Why were we created? Why do YOU exist?

February 10, 2015 Tuesday 10 p.m. sicari1921@gmail.com
Greeting Fellow Anthropological Enigmas:
When I log onto Facebook, I am greeted with the question: “What’s on your mind?” Tell me, what is the Mind? Where is it located?
In the Brain you say, EXACTLY where in the Brain? Where did it come from? Will it return from whence it came after we croak?
They say feelings such as PAIN, are in the Mind? When I stub my toe, how come IT hurts so bad?
How is it that my Ghost-like Mind can move muscles like when it orders my hand to make a fist?

I enjoy bugging fellow racquetball players, as I did this morning, by asking them: Why do you exist? Why were you created?
WHY WERE WE HUMANS CREATED. Preachers say: “To love and serve God?” My take is that we were created by an ineffable
Intelligent Designer, who, for inexplicable reasons, wanted us to experience THE JOY OF BEING ALIVE.

Now that is something that is easier said than done. Imagine the genius it took just to create creatures (us) that could
communicate with and understand each other in thousands of different languages! How would YOU design and produce the
complicated body parts that enable us to TALK and HEAR?

Just think about HEARING. Our ears don’t do the hearing, the jelly-like,
“Flesh and Blood” CYTOPLASM in the brain’s NEURON cells is where it happens, along with lots of other happenings within
the cells that keep them alive. (Google hearing, cytoplasm and neurons). But, does the cytoplasm actually do the HEARING
and UNDERSTANDING? Where does our MIND and CONSCIOUSNESS fit into the picture that translates the “ELECTRO-CHEMICAL”
impulses the cytoplasm receives into INTELLIGENCE?

You see, there are zillions of ELECTRO-CHEMICAL impulses coursing through our bodies constantly. It’s the ELECTRICITY
generated in the sinus node in our HEARTS that powers the impulses, which can be detected on ELECTROCARDIOGRAMS and
BRAIN SCANS. The ELECTRICITY also powers us, and is sometimes aided by PACEMAKERS.

One of the things that fascinates me most about the CYTOPLASM IN NEURONS is their ability to store images that can be
100 years old. My Mother has been dead for some 50 years, yet I can “see” her smiling face in my “MIND” any time I want to.

I am considering a reply to the question I raised above (Why were we created?) but I’ve decided I’ve said enough for tonight.
Stay tuned.

Vive la Vie,