True Love Is Unconditional and Never Dies

Sunday April 5, 2015 5 pm

Just killing time before we head for the Golden Coral for our Easter Dinner. It’s in Port Orange,
about 15 miles from our home and we will be dining with Robert, my frequent partner in racquetball
who’s a great player. Last Thursday, we won 6/6 games, with him doing most of the work But, I do
make a contribution with my power, Z serve. In one game I made 8 points in a row in an 11 point game!

At the suggestion of wife May, I wrote a screenplay based on my book: The Diary of a Dying Man. I
titled it True Love Never Dies. We check out lots of movies from the local library, and only about 1/10
is worth watching. True Love Never Dies would make a great movie, but there is no way Hollywood would
touch it because there’s no blatant sex nor mayhem. Then too, there is no way for a nobody to make it.
As with many other ventures, success too often depends upon who you know whose already there.

Well, I’m not completely thwarted. I put the screenplay into ebook format and it’s available at
Amazon’s KINDLE store. If you read it, you will see why it is superior to most of the crappy movies
out there.

Here is a song I wrote for the movie. Sing it to you fiancee:

Folk Song
There are treasures on earth
that are hidden from view,
like the air’s clear vapors
that turn into dew.

We struggle and sweat
this cruel world to survive,
not one of us here now,
will long be alive.

But we’ll never give up
Life’s too precious to leave,
We’ll keep right on searching
He will help us believe.

I looked the world over,
Wandering for years,
Finding nothing but grief
And shed lots of tears.

I sought self-fulfillment
In all the wrong places,
My biggest mistakes
Were all pretty faces.

I asked myself often
“What good is success?
And the fast cars I have,
Or even the way that I dress.”

Is this all there is?
Hypocrites and liars,
False people galore
With their phony desires?

Then suddenly I knew,
When my heart nearly burst,
I was searching the wrong places,
Not putting God first.

But who is this God
Who hovers above?
Can He be the source
Of our yearning for love?

To love and be loved
Is the goal of the wise,
For they know full well,
that, like God,
true love never dies.

Vive la Vie