How to Live Longer and Better

The Big Three in Life: Body, Mind and Spirit
Francis T. Sganga
May 20, 2015
The way I figure it, the most important thing for me is to remain Alive, because once I croak, nothing else matters. The next most important thing is the follow the best regimen for maintaining my life as long as possible, Qualitatively. to just be alive is not enough; I must squeeze as much Pleasure from it as possible, because I believe that’s why we were created. In pondering how to do this, I decided that I must nourish my Body, my Mind and my Spirit (i.e. my Soul.)
I view Body, Mind and Spirit as all part of a Team, where Each of Them must make a Positive Contribution enabling us to win the Game of Life. That view is reflected in the ancient adage that we:
Keep a Sound (Healthy) Mind in a Sound (Healthy) Body.
Following that advice will automatically result in our having a Sound Spirit, which is tantamount to having Peace of Mind, which is equivalent to be a Contented, Happy person who feels that “All is right in this World.”
Of course, all is not right in this World, as anyone who watches the news on TV well knows. But, since I cannot do anything about the chaos that exists everywhere, I must not let it affect my psyche negatively, because it’s Counter-Productive to my goal of squeezing as much pleasure from life as possible. That is why I don’t go to movies or watch TV shows that depict mayhem. Explosions, endless car chases and wrecks, gun battles with their artificially bloodied faces and bodies, and loveless, animalistic sex.
The First of the Big Three, my Body, must be given prime consideration, because as my body goes so goes the rest of me. It is my Cathedral. It houses the invaluable, mysterious, God-given Spark of Life and it is incumbent upon my Mind to take the best care of it I can. Toward this end, I strictly control my weight keeping it at my “fighting weight,” I strictly control my diet (no sausages, hot dogs or hamburgers; mostly chicken, fish and veggies) and I work the hell out of my body, disregarding its protests via aches and pains.
The Second, of the Big Three, my Mind, is nourished by my being a Life-Time Learner and using it to Write Books. I am hooked on reading about, contemplating and trying to understand the Divine Mysteries (the title of an e book I wrote) in our awesome Universe and Life itself, such as:
Why is there Something instead of Nothing? Where did the billions of Galaxies and the billions of Stars in them come from?
Where did our Unique Minds and Consciousness come from?
Where did out Sense of Beauty come from? Cows and dogs don’t notice beautiful Double Rainbows. Why do we?
How is it that a single fertilized egg cell about the size of the (.) can become a beautiful baby in just 270 days?
Where did Music come from, that accompanies every movie, and why is it so important in our lives?
Does the Universe go on forever?
The Third of the Big Three, my Spiritual Soul, is my Guidance Counsellor. Everything I do must adhere to its standards for me to have Peace of Mind. One of its standards is the Golden Rule; the another, the Ten Commandments. It thrives on Good Karma and my having a Positive Attitude accompanied by a Healthy Sense of Humor.
I just turned 94. I painted the half of the exterior of a rental unit we own yesterday, played five games of racquetball this morning and will finish painting the remainder of the house tomorrow morning. Oh, I almost forgot. I “can still do it” without taking any pills, and, in fact, I don’t take any pills at all!