The Grim Reaper rears Its Ugly head!

Friday January 15, 2016
I am dying. I feel it in my bones. My demise, as I approach 95 next April is overdue. The feeling
was triggered this morning when I had a weird experience when I quickly arose from lying in bed to
a sit-up position. The room and everything in it whirled around as though I had just gotten off a
fast-moving merry-go-round. I just sat at the edge of my bed with my legs dangling over the side
waiting for the whirling to stop. After about 30 seconds, it didn’t so I flopped back in a supine
position in bed, and waited, hoping the feeling would soon pass. One of my concerns was going down
the two flights of stairs. In a few minutes I cautiously got out of bed, stood up, monitored my
condition, and descended the stairs holding tightly to the banisters.
I made it to the kitchen successfully, had my usual breakfast of raisin bran and a cup of coffee,
sat at my desk in the living room, called wife May, told her to bring over a chair and told he what
happened so she could “prepare herself” just in case. This was my second experience within a month
re dizziness, but worse than the first, where I was dizzy and my sight was impaired. I told May I
wasn’t concerned about dying. My main concern was her being left alone to take care of our large,
two-story home with large front and back yards, plus the rental unit we own across the street that
we are about 75 % finished renovating to sell next April.
The ironic thing about the situation is that I played rigorous racquetball yesterday morning, winning
all four games, napped, and did heavy-duty yard work at the rental unit afterwards. I am evidently
physically fit, and suspect I’m having a problem with my brain/balancing system. About a year ago I
have a Vertigo problem that was remedied by a physical therapist.
A call my primary doctor was in vain. He was not in, and his receptionist made an appointment to see
him Monday afternoon, and that if necessary, I should go to their Palm Coast clinic (40 miles away or
to the Emergency Room. As I write this, I’m okay. I just stood up quickly as a test, and experienced
no dizziness.
I am now highly motivated to getting the rental unit fully renovated as soon as possible. It’s a nasty,
rainy day right now, and God willing, I will go at it with renewed vigor tomorrow. One of the things I
will stop doing for now is driving our car. If I were to experience another “seizure” it could well cause
an accident or worse. I’ve got to suppress my Macho feelings and be sensible.
8 p.m.
Woke up from my one hour nap and cautiously and slowly sat upright, dangled my legs over the side of the
bed, assessed my condition, and decided it was okay to stand up. Went down the 16 steps to the kitchen,
had my tea with half a donut on the porch, mulled over what to do next, and decided I was not going to
just sit on my butt doing nothing. Defying the Grim Reaper, I pumped ten pound dumbbells for 15 minutes
then went over to our rental unit and did some yard work for about an hour till May came over to announce
dinner was ready. Right now I feel fine. No aches or pains. Hopefully, it will turn out to be an intermittent
problem. We’ll see.