Women are the ones who can save the world!

Wednesday April 8, 2015 sicari1921@gmail.com
I have simple solution for world-wide peace. Replace all of the stupid, war-mongering men
in charge of the countries and corporations with women. My logic? It’s summed up in the saying,
“Men are from Mars, named after the God of War and women are from Venus, named after the God of Love.
I suspect that men are generally aggressive and combative due the primitive heritage going way back
to the Stone Age when they had to hunt and kill animals larger than themselves for food while their
mates remained at “home” caring for the kids and doing the cooking.
Right now, most men are now far removed from their chimpanzee cousins who establish territories they
stake out with urine and protect with a vengeance. Add to this their battles for sexual dominance
that can be fatal. One of the common attributes of most male mammals are their constant strenuous
fights for the privilege to have sex with one or more of the desirable females in their group.
I believe it’s mainly the “territorial instinct” among men that causes wars. Google territorial wars
and check out the lists in Wikipedia to see what I am talking about. A case in point right now is
the refusal of Israel to allow for a Palestinian State.
One of the major problems with my proposal is that the vast majority of women have babies and feel
obligated to nurture them during the early stages of development, another is to be the home-maker
and keeper.
All I know is that wars are stupid, started and sustained by stupid men. Perhaps another solution is
to force those that start wars be the ones that fight them. If all of our congressmen were subject
to the dangers of IED (Improvised Explosive Devises) that blow away the limbs of our servicemen or
kill them, they would not be so keen to settle disputes by bombing the hell out of pseudo-enemies
using drones, that also “accidentally kill innocent men, women and children in what is euphemistically
called “collateral damage.”


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