A Great Movie

Sunday evening September 27, 2015 sicari1921@gmail.com

We watched a great movie last nite – WORDS AND PICTURES. I was pleasantly surprised that
Hollywood would produce a movie that provokes THINKING, and was pleased with the happy ending.
It was an example of the saying that:

A good book and a good movie are those that make you THINK.

In this one two professors, one male and one female, go to “war” to prove that “words”
are more powerful than “pictures.” To my mind they are complementary. A good writer
“paints a picture” using words. In all 11 of my Kindle ebooks, I use lots of pictures
to further illustrate what I am saying using words.

One powerful example: In discussing the POWER of words, I refer to the fact the Jesus
was killed because of the WORDS He used, and I have a PICTURE of Him cruelly nailed
to a cross.