Is this all there is?

January 31, 2015 Saturday 10 p.m.
My left leg calf finally healed enough for me to be able to play racquetball Thursday morning.
Played 5 games, won 3. But, the main thing is, after some 3 weeks of no play as I babied my calf,
it was GREAT just getting back on the court! Talked to the guys about my taking the antibiotic
CIPROFLOXICIN and attributing my painful calf to taking the drug, and they heard of others who
had bad reactions to it. Thank God I quit taking the pills after I was only half way through, and
didn’t comply with the usual advice that you need to finish the entire prescription or they don’t work.

My experience in dealing with Humana re getting my story published in their magazine [Humana Active Outlook]
turned out to be a keen disappointment. This is what I said:
Francis T. Sganga
2506 Sunset Drive
New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168
Humana Primary Doctor: Gary E. Morales Geraldino @ 386-957-3876

I will be 94 April 29th, and I have just switched from United Health Care to Humana. Two main reasons prompted the change, despite my reluctance to give
up doctors who are primarily responsible for my longevity.
1. Not having to pay United Health Care some $250/month.
2. Being able to be a member of the YMCA, where I play racquetball and work
out in their Olympic-sized swimming pool, at no cost thanks to the foresight of Humana in focusing on their members’ health.
I’m as physically fit as someone my age can be. I ride an 1100 cc 800 lb. motorcycle and play racquetball twice a week.

My basic life style: Stay fit and active physically, mentally and sexually.
I take no pills, not even vitamins, I strictly control my weight (<160) and diet: no bacon, hamburgers, hot dogs or fried food. Instead I eat lots of chicken and fish, and home-made, bean-based vegetable soups. On 1/16/15 I made my first visit to my excellent primary Humana doctor, Dr. Gary E. Morales-Geraldino, for a complete physical exam who found no significant ailments and my blood pressure was 102/70. I still honeymoon about once a week. This morning (1/22/15) I sent the 15th ebook I’ve written after turning 80 to be published on Amazon’s Kindle machines titled: The Fascinating World of Chemistry. One of my major themes in most of the books is based upon a firm conviction that there is an Intelligent Designer (my Creator) out there, that is supported by a plethora of circumstantial evidence. The two books that present my case best are: Divine Mysteries Where did the Spark of Life, Minds, Intelligence, Love, Consciousness and our Sense of Beauty come from? A Nonagenarian’s Path to Living Longer and Better It’s all about being fit, moral and sexually active. I lost my first wife of 57 years in 2003 and am currently married to a wonderful 64 year-old lady named May. Come February 14th we will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary, God willing. How we met, via the internet (she’s from New Hampshire) is a story in itself. The full story is told in my ebook To Baby Boomers, with Love. Should you so desire, I can send you a copy of A Nonagenarian’s Path to Living Longer and Better as an email attachment, or any of the other ebooks I’ve written. Sincerely, Frank Sganga Much to my surprise and delight, they soon responded saying they enjoyed reading my letter and requested that I sign a release they sent, and said they would only use my first name and middle initial in their story. I withheld the release and wrote them saying I had no qualms about the use of my full name (thinking they were concerned about my privacy) and that I prefer having it used. No word from them since. Interestingly, in their letter to me, they just signed it The Mumana Team. I'm sure that's all there is. They are typical corporate Humanoids who want to use me without my gaining a thing for helping them publicize their company. Hell, why even use my first name? Just use the word Anonymous! Well, that's what I am and I'd rather stay that way than be used. Ran out of firewood for our fireplace, and today was the first day nice enough to use my electric chain-saw to cut down and cut up a dead tree, which will be enough for 3 cold evenings. A couple of the logs are as round as my thigh and tomorrow I will try to split them with my steel wedge and 10 lb. mallet. Also today I planted a batch of 3 kinds of tomato seeds in a seeding box to get an early start.I thoroughly enjoy watching them sprout and planting the seedlings after they are about 10 inches tall. With tomatoes almost $2 a pound, it will also save us a few bucks in about 2 months. They will me the mainstay of my garden which will also contain butternut squash, lettuce, broccoli and pole beans. Arrivederci, fts