To my Stupid Brethern:

Saturday March 7, 2015
To the stupid Americans who haven’t a clue about what is going on in our country that is destroying it: Go to:

Einstein said, “Two things are infinite: The stupidity of people and the Universe, and I’m not sure about the latter.”
Reading the trivial comments on Facebook, confirms his belief.
Anyhow, let’s consider something else that is “infinite”, namely the entity given the name “God.” Since the “God” in
the Bible is referred to as “He” I prefer to refer to the Ineffable Entity as the “Creator” simply because “God”
doesn’t have a penis and I can’t see applying a gender to a “Spirit.”
Alternatively, I sometimes refer to the “Ineffable Entity” as the Intelligent Designer who provided the blueprints
for creating all living things including us. Then too, there is the matter of Music, which Beethoven referred to as
The Language of God.” When I listen to Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, I believe it, realizing there could only be
two sources for Beethoven’s inspiring work: A Supreme Intelligence or the Molecules he and we are made of. Stay tuned
for more reasons to “believe.”