Citizen’s Alert!

September 24, 2015

Greetings from:

A Warning!
Beware of this business tactic. They will…
1. Lure you into their trap with “freebies.”
(such as “Free x-rays and an examination” by
shady dentists.)

2. Con you into signing a contract before they will treat you.

3. They will screw you financially. Two visits to the Coast Dental clinic
( a corporation with 25 clinics in Florida alone) cost me more than $2000
including a “deep cleaning” (1/2 an hour) that cost me $1,149.40. I didn’t
have that much cash, but not to worry. They engineered a loan for me at
Synchrony bank with easy payments over a period of two years!

Well, I tried these ways to nail them, including filing a well-documented
complaint with:
1. The Governor
2. The State Attorney (No replay)
3. The Florida Board of Dentistry
4. The Florida Health Department
5. Channel 9 investigative reporters (No reply)
6. To the Dentist: Dr. Gwendolyn Ann Traylor at 1119 So. Dixie Freeway,
New Smyrna Beach,
FL 32168 with a note telling he “If she you aware or condone what I have
accused you of in my complaint, I don’t know how you can live with yourself.” (No reply.)

7. AARP (No reply.)

8. Coast Dental Clinic headquarters in Tampa (No reply)

9. My Humana agent. (No reply)

10. The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Affairs, who told me
they had “no teeth,” and I would have to take the thieves to court
at my own expense.

The bottom line? If you seek justice as a ripped-off taxpayer, you’ll
find it under “j” in the dictionary!!! Obviously, The System” is rigged
against us. Corporations run the State and our Nation via their unlimited
contributions (BRIBES!) to politicians’ campaigns.

I hate to admit that I’ve unwittingly been there, which proves “A sucker
is born every minute.” It happened when I needed some dental work and went
to a the Coast Dental clinic associated with Humana, my medical insurance
company, where I was ripped off “real good!”
And, the worst part is that there is nothing you can do about it except
taking them to court at you own expense understanding that good lawyer
charges about $250 an hour.

For a copy of my documented complaint, email me:

I don’t really expect any responses.

I’m just using this opportunity to VENT!!!