The Search for the Fountain of Youth

Thursday, April 9, 2015 9 p.m. – Racquetball Day –

I think I found it. All I need do now is stay healthy!
After playing 5 games, I showered and picked up my wife, May, and a copy of the magazine called
AGING TREE (Google it.). The cover headline: FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH FOUND! In Letter from the Editor,
Corey Shenk said, among other things:
I think the “Fountain of Youth” is within all of us. We make the choices about what we believe,
what we eat, how we act toward others, how much we laugh…the decisions we make every day.
Ultimately at the end of the day, you are the only one that can allow anyone to make you feel
one way or another. Be who you are…smile, laugh, consult your higher power (whatever it may be),
eat, enjoy those around you, be kind to others, and enjoy an activity that lights up your life
and makes you feel like a child again. Yes. We found the “Fountain of Youth.” It’s the laughing
child within us all.
If you red my blogs, you know how I found the Fountain of Youth via my regimen, my lifestyle and
my perspective on Life.
The following is self-explanatory:
In my email:
Jennifer DiRossi | The Dr. Oz Show
O: 212-259-1658 |
C: 516-316-1610 |F:212-259-1501
ZoCo Productions | 1270 Avenue of Americas|7th floor| NY, NY 10020

Do you have a 99 year old grandma that would like to come on The Dr. Oz show to share her health advice?
Or do you know anyone in their 90’s that would want to come on the show?

If so, please write into today. Must be available on April 14th from 8am to 11:30am to come into the
studio in NYC to be on the show!


My response:
I am a 94 year-old male racquetball-playing, motorcycle-riding retired educator turned writer who:
1. Has no significant ailments.
2. Takes no pills, not even vitamins.
3. Blood pressure average 110/70.
4. Has written a dozen ebooks, mainly espousing the existence of an Intelligent Designer,
after 80 that are on Amazon’s KINDLE program.
5. Who maintains a very strict diet and weight-control regimen.
6. Who is married to a 64 year-old woman and I am still sexually active. (About once per week.)
7. Who has a healthy sense of humor. (I can send you some that I experienced.)
8. Who studiously avoids bad karma from any source, including family members.
9. I am an “activist” who is currently writing a book titled: THE GREAT AMERICAN DREAM NIGHTMARE
and subtitled: Is the U.S. Destined to become a giant concentration camp? (See my website)
10. One of my goals: To still be able to play competitive racquetball at 100.

Visit me at: for more

Note: There’s no way, on a fixed income, that I can afford a trip to your studio. If you can’t afford me,

Her response:

Jennifer DiRossi
Apr 7 at 9:50 AM
Hi !

Thanks for writing into!

My follow-up response:
Francis Sganga
To: Jennifer DiRossi
Apr 8 at 7:44 PM
Re Previous email I sent.

Oh, I forgot. Would Dr. Oz like to try me out on the racquetball court? I’m 94. (April 29th)
How old is he?

For photos of me go to:

I have no idea what SAG/AFTRA is/are. Never been on your show, or any other for that matter.

Example of my sense of humor:

When a small amount of blood was found in my urine, mu urologist ordered a C/T scan to see if there
was a tumor causing it. When I entered the lab, a young impertinent young lady checked out my vitals,
while an older woman at a small desk shuffled some papers. After finishing her routine, the young lady
went to a closet, took out one of the bare-ass hospital gowns and tossed it at me saying authoritatively,
like I was a child, “Put this on and take off your pants.”
I put the gown across my left arm, walked up real close to her, startling her a bit when I made eye contact,
and said softly, “Honey, I’ll take off my pants if you’ll take off yours.”
The young lady was stunned by my audaciousness, but the older woman howled with laughter saying, “That’s the
first time anyone ever said that. You just made my day!”

Actor Robin William’s wife is being sued by his children re his assets. I had a similar experience with my
kids that is described in my Kindle ebook: I Hope I Outlive My Greedy kids – The diary of a disillusioned widower.

Frank Sganga
Of course, nothing will come of it. I am resigned to the fact that being a
nobody who is facing the difficult task of trying to be a somebody, is basically an exercise in futility. Then,
I say to myself, “What the Hell, old Man, what else have you got to do?? And I do it! It’s the Don Quixote in me
I can’t resist. Arrivederci!
The Dauntless Bull