Sganga Update

Greetings Friends:
Hit 95 today. Bad news is we couldn’t find a cake that would hold 95 candles. Good news is
we put one candle on a cup cake an just counted slowly to 95 by ones. Took 2 1/2 minutes!

Three weeks ago I mailed the manuscript for my new book, A CELEBRATION OF LIFE – A tribute
to our Creator for the supreme Gift of Life, to Austin Macauley publishers in London, and
wife May and I are waiting anxiously to hear from them.

Tomorrow morning we will email them my revised edition of WORDS OF WISDOM FOR CHILDREN,
An intellectual book featuring science and espousing moral and spiritual values. I
consider it to be my crowning achievement.

If anyone wants a free cop[y before it is published, I would be happy to send it to you
as an email supplement by request. =>

My perspective on life is the same as Karl Wallenda’s who said, “Walking on the tightrope
is living. All else is waiting. That’s the way I feel about writing.