Installment #4

Installment #4 re: The Continuing Saga of a Family’s Destruction Caused by Greed.

Narrator: Francis (Frank) T. Sganga …

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

On he next visit, Jeanie, 52, appeared at the door in a tight-fitting, low-cut dress that
exposed an ample amount of cleavage formed by her equally ample boobs. While we both sat
closely together at my computer, she said she thought there was sufficient evidence of
malpractice to warrant either going to court or filing a complaint with the Florida Board
of Physicians. We chatted a while and she told me she divorced her womanizing husband several
years ago and was having a hard time making ends meet.

Well, having a foxy woman within arms length caused my libido to kick in full force. Looking
into her eyes, I said, “Jeanie, it’s been a long time since I touched a woman, Do you mind?”
She smiled invitingly, and I began doing the male thing.

We eventually became an item, but secretly at first because I didn’t think my grown children
would approve of my being involved with a woman so soon after their mother died. One of the
serious dilemmas I faced was that daughter Laura hated Jeanie with a passion, and it wasn’t
till much later that I found out why.

I had a home built for Laura on a $100,000 three-acre parcel of land I owned. She and her
loser husband lied in a hovel, and I felt duty-bound to help her enhance her life style since
I could well afford it. To try to get her to accept Jeanie, after we married on December 4, 2004,
I deeded her an adjoining $100,000 three acre parcel of land also worth $100,000. I didn’t work.
She, nor any of my other children would accept Jeanie, and of course, they didn’t respond to the
wedding invitations I sent them.

After weeks of my visiting Jeanie in her apartment, in a rundown neighborhood, and her visiting
me at home, I invited her to come live with me, and she did. When my kids found out, all hell
broke loose! We exchanged dozens of emails, in which I tried to explain my dire need for companionship
at my age, and the deteriorating effect loneliness has on surviving spouses. In one email from daughter
Clare, she referred to Jeanie as my “live-in lover.”

Clare’s attitude toward my living with Jeanie was hypocritical. Her son Jon lived with Beth for some
two years before marrying, and put Babs and me in a quandary about what we would do if they visited us.
The idea of letting them sleep in the same room together did not appeal to our sense of propriety.
When we attended their eventual wedding, they acted and dressed like two innocent virgins who were
about to embark on a new adventure.
I thought it odd that they would defy convention by living together, then embrace convention when it
suited them. Her wearing a white wedding gown, which supposedly represented “purity,” seemed to be an
anachronism. Long before they married, Steve and Clare even helped them buy a home. In any case, all
four parents who were “devout” Christians and Bible adherents, were deliriously happy with the proceedings.
Hey, what about me? How come I’m a pariah?

To be continued ….