I woke to the World
and it said to me,
“Son you were made
from my debris.
Now it’s sink or swim
like all the rest
it’s up to you
to pass the test.”
I looked at the World
and it looked right back,
it seemed impossible
a thing to crack.
How small am I
in so vast a Universe
that confounds the brain
and what’s even worse.
It’s cold and care less
about its kin,
who must make their way
as best they can.
Then I pondered the World
thinking should I be,
just another man,
like a fish in the sea?
That flow with the tides
and swim in schools
thinking loner fish
to be such fools.
“No!” said I
to this other me,
I cannot be
like fish in the sea!”
My Soul rebels,
I know not why,
I’ve got to find,
this other “I.”
I studied books,
I questioned all,
“What’s my role in life,
will I hear my call?”
No answer came
for too many years
while my fruitless search
merely raised more fears.
Could Life be such
that one never knows
what’s best in life
for him to do?
Yet, as I searched
and as I thought,
unknown to me
came the thing I sought.
“Thank God!” I said,
I found my way
for I could not stand
another day.
Not knowing the thing
that I must do.
For though the World is cold
and could care less too
this does not hold
for me and you.