How the Walmart Bastards Screw Their Employees

Wednesday April 22,2015

Greetings to my fellow Americans!
This is from my new book titled: The Great American Dream (Nightmare):

A Primary Example of How Humanoids Rule the Roost
(Humanoids are the Sub-Humans Among Us
Who Are Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
Workers Allege Walmart Closes Stores
To Retaliate Against Strikes

Bryce Covert
April 21, 2015

Venanzi Luna says she was given just four hours notice that she was losing her job at Walmart.
That day she says everyone came to work around 7:00 in the morning….
She and her fellow workers were told that their store in Pico Rivera isn’t the only store that
has been closed; four others, in California, Florida, Oklahoma and texas, have also been shut
down. In total 2,200 Walmart workers’ employment, including 500 from Luna’s store are in limbo.
Luna says it’s been very hard on her. “I’m actually the breadwinner of my house. It affects me
a lot,” she said. “How am I going to pay for my parents’ medication, how will I pay my bills?
I get really stressed out quick, so for me it’s a big deal.”
Workers in Pico Rivera, however, contend that the closing is in retaliation for the extensive
organizing action at that location. It was the first store to experience a strike in 2012,
before workers began staging reguale strikes against the company to demand higher pay and the
right to form a union.
“Walmart has targeted this store because the associates have been among the most active Associates
around the country to improve working conditions, “ an injunction reads. “This unprecedented
‘closure” to fix ‘plumbing’ is part of Walmart’s overall national strategy to punish Associates
who stand up and speak out for better working conditions.”
Walmart Executive Annual Salaries
Michael T. Duke President & CEO $ 4,703,476
Douglas McMillon Executive V. P. $25,254,538
William S. Simon Executive V. P. $13,041,903
Charles M. Holley Jr. Executive V. P. & CEO $ 8,058,956
Neil M. Ashe Executive V. P. $13,177,901
Rosalind G. Brewer Executive V. P. $11,656,257

Fact Sheet–Wages
Walmart jobs are poverty-level jobs.
Walmart’s average sale associate makes $8.81 per hour, according to IBSWORLD, and independent
market research group. This translates to annual pay of $15,576, based upon Walmart’s full-time
status of 34 hours per week. This is significantly below the 2010 Federal Poverty level of
$22,050 for a family of four.
The Wall Street Journal reported that the average Walmart cashier makes just $8.48 an hour, far
below the $11.22 national average for all cashiers.
Walmart can afford to pay higher wages. According to a 2011 report (PDF), if Walmart started
paying a $12/hour minimum wage, its workers currently less than $9.00 per hour could each
earn $3,250 to $6,500 more per year before taxes. If Walmart were to pass this cost directly
to shoppers, the average consumer would need to pay only 46 cents more per shopping trip, or
$12.50 per year in 2010, Walmart CEO Mike Duke received $18.7 million *in total compensation
or 1,201 times the annual income of the average Walmart sale Associate.
*$18,700,000 ÷40 hr/wk = $467,000 per hour
From Wikipedia:
Slavery is a legal or economic system under which people are treated as property.
If you give the matter serious thought, what is heart-breaking and unfair about the billions
of people world-wide who are struggling to survive, is that their entire lives are spent
without ever having achieved what most of us intuitively crave for – Self-fulfillment:*
They are locked into doing other peoples’ things regardless of any gift or talent that may
be embedded in their Souls.
*Self-fulfillment is basically the Freedom to be able to do Your Own Thing and not someone
else’s. It’s what I have been lucky to achieve and it’s on-going. I was a dedicated educator
for thirty-three years, received national recognition for math programs I designed and wrote
(see my resume in the back of this book), I started and ran The Frank Sganga Charter School
for three years, I’ve written 18 books not including tis one, I am happily married, have no
significant ailments, at 94 I can play racquetball and ride a motorcycle, and I’ve never been
happier or more content than I am now. How I wish all of my fellow Human Beings could experience
the joyfulness of Life that I have!
As I write this, I think of the Slaves who spent their lives building Pyramids for the Pharaohs
in Egypt. And, re the billions of people who are serving as Slaves for the Ultra-Rich and powerful
Humanoids, I say to myself, “How fortunate I am! There, but for the Grace of God, go I!”

And so the World turns!