Are there mores Losers in America than Winners?

Saturday evening 0/19/15

Stupid People
Trash our roadways.

Are Couch Potatoes who watch hours and hours of Soap Operas,
Situation Comedies, Reality TV and Sports.

Take better care of their Cars than they do their Bodies.

Sit on their asses spending 3-4 hours watching Sports on TV,
and never read books. (Since they don’t read books, I am safe
in saying this!)

Are discourteous, rude, self-centered and prone to Road Rage.

Raise Bullies and Brats.

Smoke, drink excessively and do drugs.

Place greater importance upon Things rather than People.

Abuse Animals, Nature or others.

Adore “Celebrities.” Clamor for their autographs.

Are Slobs with Slum mentalities.

Are Know-it-alls.

Are society’s Parasites who only take and never give.

Father Children they don’t support.

Screw each other without Love and Commitment.

I think so!

It’s unbelievable to me, as an ex-teacher and principal that we’ve
reached the point in the United States where armed policemen are
needed to protect students and teachers in our schools.

God help America!!! It sure can’t help itself anymore.