Beware of Dental Clinics that offer free examinations and x-rays!!!

Coast Dental in New Smyrna Beach & Aspen in Port Orange

The Way They Do It:.

1. They will lure you into their clinics by offering free examinations & x-rays.
2. They will present you with a list of defects that require treatment & costs.
3. Inevitably, it will be very costly. (Mine was over $2000 with Coast Dental)
4. Not to worry. They will set you up with a loan with a bank (Synchrony Bank
in my case with Coast Dental) with “easy payments” that, in my case was for two years.
5. The bank also charges interest per month.
6. I was given a contract to sign just before treatment. Of course I signed it.
I trusted them and as in the case just before having a serious operation, what else
can you do?
7. After completing the treatment and making my first bank payment, I received a
bill for $57 – twice after ignoring the first one. I confronted them, and, of
course, they said they made a “mistake” and made a “credit adjustment.” To me,
this was attempted theft. If I were caught shoplifting a $57 watch at Walmart’s,
I’d be arrested, cuffed and hauled off to jail. They, on the other hand, “have
a license to steal.”
8. While confronting them re the $57 charge, I asked the clerk to explain some
of the items listed on THREE pages, single-spaced sheets of paper, and she wrote
on the top of the first page: Deep Cleaning ==> $1149.40! I couldn’t believe it,
especially since my teeth weren’t cleaned! The dentist, who I believe is a thief,
said I had “gum disease” (although I had none of the symptoms described on WEBMD,
but had to believe her) which they treated with a painful procedure by injecting
something into each tooth.
9. The procedure caused a painful infection after the third week. Not trusting
Coast Dental, I went to my wife’s dentist, showed him the three sheets of procedures,
he was aghast at the charges, x-rayed the infected area, and feeling sorry for me,
didn’t charge me for the visit. He gave me a prescription that cured the painful infection
in a week. After checking me out on a subsequent visit, and taking more x-rays, he
only charged me $16.
9. I filed a formal, well-documented complaint with the state’s DEPARTMENT OF
AGRICULTURE(?) AND CONSUMER SERVICES. A Kyle Garner sent my complaint to Coast
Dental giving them a deadline to reply. They did, REFUSING TO DO SO!. Ha! I thought,
guilty as charged!
10. To my dismay, “toothless” Kyle Garner wrote to me saying that’s all they could
do, that I would have to hire a lawyer (Yeah, at $250 an hour!) or take Coast Dental to
SMALL CLAIMS COURT. Well, it once cost me $250 to take a crooked mechanic to
court, I was awarded $500, and to this day, 15 years later, he hasn’t paid me a dime.

When I called a lawyer friend about my situation, she asked if I signed a contract.
After telling her I did, she said my goose was cooked!

The only reason I went to Coast Dental is that they are associated with Humana, of
which I am a member. Frustrated, I’ve written to Coast Dental headquarters in Tampa
and to Humana. I’m sure I will wind up having to pay off the entire loan. The ploy
used by Coast Dental seems to be the new American way. GREED! GREED! GREED!

This is not the first time I confronted I injustice. I once went all the way to
Florida’s Supreme Court, and still failed to get my day in court in a battle with
our local school board (explained in detail in my ebook with Amazon titled:
HUMANISTS VS. HUMANOIDS – The Eternal battle between good and evil.

God bless America. It needs all the help it can get!