of Humana in focusing on their members’ health.

I’m as physically fit as someone my age can be. I ride an 1100 cc 800 lb. motorcycle and play racquetball twice a week.
My basic life style: Stay fit and active physically, mentally and sexually.
I take no pills, not even vitamins, I strictly control my weight (<160) and diet: no bacon, hamburgers, hot dogs or fried food. Instead I eat lots of chicken and fish, and home-made, bean-based vegetable soups. On 1/16/15 I made my first visit to my excellent primary Humana doctor, Dr. Gary E. Morales-Geraldino, for a complete physical exam who found no significant ailments and my blood pressure was 102/70. I still honeymoon about once a week. This morning (1/22/15) I sent the 15th ebook I’ve written after turning 80 to be published on Amazon’s Kindle machines titled: The Fascinating World of Chemistry. One of my major themes in most of the books is based upon a firm conviction that there is an Intelligent Designer (my Creator) out there, that is supported by a plethora of circumstantial evidence. The two books that present my case best are: DIVINE MYSTERIES Where did the Spark of Life, Minds, Intelligence, Love, Consciousness and our Sense of Beauty come from? A NONAGENARIAN'S PATH TO LIVING LONGER AND BETTER It’s all about being fit, moral and sexually active. I lost my first wife of 57 years in 2003 and am currently married to a wonderful 64 year-old lady named May. Come February 14th we will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, God willing. How we met, via the internet (she’s from New Hampshire) is a story in itself. The full story is told in my ebook To Baby Boomers, with Love. Should you so desire, I can send you a copy of A Nonagenarian’s Path to Living Longer and Better as an email attachment, or any of the other ebooks I’ve written. Sincerely, Frank Sganga Other Kindle ebooks I have written To My Creator, with Love What the Wise Have to Say about Life and Living Our Creator’s Greatest Miracles Creation of the Universe, Life, Love, the Mind, Consciousness, our Sense of Beauty, the Arts and Music. Introducing Young Children to Their Creator Unraveling the mystery of a Supreme Being Introducing Young People to Their Intelligent Designer And the miracles, wonders and mysteries in life True Love Never Dies A Screenplay based on a true inspirational story containing tragedy, romance and comedy. To Baby Boomers, with Love How to live a long, healthy, happy life. To Children, with Love Some Words of Wisdom for Children To Atheists, with Love Our behavior is more telling than our beliefs. An Introduction to the Fascinating World of Mathematics A Help in Mastering Mathematics and Experiencing the Joy of Understanding! The Fascinating World of Chemistry Where we find out what we and the Universe are made of. Humanists vs. Humanoids The Eternal Struggle between Good and Evil Francis T. Sganga 2506 Sunset Drive New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168 386-957-3558 ftsbull@att.net www.sganga.net Lo and behold, I was delighted and surprised to receive an email from them telling me they enjoyed my letter and telling me to sign a RELEASE AGREEMENT enabling them to use any or all of what I wrote with this caveat: "If your story is chosen, we will only use your first name, you last initial and your hometown.Rest assured we won't use your last name, your full address, your phone number or your email address." I responded: I have no qualms about the use of my full name, my pictures or my writing accomplishments. In fact it's the way I prefer to go. Please advise if this is possible. As I thought about their policy, I chaffed at the idea that I would be anonymous. They would use me for their purposes and I would get nothing in return. No money; no real recognition. Then, I took another look at their magazine, which has a lady on it cover holding two dogs with the title of the story being: A PASSION FOR PAWS. In checking the story, I was surprised to find they didn't use her full name, calling her Nitsa T. Well, before I comment further, I shall wait and see what their response will be to my telling them I would prefer that my last name be used. I presume they will say it's their policy that is intended to protect the privacy of their authors. Knowing about how strictly institutions adhere to their rules, I'm sure they won't budge in their stance. Stay tuned.... fts