My racquetball Buddy sent me this article:
March 10, 2016
The food You Eat Determines Which Genes Get Activated Or Suppressed,
Controlling Disease vs. Health Throughout Your Life
Everyone says you are what you eat, but, for some reason, the majority of the world’s population seems
completely oblivious to this fact. Yet pure science and simple experiments have managed to definitively
prove what naturopaths have been saying for centuries: What you eat changes you, down to your very DNA.
As it turns out, our diet can influence what genes are more active or suppressed. Basically, it can
determine whether genes associated with conditions like obesity, type 2 diabetes or heart disease are
hyperactive or functioning within parameters.
It’s particularly easy to ignore that our diets directly affect our health when the foods around us
taste so good. General practitioners who don’t take food into consideration when treating their patients
certainly don’t make it any easier. In this context, new studies that point to the relevance of food in
connection to our DNA are an essential step forward.

Thanks Al. The info is new to me, but I figured out what foods are best and worst for us years ago. After
undergoing two angioplasties, I decided to quit eating: Bacon, sausage, hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries,
fried food, potato chips, steaks and pork.

What I do eat is all kinds of beans, a couple of eggs a week, lots of veggies, fish and chicken. Beans and
eggs contain vital nutrients that supply food to the embryos as they become adults.

I regularly eat raisin bran with a banana in 2% milk for breakfast. Lately, my lunch has consisted of a soup
made up of a can of mushroom soup, frozen peas, lima beans, whole kernel corn and chick peas. No bread. I use
lots of garlic.

Tonight we had fresh fish, steamed potato, onion and carrots, again with no bread.

I occasionally have an ice cream cone, wine with cheese and pretzels, and half a donut with tea after my
mandatory 2 hour nap.

So far, my regimen has worked. I will be 95 on April 29th, I have no significant ailments, my blood pressure
today at Walmarts was 107/65, I play racquetball twice a week, I take NO pills, not even vitamins, and I can
still honeymoon about once a week.

In a couple of my books, I make a point of saying, “You are what you eat!”

Oh yes, I eat about a pound of roasted peanuts (more embryos) a week as I watch sports on TV or a movie.

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