What! No fireworks?

Sunday May 3, 2015 sicari1921@gmail.com

Greeting to my many non-readers:
I have little else to do at the moment, so to pass the time till I watch LeBron James, our American claim to Royalty,
play in the playoffs tonight. I decided to vent a bit.

Today, the Whole World received these glad tidings:

The Duchess of Cambridge (Catherine) of the British Royal Family gave birth to her second child, a girl May 2, 2015.

WOW! How exciting! Britons are ecstatic, their newspapers are selling like crazy, there is a frenzy of gossip about what
to name the future queen.

I, for one, couldn’t care less. In fact, I consider all of this “Royalty” hullabaloo to be a bunch of crap.
Why? Because in my opinion, NO ONE is better than anyone else. All these parasites do is promote themselves,
like our so-called celebrities do with their award shows, like the Oscars, Emmys and Country Music awards.

In my opinion, NOBODY is more important than me, not the President, the Pope or the Queen of England.

Speaking of the Queen. Do you thing she gives the King blow-jobs? Okay, that’s putting it rather crudely.
Does she engage in FELLATIO with him? How about his “Going South” (CUNNILINGUS) with her? I’m sure most
love-making couples(except lesbians) do both. A racquetball buddy told me in the locker room that they use
the oral routine before banging away. He calls it “Taking a trip to Australia (going down under) and that
he swishes a jigger of vodka in his mouth beforehand to kill the zillions of bacteria lurking there, thereby
lessening the chance of a vaginal infection.

Just before I wrote this I Googled: ORAL SEX. Wow! I found explicit directions for sending a woman to the moon!
Too bad the Internet didn’t exist when I married in 1945!

By the way: If a reporter wants to become world-famous, all he/she has to do is ask the Queen if she gives
the King Blow-jobs.

Love and peace to all,
Frank Sganga