Greetings & Salutations from the Survivor

Wife May and I traveled to Daytona (15 miles from our home) to visit their great public library
at City Island because they have a better selection of good non-fiction books than our local library.
I checked out five, all related to God, Intelligent Design. DNA and the Mind. I am now engrossed in
one of them titled: THE INVISIBLE HISTORY OF THE HUMAN RACE, which turns out to be about DNA, Genes,
and interestingly, how our DNA contains remnants of our ancestors going back hundreds of thousands
of years. After reading the introduction, it occurred to me that I knew precious little about my
grandparents who emigrated from Italy more than 100 years ago. My parents were born in Brooklyn, N.Y.
and having 7 children, I, the oldest, precluded our having any conversations about even their parents.
Imagine my poor mother, whose husband earned a pittance in salary, who washed clothes by hand and hung
them on a clothes line stretched between two apartments five stories high, who had to cook and take care
of 7 rambunctious kids who contracted just about all of the children’s diseases prevalent at the time
(measles, chicken pox, whooping cough and even a serious nasty one called diphtheria). I recall health
officials putting a notice on our entrance door reading QUARANTINED.

Well, interestingly, my descendants, thanks to our “Digital Age” will know more about me than I want them to
know if they Google: Francis T. Sganga. I was jailed twice as a result of having a bloody fight with my 2nd
wife, Jeanmarie Baker, who I believe with high degree of certainty, tried to kill me twice. The full story is
told in my ebook: TO BABY BOOMERS, WITH LOVE (on Amazon’s Kindle Tablet) and I even wrote a screenplay based upon the experience (TRUE LOVE NEVER DIES) also on Kindle.

I doubt that there is anyone out there reading this, but it’s one way for me to leave a legacy to my descendants
whom I believe will. I have 3 great grandchildren I have never seen, nor do I even know their names, and therein
is another story told in my Kindle ebook I HOPE I OUTLIVE MY KIDS (The diary of a disillusioned widower).

Right now my main concern is whether or not the calf in my left leg will hold up when I return to playing racquetball tomorrow after a week’s layoff. It became painful after taking an antibiotic drug due to a bacterial infection that I quit taking halfway through, and the pain persisted off and on for three weeks. After resting it, it was Okay; after putting it to the test, the pain would return. Right now after resting it again, there is no pain. Tomorrow, I will put it to the test again, but good, since playing racquetball is the Mother of all tests. I realize I’m fast approaching the time when I will no longer be able to play (94 next April) but I’ll only quit when I absolutely have to.