Listen up, Dumkoffs!

This is an introduction to a powerful well-written article by a very perceptive, journal true to his craft named Chris Hedges
that I read in my favorite website OPED NEWS:
BOSTON — “Fifty Shades of Grey,” the book and the movie, is a celebration of the sadism that dominates nearly every aspect of
American culture and lies at the core of pornography and global capitalism. It glorifies our dehumanization of women. It champions
a world devoid of compassion, empathy and love. It eroticizes hyper-masculine power that carries out the abuse, degradation,
humiliation and torture of women whose personalities have been removed, whose only desire is to debase themselves in the service
of male lust. The film, like “American Sniper,” unquestioningly accepts a predatory world where the weak and the vulnerable are
objects to exploit while the powerful are narcissistic and violent demigods. It blesses this capitalist hell as natural and good.
“Pornography,” Robert Jensen writes, “is what the end of the world looks like.”
We are blinded by self-destructive fantasy. An array of amusements and spectacles, including TV “reality” shows, huge sporting
events, social media, porn (which earns at least twice what Hollywood movies generate), alluring luxury products, drugs, alcohol
and magic Jesus, offers enticing exit doors from reality. We yearn to be rich, powerful and celebrities. And those we must trample
to build our pathetic little empires are seen as deserving their fate. That nearly all of us will never attain these ambitions is
emblematic of our collective self-delusion and the effectiveness of a culture awash in manipulation and lies.
Porn seeks to eroticize this sadism. In porn, women are paid to repeat the mantra, “I am a c-word. I am a b*tch. I am a prostitute.
I am a slut. f*ck me hard with your big co*k.” They plead to be physically abused. Porn caters to degrading racist stereotypes.
Black men are sexually potent beasts stalking white women. Black women have a raw, primitive lust. Latin women are sultry and
hot-blooded. Asian women are meek, sexually submissive geishas.
The article ends this way:
The abuse inherent in pornography goes unquestioned in large part by both men and women. Look at the movie ticket sales for
“Fifty Shades of Grey,” which opened the day before Valentine’s Day and is expected to take in up to $90 million over the
four-day weekend (which includes Presidents Day on Monday).
“Pornography has socialized a generation of men into watching sexual torture,” Dines said. “You are not born with that capacity.
You have to be trained into it. Just like you train soldiers to kill. If you are going to carry out violence against a group you
have to dehumanize them. It is an old method. Jews become kikes. Blacks become niggers. Women become cunts. And no one turns
women into cunts better than porn.”
What I don’t understand is Where are the outcries from women rights groups and churches? Where are the editorials condemning
the two movies? Why doesn’t Bill O’Reilly and other talking newscast heads speak out against the path the U.S. is taking toward
certain Self-Destruction?
Two other intelligently written articles, too long to quote here warn us that while our power as a nation is diminishing, China’s
is rapidly accelerating toward becoming the dominant world power by 2020, and that the vicious terrorist group that burns captives
alive and beheads them, ISIS, is trying to provoke us into putting more “boots on the ground” as Osama Bin Laden did successfully
knowing full well that the action would be an exercise in futility, as were the wars in Viet Nam, Afghanistan and Iraq. Don’t we
have enough trouble taking care of current veterans who commit suicide at the rate of 22 per day and thousands of whom are homeless
and suffering from PTSD?
I’m sorry if I interrupted your watching The Simpsons.