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Official Review: A Heartfelt Thank You to My Intelligent Designer.
by Vanessa 07 Sep 2015
[Following is the official review of ”
A Heartfelt Thank You to My Intelligent Designer
“I became increasingly aware of the awesomeness and majesty of our Universe,
and the miraculous existence of the millions of fauna and flora spread out
across the vast expanse of our home planet, Earth.”

A Heart-felt Thank You to My Intelligent Designer – All about the Wonders,
Mysteries and Miracles in Life by Francis T. Sganga is an inspiring and
eye-opening book about the miracles and gifts from the Creator. This non-fiction
book discusses the controversial topic of creation from both a scientific and
religious point of view. Readers embark on a journey of realization that opens
one’s eyes to the blessings and beauty of life. This science teacher’s insightful
opinions will allow readers to gain a higher appreciation for the things we often
take for granted.

Francis T. Sganga is a 94 year old man from Brooklyn New York. He spent three and
a half years serving the army in World War II but now spends his days playing
competitive raquetball three times a week and rides a Silver Star motorcycle.
Saganga has dedicated most of his adult life to helping and teaching young children
and adults. After several years of working as a chemistry and physics teacher, he
went on to open his own learning center where he tutored students of all ages,
including teachers, in science and mathematics.
A Heart-felt Thank You to My Intelligent Designer is an uplifting novel discussing
the miracles of life and the 5 senses, the power of words and music, and the value
of your individual opinions and pleasures.

This empowering story teaches readers the miracle of life. The author explains his
experience within a classroom witnessing the growth of a chick in an egg. He goes
on to explain that he believes that it is a beautiful miracle how a small fertilized
egg the size of a dot can turn into a baby chick in only 21 days. Sganga also shows
great appreciation to the 5 senses. He shines light on the value of the under
appreciated senses by challenging readers to go without them for a certain amount of
time. After attempting to walk around my house with my eyes closed, Sganga has helped
me develop a overwhelming gratitude to sight. Another large topic the author discusses
in his book is the necessity for individuality and pleasures. Without the senses,
humans would not be able to survive, but without pleasure, the enjoyment of life
could not be fulfilled.

I thoroughly enjoyed the introduction to the book. I felt as though the author was
speaking to the reader as though they were a friend he had known for years. I also
really enjoyed the scientific insight the author brought to the book. There were
many diagrams and pictures the author added to ensure readers understood what he
was discussing. Though, I did not enjoy how many times the author wrote “Google it”
in his work. I feel as though he could have expanded more on the subject rather than
encouraging readers to put their reading to a halt and use Google to understand the topic.

I give this book a rating of 4 out of 4 stars. I feel that the book was very inspiring
and encouraging. This novel allows readers to think about questions regarding creation
and teach them to live each day as though it is their last. Each chapter introduced a
new topic and a new idea to think about. A good book leaves readers thinking, and I believe
that this novel did a great job at getting readers to think outside the box.
A Heartfelt Thank You to My Intelligent Designer
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