At 9 a.m. I called my doctor’s office to a make an appointment, and the receptionist said their computer was down,
and that she would get back with me when it was fixed. Last year I switched from UNITED HEALTH CARE to HUMANA medical
insurance because there are no premiums to pay and they pay for my membership at the YMCA. BIG MISTAKE!!!
When the receptionist failed to call by 5 p.m., I called her. She said the computer was still down, and that I could
“walk in” tomorrow a.m. to be seen by a “physician’s assistant.” I declined and, being pissed off because I HAD TO CALL HER,
I told her to tell Dr. Morales we will change doctors. I like Morales, but what he treated me for in the past, only got
worse, and that was why I wanted to see him.
Come December, I will switch back to UNITED HEALTH CARE. It’s expensive, but what the hell, my body’s welfare is worth it.