Installment #6 re: The Continuing Saga of a Family’s Destruction Caused by Greed.

Narrator: Francis (Frank) T. Sganga …

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Thursday, December 31, 2015

In a letter signed by Brian, Clare and Laura, they refused to return control of MY property to me.
To say that I was angry, is to put it mildly. My lawyer asked if Brian explained the Life-Estate
Deed to me that he encouraged me to sign, I said, “No, I trusted him completely.” He replied,
“It’s the law.” I said, “Okay, please write each of them telling them if they don’t return my
property in 30 days I will take them to court.”

That did it, but it ended all communication between us, and truthfully I didn’t care. They treated
me like I was no longer competent and wrote me off. From then on, for years there were no birthday,
Fathers day or Christmas cards. Not even now as the New Year 2016 starts in just a few hours.

Well, I had Jeanie and her family to retreat to. She had a son, Joel, 29, who had two young children
9 and 5, and a daughter, Jessica 26, who had a very vivacious 6 year-old daughter,
Adrianna, who was a joy to behold. The situation brought to mind what Sean Connery said at the end
of the movie, Finding Forrester:

“Losing family obliges us to find our family,
not always the family that is our blood.
And should we
have the wisdom to open our door to this new family,
we will find the wishes we once had for the father
who once guided us, for the brother who once inspired us.”

I was very happy with my new family. The first two years of marriage were great. When I first
met Jeanie, her son Joel and his wife were estranged. He lived by himself, and his wife, Jammie,
along with their two children, lived with another woman. In talking at length with Joel, who
longed to be reunited with his wife and children, I told him I’d buy a house for them, and he
could pay me rent that equaled the amount of mortgage payments. He readily agreed, and I had a
great sense of satisfaction in seeing them all together enjoying their new home and each other.

At about the beginning of the third year of our marriage, I had what I thought was a great idea.
The house Jeanie and I lived in had a backyard pool and a hot tub. I enjoyed many a summer day
watching Jeanie frolic in the pool with her three grandkids. So, I thought, since I owned the
beautiful Bayfront lot next door worth $100,000, why not build a home for Joel and his family
on it so Jeanie could see and play with her grandkids even more? In speaking to Joel and his wife,
I told them to find a set of plans they liked, and I would do the rest. Based upon my experiences
with my one-story home that had a limited view of the bay, I recommended that they choose a two-story
home, with a fireplace. It turned out to be beautiful, and once again Joel and his family were in
“hog heaven.”

The euphoria only lasted about a year. After two years of a happy marriage to Jeanie, what was at first
a great idea, turned out to be a tragic one, as you will soon see.

To be continued….