A Miracle That Happened to Me

Tuesday April 2, 2015 11:00 p.m. to contact me: ftsbull@att.net

I lost my first wife, Babs, after 57 years of being happily married when she was killed by a
second chemo treatment that should not have been given at the Bert Fish Medical Center in
New Smyrna Beach on October 4, 2003. The cruel oncologist responsible for her death was a
Pakistanini-trained doctor named Abdul Sorathia. The full story is in my Kindle ebook:
To Baby Boomers, with Love.

I am now married to a wonderful, loving lady whose maiden name was May Locke. We have
been loving companions for five years and our attachment grows stronger daily. She will
be 64 on July 1, and the 30 year-difference in our ages is null and void. No couple
can be more compatible than we are. And, how lucky I am to have such a great companion
at my age, which will be 94 come April 29th.

How we met is the Miracle. I was a lonesome and desperate-for-companionship widower who
maintained the same blog you have just tuned into. Well, wife May. who lived in Alton,
New Hampshire, and who was a fan of George Clooney, Googled his name to check out some
of his pictures. Lo and behold, amongst his pictures, was a PICTURE OF BABS with a link
to my website. She visited my website and read what I said about missing my wonderful
wife and how much I still loved her, and decided to email me. In my blog I mentioned my
book, The Diary of a Dying Man, and in her email, May said she thught it would make a
good movie, and that I should write a script for it. After telling her I had no idea
as to how to write a script, she recommended I read a book titled: The Scriptwriter’s Bible,
which I did.

To make a long story short, ater exchaging a bunch of emails, I invited her to cone on
down to help me write the movie, and therein lies the Miracle. We kind of fell in love
via our emails, and WOW! she agreed to come down! and we have been an item ever since.
We wrote the movie which, of course, we could not find a producer for, so I put it in
a Kindle ebook format and it’s available from Amazon under the title True Love Never Dies.

Soon after May came dow, I asked her how she found my website, and she told me about
finding Babs’ picures in the midst of hundreds of Clooney pictures. You know what? I
Googled Clooney images and Babs’ picture was nowhere to be found! Not then, nor now.
Thank you, God, for helping me avoid an old man’s gloomy last few years! May is not
only a wonderful companion, she’s also my inspiration. After our marriage I wrote
these 15 Kindle ebooks available at Amazon.com:

All of them loaded with Redeeming Value

Divine Mysteries
Where did the Spark of Life, Minds, Intelligence,
and our Sense of Beauty come from?

A Nonagenarian’s Path to Living Longer and Better
It’s all about being fit, moral and sexually active.

I Hope I Outlive My Greedy Kids
The Diary of a disillusioned widower

Introducing Young Children to Their Creator
Unraveling the mystery of a Supreme Being

Introducing Young People
to Their Intelligent Designer
And the miracles, wonders and mysteries in life

True Love Never Dies
A Screenplay based on a true inspirational story
containing tragedy, romance and comedy.

To Baby Boomers, with Love
How to live a long, healthy, happy life.

To Children, with Love
Some Words of Wisdom for Children

To Atheists, with Love
Our behavior is more telling than our beliefs.

Humanists vs Humanoids
The Eternal struggle between Good and Evil

An Introduction to the Fascinating
World of Mathematics
A Help in Mastering Mathematics and
Experiencing the Joy of Understanding!

The Fascinating World of Chemistry
Where we find out what we and the Universe are made of

Our Creator’s Greatest Miracles
Creation of the Universe, Life, Love, the Mind,
Consciousness, our Sense of Beauty, the Arts and Music.

I Hope I Outlive My Greedy Kids
The Diary of a Disillusioned Widower

Poems and Reflections of Francis T. Sganga
A Nobody aspiring to be a Somebody

Vive la Vie!