Eat, Drink and Be Merry, for Tomorrow You May Die!


The World-Wide Threat of Corporatism

The only thing necessary
for the triumph of evil
is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke (1729-17970

There are currently several things that are disturbing my Peace of Mind. One of them is the terrible plight
of the have-nots, like the Syrian refugees and the millions of other destitute people in our country and
around the world. Another is the apparent, serious decline of the U.S., which to my mind, is self-destructing,
and the impact it will have on my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and millions of other Americans
whose futures are in jeopardy. The endless, unnecessary, undeclared, illegal “wars” we are currently engaged
in are contributing to a doomsday scenario.
Another concern is a devious, virulent plague spreading worldwide that few people seem to be aware of. It’s
called Corporatism and is defined as an an organization of a society into industrial and professional corporations
serving as organs of political representation and exercising control over persons and activities within their
jurisdiction. As you read on, keep this in mind:

What doth it profit a man
if he is moral, stays physically and mentally fit
but winds up becoming
a corporate slave
on the job or the battlefield?

A Google search for corporations ruling the world produced this result:
A Swiss study shows 147 corporations rule the world
October 12, 2012
The Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich released a study entitled The Network of Global Control that
proves small consortiums of corporations–mainly banks– run the world. Within the report is a list of the
147 corporations. Related to this information are excerpts from this article:
Waking Times
The Illusion of Choice
90% of American Media Controlled by 6 Corporations
Vic Bishop, Staff Writer
August 28, 2015
It is worth repeating again and again that the bulk of America’s mainline media is owned and controlled
by a mere 6 corporations. This, of course, means that unless you’re already consciously avoiding these
mainline media sources, then most of the news and entertainment that makes it onto your screen and into
your mind comes from a small pool of corporate sources, all of which play important roles in delivering
propaganda, social programming and perpetual crisis narratives to the public….
….One of these companies is also the 12th largest US military defense contractor, so it’s no surprise that
so much of our entertainment centers around the glorification of war and violence….
…. The promotion of shallow, materialistic, ego-centric values, and the obvious dumbing down of the American
population is coming from these 6 corporations. Think about that. These are the companies that glorify
consumption, obedience, ignorance, the hyper-sexualization of youth, the glorification of war and government
surveillance, and so on.
….With its tremendous global reach in all forms of media communication, these corporations help to shape our
world by providing coverage of our lives, analyses of our world, entertainment to pass our time and inspire
our minds, and even distraction and occupation for our children.
The ruling corporations are listed as:
General Electric; News Corp; Disney; Viacom; Time Warner; and CBS.
Interestingly, if a group of terrorists or an invading army or rebels like those in Syria attempting a coup, were to seize power, the first thing they would do is take control of the media. Note well: (Bold, italics mine.)
VOX World
Why Turkey’s coup failed, according to an expert
Zack Beauchamp
July 16, 2016

That raises two big questions this morning: Why did Turkey’s coup fail, and what happens in the country next?
Naunihal Singh has some helpful answers. He is an academic and the author of Seizing Power, a groundbreaking
book on coups.
He said: for a coup to succeed, the plotters must …”take control of the broadcast media. Once you’ve got the
radio and television stations, you then use them to tell everyone the government has already been overthrown.
That convinces people in the military that the coup has succeeded, leading them to take your side.
On January 21, 2010, with its ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, the U.S. Supreme Court
ruled that corporations are persons, entitled by the U.S. Constitution to buy elections and run our government.
Human beings are people; corporations are legal fictions. Opponents of the ruling argue, as Supreme Court Justice
Stephens did that corporations have no consciences, no beliefs, no feelings, no thoughts, no desires.
If corporations are people, then they are psychopaths who have, like robots, no feelings for others. Their sole
purpose is to make money to pay their CEOs lavish salaries and give stockholders an ample return for their
investments. An egregious case in point using information available via Google:
The Mylan Corporation produces a life-saving drug called EpiPen used by millions who suffer from sudden and acute
allergic reactions or have heart problems that can make the difference between life and death. The CEO, Heather
Bresch, engineered raising the price from $100 in 2007 to $609 in 2016, causing a nation-wide furor. Adding insult
to injury, the CEO’s salary increased from @2,453,456 to $18,931,068 along with increases in the salaries of other
company executives.
In a Google article, dated July 3, 2016 titled Mankind: Death by Corporation Brian Moench says:
Needless to say, in the 21st century, corporations as creations of civilization make no pretense of embodying
the Christian God. In fact, today, corporations come much closer to embodying Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein than
Jesus Christ. Ironically, created by and managed by humans, corporations have become almost robotic monsters,
perpetrating, even feeding off human misery, threatening every aspect of human life – the air we breathe, the
water we drink and the food we eat – and even the future of mankind itself. What have these corporate Frankenstein
monsters done for us lately?

The corporate cancer is rapidly metastasizing across the U. S. For starters:
April 6, 2015
Boycott, Divest and Sanction Corporations
That Feed on Prisons
By Chris Hedges*
(Bold Italics mine)
The corporate state seeks to reduce all workers at home and abroad to the status of prison labor. Workers
are to be so heavily controlled that organizing unions or resistance will become impossible. Benefits, pensions,
overtime are to be abolished. Workers who are not slavishly submissive to the will of corporate power will be
dismissed. There will be no sick days or paid vacations. No one will be able to challenge unsafe and physically
difficult working conditions. And wages will be suppressed to keep workers in poverty. This is the goal of corporate
The 1 million prisoners employed at substandard wages by corporations owning prisons are, in the eyes of our corporate
masters, the ideal workers. And those Americans who ignore the plight of prison labor and refuse to organize against
it will increasingly find prison working conditions replicated outside prison walls.
*Chris Hedges has spent nearly 20 years as a foreign correspondent in Central America, the Middle east, Africa and the
Balkans. He currently teaches inmates at a correctional facility in New Jersey.

The corporate cancer is metastasizing worldwide! Via Google:

Common Dreams
Education: The Next Corporate frontier
Kristen Steele
July 14, 2015
I’d like school reform to be a part of rebuilding vibrant local economies and sustainable communities. This is
what I thought was at the heart of the struggle for better education. But there’s a battle being waged on a
different front. One that will overwhelm and undo any improvements we’ve made if social and environmental activists
don’t join in the fight.
Over the last thirty years or so, private corporations have been steadily taking over school systems all around
the world. (Bold, Italics mine.) Going hand in hand with “free” trade and development, the privatization of education
is simply another step towards corporate control of the entire economy. If you’re tuned in to education news in the
US, you may be familiar with the public school closures in Chicago, the so-called Recovery School District in New Orleans,
and the proposed budget cuts in Milwaukee that have brought parents, students and teachers into the streets. But few of
us hear about how students in Chile have been protesting for nearly a decade against rampant privatization that has
increased economic inequality. Or how the UK government recently passed an education act allowing the conversion of a
ll state schools into privately run “academies”. Or how Structural Adjustment Programs and development aid have paved
the way for privatization of schools across Africa, which has resulted in reduced enrollment of girls and exclusion of
the poorest children. Or how similar takeovers are happening in Canada, Sweden, New Zealand, India, and many other
Corporate farming is a term used to describe companies that own or influence farms and agricultural practices on a large
The Corporate Takeover of Our Food System
Corporate stranglehold of farmland a risk to world food security
John Vidal
May 28, 2014
Small farmers are being squeezed out as mega farms and plantations gobble up their land. The world’s food supplies are
at risk because farmland is becoming rapidly concentrated in the hands of wealthy elites and corporations. a study found.
Food & Water Watch
Five things Monsanto Doesn’t Want You to Know
about GMOs
The facts about GMOs are nothing like what the biotec industry would like you to think. You’ve heard the controversy about
genetically engineered foods (GMOs) and whether they’re safe to eat (and the question of safety is nowhere near settled,
despite what the companies that create GMOs would like you to think). …the real purpose of GMOs is power and control over
the food supply, and ultimately it’s about profits. The undeniable fact is that GMOs are bad for our environment, our food
system, and the people in it.
How Dangerous Is Monsanto to Our health?
Alex Jones
The Monsanto Company, the makers of the earth-poisoning weed-killer ROUNDUP used world-wide, is a publicly traded American
multinational, agrochemical and agricultural Corporation in Creve Coeur, Greater St. Louis, Missouri. Monsanto has knowingly

been poisoning people for (at least) 35 years! But, we’re not allowed to know about it.
The corporate cancer has spread into the medical realm.
The Huffington Post
The Personal Toll of Corporate Medicine
Dr. Rose Kumar
October 19, 2015
(Bold, italics, mine)
I am a board certified internist. I am Stanford trained and have been in practice for nearly 25 years. I have a very busy
practice. I love my patients. To help, heal and to love them every day is daily gift. I want to help them be healthy. I want
to help them make sense of their suffering, to help awaken and empower the parts in them that have been covered over by pain
and stress. I have also been a lifelong seeker. I seek to gain consciousness every day, with every life experience. I also
seek to stay current with medical and scientific progress. I love science. I love Medicine. This is what I was born to do.
I have been in private practice for nearly 17 years. I worked in corporate health care straight out of residency, nearly 25 years
ago. It didn’t fare well for me. I found myself constantly struggling inside, conflicted by the dissonance between the mission of
the vocation of medicine and that of corporate medicine. I found that the corporate mission saw patients as commodities for money
and physicians as work horses to extract money from patients for quarterly gains. The boards of these systems merely used profit
as the measure of the physician’s success. Nearly two decades ago, patriarchal corporate mission had begun to grow in opposition
to the mission of Medicine. After trying to work within 3 corporate health care systems all of which were attracted to my vision
for facilitating health and wellness, I finally realized that I was a marketing pawn for them. I fit an image they were using to
capture the market. They wanted me to run diagnostic tests, manage symptoms, admit patients and contribute to their quarterly
profits. I reached a point where I could no longer live with the inner conflict, tossed between two missions. I saw my colleagues
being swallowed up by the corporate machine and losing their connection to what was real for them. Many who needed to be
hospital-based had no choice by to capitulate and serve the corporate beast at the cost of their souls.

Corporatism Hits Home
If corporations are “people,”
as the Supreme court dictated,
then they are the Humanoids among us!

The corporate plague has spread to the dental industry where their main reason for existence is to make as much money as possible via
their slave-dentists who have sold their souls for their salaries. My personal experience with a corporate dental clinic exemplifies
the danger of the spread of Corporatism:
I am a member of a corporate health insurance company named Humana, that is associated with corporate Coast Dental Clinics, who, along
with others, operate worldwide, as do other corporate dental clinics The clinics cleverly advertise their services with an offer of a
free examination and x-rays. I went to the local clinic in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, to have a decayed tooth extracted.
After the examination, I was told I had gum disease even though I had none of the symptoms described on the internet. Trusting her, I
accepted her diagnosis, and about 15 minutes later I was given a three-page, single-spaced proposal in dental jargon for treatments
that totaled a shocking $11,717.75.
Part of the first page:

My wife and I scanned it and whittled it down to about $2,200, that included the treatment for gum disease called “deep cleaning.”
A bit later while still sitting in the chair, I was handed a contract to sign. Of course I signed it, as is the case just prior
to being operated on in a hospital; we automatically sign waivers thrust into our hands. What was done:
1. x-rays – Free
2. Deep Cleaning
3. Two teeth extracted – hole filled with bone implants.
As my wife and I were leaving the clinic, after my being examined and x-rayed, a package containing an electric-driven brush was
thrust into my hands. Thinking it was a gift or promotion item I took it home, only to find out I was charged $100 for it. Since
I wasn’t asked if I had one or wanted one, I took it back and got credit for it. (Pushing stuff on patients is a corporate policy,
I found out in Googling Corporate Dental Clinics.) The experience was a red flag indicating greed that kindled distrust.
After completing the treatments and making my first bank payment, I received a bill for $57 that was sent twice after I ignored the
first one. I confronted them, and, of course, they said they made a “mistake” and made a “credit adjustment.”
A pertinent portion of the 3-page list of procedures and charges:

To my mind, this was attempted theft. If I were caught shoplifting a $57 watch at Walmart’s, I’d be arrested, cuffed and hauled off
o jail. They, on the other hand, apparently had “a license to steal.”
While confronting them re the $57 charge, I asked the clerk to explain some of the items listed on THREE pages, single-spaced sheets
of paper comprising the contract I signed that were unintelligible to a lay person like myself. Complying, she wrote on the top of
the first page: Deep Cleaning $1149.40! I couldn’t believe it.

The deep cleaning lasted just ½ an hour. It was torture. Something, presumably an antiseptic, was directly and painfully injected
into each tooth. That was it. At the end of the treatment, female dental assistant abruptly left me siting in the chair saying she
was late in having to pick up her daughter at school.
After Googling deep cleaning on the internet, I found out that:
Deep teeth cleaning, which can also be referred to as scaling or root planing, is a procedure normally reserved for patients with
frequent gum infections or periodontal problems. If you don’t have either, don’t let your dentist pressure you into this expensive
treatment, which usually is not covered by dental insurance. Deep teeth cleaning, which can cost upwards of $800, is a commonly
cited red flag.
“The most frequent dental scams are inflating claims, delivering worthless treatment that patients don’t need and billing insurers
for phantom treatment that the dentist never delivered,” he says. “Dentists also may have a staffer do procedures that only a dentist
is licensed to perform, yet bill as if the dentist had done the work.
The deep cleaning procedure caused an infection after the third week in a molar tooth on the side of my mouth opposite to where the
extractions were done. Not trusting the dentist at Coast Dental, I went to my wife’s independent dentist, showed him the three pages
of procedures given me, and after shaking his head in disbelief, he x-rayed the affected area, spotted the infection and gave me a
prescription to cure it. Feeling sorry for me, he said there would be no charge. A second visit, and more x-rays revealed the infection
was cured, and I was only charged $16.
Over a year’s time, I filed many complaints with state and federal agencies, and finally got Florida’s Attorney General, Pam Bondi,
who’s responsibility is to investigate cases involving price gouging, to consider the validity of my complaint. Instead of doing so,
she bumped my complaint to the Florida Health Department who requested that I send them documentation and x-rays, which I did.
Fully self-assured of the legitimacy of my complaint, how chagrined I was to receive this letter rejecting my it!

The letter angered me. In requesting via the freedom of Information Act who the dentists were that rejected my complaint, I was sent
three names. I sent each of them a letter labeling them compassionless immoral Mafia-type Humanoids who put their loyalty to each
other above all other considerations. My anger extended to my totally ignoring their warning in the letter saying it was Personal and
Confidential, defying them to “come and get me!” I would welcome the opportunity to tell my story to a judge and jury!
The case is closed. I am now among the millions of other Americans who are abused and frustrated by a system that considers, primarily
the poor, the elderly to be worthless, expendable non-entities like the kids it sends to fight unnecessary, endless wars for the benefit
of the rich and famous.
What I experienced was a minor example of what is going on internationally. I think I know the modus operandi of mega corporations
that seem to be on the verge of controlling the world. As I see it, they:
1. Gain control of the media, 90% of which has been accomplished in the U.S.
2. Gain control of politicians via campaign contributions, and use their lobbyists to get laws passed that they write for their own
The New York Times
Which Companies Are Buying the Elections?
March 27, 2015
In 2012, a record $6.3 billion was spent on presidential and congressional elections; estimates for spending in the 2016 contest run
between $7.5 billion and $8 billion. Much of the spending is disclosed, but the portion that is dark is certain to expand. For example,
the network run by the Koch brothers — which is constructed chiefly of groups that are not required to reveal their donors — has set a
spending goal of nearly $900 million for the 2016 races, compared with $400 million in 2012.
3. Instigate and support endless wars that benefit defense contractors that are corporations providing products or services to a
military or intelligence departments of a government. Products include military or civilian aircraft, ships, vehicles, weapons and
electronic systems. Google “defense contactors” for a list of the hundreds of them. Here are the top 5 and how much taxpayers, paid
them in 2015 in billions of dollars:
Lockheed Martin…………… …$7,796,000,000
Northrop Grumman ……………..5,756,000,000
General Dynamics………………..2,410,000,000
Private military (“security”) corporations that are independent companies from a variety of countries that provide armed or
unarmed support or advisory services to the military at the total cost to taxpayers of billions of dollars. Some of the support
is in the form of armed mercenary soldiers who are paid, according to CNN, between $15,000 – $22,500 per month to help the
military fight its wars.
4. Destroy workers’ unions and keep people poor via wages that are so low, the workers are not only too occupied struggling to
make ends meet and support their families but are also powerless to do anything about their sorry condition.
Unfortunately, the body politic, people worldwide, are mostly unaware of the fact that corporatism is slowly but surely destroying
one of their most precious possessions – their freedom.
I wonder what the relationship between what was just said and the epidemic use of illegal drugs may be that increases daily and
makes billionaires out of drug lords? (Google: Drug Lords in Mexico.)
The Sydney Morning Herald
Andrew Purcell
May 6, 2016
America is in the grip of an unprecedented epidemic of drug addiction
New York: The United States of America is in the grip of an unprecedented epidemic of drug addiction. In 2014, more than
47,000 people were killed by an overdose – more than were killed by guns, or died in traffic accidents. Each day, 125 people
take their last hit, and millions more are leading diminished lives governed by the need to “get well” before all else.
“This is the worst drug addiction epidemic in United States history,” says Andrew Kolodny, the chief medical officer of Phoenix
House in New York. Phoenix House was founded in 1967 by six heroin addicts who resolved to kick the habit together and has grown
to become the nation’s leading provider of drug abuse treatment.
It has seen heroin, crack cocaine, methamphetamine and PCP plagues come and go, but nothing compared to the current wave of
opiate addiction.
For the first time since the Vietnam War, life expectancy is falling for whites. Drug use is among the primary factors. Five
times as many whites aged 25 to 34 were killed by an overdose in 2014 as in 1999. A quiet epidemic, spreading behind suburban
curtains and in struggling rural towns, has become impossible to ignore.
Addiction was seen as a moral failing.
A question not asked at any level:
WHY is there such a huge demand for drugs in the U. S.?
Our governmental leaders are looking at the wrong end of the horse when they initiate “a war on drugs,” establish drug treatment
centers and jail dealers and users. They are not, as far as I know, looking for or doing anything about the causes. Should there
not be a concerted national effort, as was the case in sending men to to moon and returning them safely, to find out why there is
such a huge demand for drugs and what to do to about the problem? We have brilliant engineers in science and technology. Why
don’t we have Social Engineers working on our drug problem and the next one?
Another big WHY to challenge Social Engineers:
From the internet: About 2,320,300 adults were incarcerated in US prisons and jails. (The U.S. population is @323 million.) That
is 3.4 times as many as those in Russia (Population: @143.5 million) and 1.3 times more than those in China (Population: @1.3 billion.).
We, in the U. S. have the honor of having the world’s highest rate of prisoners. WHY?
We are the richest, most militarily-powerful country in the world. We are the only country able to send men to the moon and bring them
back safely to earth We have thousands of public and private universities and colleges and we have many brilliant scientists who have
won Nobel prizes. So, why is it that we can’t solve our social problems like this next one that distinguishes us as being the Murder
Capital of the World?
Aamer Madhani
April 1, 2016
Chicago’s murder rate soars 72% in 2016; shootings up more than 88%
CHICAGO — Murders in the nation’s third-largest city are up about 72%, while shootings have surged more than 88% in the first three
months of 2016 compared with the same period last year, according to data released Friday by the Chicago Police Department.
Police said the disturbing rise in violence is driven by gangs and mostly contained to a handful of pockets on the city’s South and
West sides.
Add to all of that the millions who are unemployed, the millions who are homeless and the millions who drop out of school each year and
what you have is a country that wastes trillions on wars that could spent more wisely in correcting the ills embedded in its rapidly
deteriorating system of governance.
How much is 1 trillion dollars?
1,000 = one thousand
1,000,000 = one million
1,000,000,000 = one billion
1,000,000,000,000 = one trillion
End-to-end, 1 trillion dollars would stretch @93,000,000 miles to the sun
Stacked one-atop-the-other, they would be @68,000 miles high.
End-to-end they circle earth, @25,000 miles around, 3,892 times.
The pity of it all is that one trillion dollars can buy 10,000,000 homes costing 100,000 each for poor and homeless people!
5. Keep people ignorant. Distract them using the media to mollify them via inane TV shows like The Bachelor, Keeping Up
with the Kardashians, Desperate Housewives, Two and a Half Men, gala awards shows like The Oscars and the Emmy Awards where
self-named “celebrities” promote and glorify themselves with the help of corporate media, and the enormous hype leading up
to sports events, like football’s Super Bowl and baseball’s World Series. Other avenues include using corporate-controlled
media such as print newspapers and magazines.
6. Foster patriotism. Start all major sports events with the singing of The Star-Spangled Banner and the brandishing of a
giant American flag. Promote and support Fourth of July parades, movies and TV shows glorifying war, honoring those killed
in action with the Purple Heart and memorials like the VietNam Veterans Wall, the Congressional Medal of Honor the
president hangs around the necks of “heroes” with a considerable amount of fanfare, the ostentatious laying of a wreath
by the president at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and have school children recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the start
of the school day.
Who dares protest the well-orchestrated display of patriotism and risk being called a traitor? I do, and I am of the
unpopular opinion that calling our youngsters killed in combat “heroes” is a whitewash job designed to mollify the
parents of those whose lives have been wasted in wars that have been going on for some 12 years with no end in sight.
Einstein’s feelings re patriotism and war:
Heroism on command, senseless violence, and all the loathsome nonsense that goes by the name of patriotism – how passionately
I hate them! How vile and despicable war seems to me! I would rather be hacked in pieces than take part in such an abominable
Is it not clever of warmongers to call killed and wounded soldiers heroes? And how do you alleviate the grief endured by the
parents of those killed in action? Compensate them with a Gold Star and create a holiday for them:
Gold Star Mother’s Day in the United States
Gold Star Mother’s Day is observed in the United States on the last Sunday of September each year. It is a day for people to
recognize and honor those who have lost a son or daughter while serving the United States Armed Forces.

Is it possible that despite the good feeling generated by patriotism, it does more harm than good? Does it make war more likely
since, in the minds of people, it places one’s own country above all others worldwide, thereby encouraging violence against them?
Pablo Picasso’s (1881-1973) famous anti-war painting, Guernica, was a reaction to the cruel bombing of the town of Guernica by
the Nazi’s during the Spanish Civil War that shows the tragedies of war and the suffering it inflicts upon people, especially
innocent civilians.
Like all wars, the Viet Nam war was a horrible waste of millions of lives, but this time the graphic images we saw on TV showed
all of us for the first time, the true horror experienced by our youths.

I have often thought of how modern we think we are, but how primitive we really are!
What Picasso did with paint, I tried to do with words. After reading a heart-rending news article about some Gold Star
parents who flung their dead sons’ medals against the statue of Chief Justice John Marshall in Washington, D.C., I wrote
this with my son Paul and his dead peers in mind:
A Medal for a Son

Written by the author in 1968
at the height of the Vietnam War

Your mother watched
her pre-natal diet for your sake
while your father sweated to pay the bills.
Each heart rejoiced with pure delight
Through years of nurturing.
Bed-time stories; playing catch,
bumps and bruises; booster shots.
In sickness, health, and major-minor mishaps,
all bound together, till death do us part.
“Son, take your vitamins; mind your manners.
Hurry! We’ll be late for church!”
Ah, then school at last where freedom reigned,
and the important thing
was to get along with the group.
But soon the bauble bursts
and the TV scene shows hate, not love,
as Blacks lash out,
and cold assassinations vie
with a brutalizing undeclared war
for your attention.
Attorney General Robert Kennedy on June 5, 1968
Rev. Martin Luther King on April 4, 1968
Then, on to the highest school
where instilled dissent ruptured the mind
and freed the will from aimless wandering.
Free at last! No restraints!
Barefoot, bearded, flowers in hand,
peace and love at any price.

War Protesting Hippies

Old tarnished world, split!
You who made it so, split too!
Damn the war! Damn the draft!
Damn the track you’ve put me on.
I want out – now!
Temporarily lost, the bewildered mind,
free from the bonds of convention,
smell the sweet flowers of oblivion and trips
into the never-never land
of no worries, no frustrations, no reality.

Tripping on Psychedelic LSD

But dreams get busted
and reality crowds in on you;
the old world demands its pound of flesh.
Greetings from the Draft Board
start the immutable forces
that work their ways against you.
War, barbarity and primeval violence
soon push aside the youthful values
nurtured from the cradle till now.
It’s kill or be killed, though you know
that killing kills the killer and
dealing death becomes a way of life.

For what?
For naught is the cry of a youthful mind
that sees no sense in the mutual killing
of pseudo enemies.
They too, caught up by the same monstrous forces
that use youths for shields
and expendable pawns,
are loathe to die for similar reasons.
But lo you died, despite our loving care,
for causes unknown and for unexplained reasons.
So, we went to Washington, where the President
duly solemn and extravagant with praise
Awarded you posthumously
with a hero’s encoffined trinket
symbolizing the ultimate absurdity
A medal for a son!

A Profound, Yet Simple Question
Would you want to be a live coward or a dead hero?
How do you think our President and congressmen
who keep us involved in endless wars would answer
this question?

More on how mega-corporations’ efforts to control of the world:
7. Gain control of schools via the establishment of government-approved Charter Schools and vouchers:
The Huffington Post
The Corporate Takeover of Public Education
Diann Woodard, President, American Federation of School Administrators
August 6, 2013
Independent research in recent months has documented that the nation’s wealthiest philanthropic foundations are steering
funding away from pubic school systems. attended by 90 percent of American students, and toward “challengers” to public
education, especially charter schools.
Essentially, anyone, any non-educator or even a corporation, can open and control a charter school. Here again, the primary
goal for a corporation is to make money.
Corporations, funding Charter Schools, like Amazon and Microsoft, are for-profit technology companies that stand to benefit
rom lucrative contracts in the future if the schools they control focus on science and technology, which will result in the
expanded purchase use of their products down the line.
A Proud member of the Truthout Community
The National Park Service Is Selling Out to Corporations
Mark Karlin, Editor
May 26, 2016
Will the torch welcoming refugees on the Statue of Liberty be replaced by a can of Budweiser beer?…. In a quiet but
far-reaching move, the National Park Service is poised to begin aggressively seeking corporate sponsorship for park projects
and using agency personnel as fundraisers, according to a critical analysis released today by Public Employees for Environmental
Responsibility (PEER). The plan will give corporate donors expanded naming rights, use of National Park symbols in advertising
and much greater influence over park managers and National Park Service (NPS) decisions….
And the fight goes on, and on and on….
America’s heritage is not a very proud one, particularly with regard to its cruel treatment of its indigent people–the
Native Americans dubbed Indians during the mid 19th century when their land was stolen at a cost to the so-called savages
of millions of men, women and children being slaughtered by government troops.
Today, salt is being pored into the descendants of Native Americans’ wounds primarily due to the immoral efforts of U.S. Senator
John McCain, who is currently running for re-election, (July 2016), to pass a law to turning over Apaches Sacred land in Arizona’s
Tonto National Forest to a rapacious mining corporation named Rio Tinto Mining of Australia. I wonder if the mining corporation
has contributed to his campaign?
Nevertheless, Lisa Murkowski, chairwoman on the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources had this to say about killing the senate
bill in an Oped News article:
“If we lose, we lose not only the West to more of this kind of depraved degradation, but we lose a looming major battle to the
corporate plutocracy in general. I can’t understand how the Senate, particularly John McCain, could resort to permitting something
as depraved as this, a complete departure from the sanctity of public lands.”

London Mining Network
Holding the mining industry to account

Rio Tinto: A Shameful History of Human and Labour Rights Abuses and Environmental Degredation Around the Globe
April 20, 2010
….Rio Tinto’s current operations are more in line with their past apparent collusion with fascist and racist regimes
than their stated policies of respect for communities, workers and the environment. Despite the company’s claims, there
are countless examples of alleged human and labour rights violations and environmental devastation perpetrated by Rio
Tinto around the world and over decades. From Papua New Guinea to Namibia, from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the
U.S. to Madagascar, and from Cameroon to Indonesia, Rio Tinto has a long and shameful record.

Basically, the agenda of mega corporations is to:
1. Control the media
2. Control governments
3. Control people
4. Control food production
5. Control prisons
6. Control medical services
7. Control schools
8. Buy land and plumage its resources for profit
9. Foster endless wars
Though seemingly remote, yet very real is the threat of a nuclear war.
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy. His internet columns (Google: Paul Craig Roberts)
have attracted an international following. One article, dated July 8, 2016, titled Are You Planning Your Retirement? Forget about it.
You Won’t Survive to Experience It. The article begins…
Israeli agents who comprise the neoconservatives (in Washington, D.C.), a collection of war criminals that control U.S. foreign
policy, have already handed you your death certificate. The neoconservatives have far more power than they have intelligence or
At a recent St. Petersburg International Economic Conference, President Putin (Russia’s leader) excoriated Western Journalists
for endlessly repeating Washington’s lies that are driving the world to nuclear war. He asked Washington’s bought-and-paid-for-whores,
the scum who who comprise the Western news media:
“How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction toward nuclear war.
Dr. Roberts’ many articles, too extensive to include in this book, are a must-read for anyone concerned about their future, especially
young adults, and their desire to live longer and better. Some titles:
America’s Greatest Threat Is Its Crazed Leadership and Its Brainwashed Population
Armageddon Approaches
If You Value Your Life, Wake Up!
Obama Has Brought Us Closer to Nuclear War with Russia
A Vote for Hitlery (Hillary Clinton, 2016) Is a Vote for Nuclear War
I have long since quit worrying about things that are out of my control. Add to that my imminent demise, and you can understand why I
take life as it comes, sucking as much pleasure out off my few remaining years as I can. I hereby pass the baton of life on to
those of you who have far more to lose than I have.
The future security of millions of Americans may be at stake. One ominous possibility of what occurred during the Holocaust in Germany
and now appears to be happening in the U.S., can be discovered by Googling: The Location of Concentration Camps in America. During
World War II, millions of men, women and children were stuffed into concentration camps prior to being murdered in gas chambers. For
a heart-wrenching depiction of some of the effects of the tragic war in Iraq, and the existence of secret concentration camps in
America Google: U.S. Marine Exposes USA FEMA Camps and Martial Law – 2016.
Question: Is our government taking precautions to deal with civil unrest, and perhaps even a revolution? Are the the recent riots in
Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland and Milwaukee, Wisconsin just the beginning of more to come? Are poverty, a decrepit educational
system that (doesn’t prepare students for decent paying jobs), a lack of hope for their future, and concomitant, fermenting anger driving
people, especially the young, to rebel? Shallow, inane TV shows, like the Oscars, the Emmys, the Bachelor, Entertainment Tonight, and
Keeping Up with the Kardashians, plus the revelation of the enormous salaries being paid to thousands professional athletes, pour salt
in the wounds of those condemned to living in perpetual poverty, increasing their anger and frustration.
There is another menacing threat, beside a nuclear war, that is spreading around the world that relatively few people seem to be aware of.
I not only agree with Dr. Albert Einstein who said…
The world is a dangerous place to live,
not because of the people who are evil,
but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.
… but I also believe words without actions are merely puffs of wind, signifying nothing unless something concrete is done to try
to bring about changes for the better. There is a subspecies of humans proliferating worldwide that I refer to as Humanoids.
They are the warmongers and the greedy super-rich who run corporations and view their fellow citizens as expendable, sacrificial
pawns and slaves, one of whose “duties as a true-blooded, patriotic American is to fight in their profit-making, unnecessary,
endless wars.
Money is the root of all evil. To wit:
We elected senators and representatives to represent us. Not so anymore. Most of them represent corporations that pay them for their
prostitute-like services via contributions to their campaigns for election to their cushy jobs. In Googling “Yes, we’re corrupt,”
I found a list of politicians admitting that money controls politics prepared by Jon Schwarz dated July 30, 2015. To my mind it’s
an egregious example of selling your Soul to the Devil, who, in effect, is running our country to the detriment of the people
congressmen have sworn to serve. The list contains some ex-top officials, including these:

Former president Jimmy Carter: “Now (the United States is) just an oligarchy, with unlimited political bribery being the essence
of getting the nominations for president or to elect the president. And the same thing applies to governors and U.S. senators and
congress members….So now we’ve just seen a complete subversion of our political system as a payoff to major contributors.”
Donald Trump, 2016 Presidential candidate: “I gave to many people, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to everybody.
When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them,
they are there for me. And that’s a broken system.” (In 2015)
Bernie Sanders, who failed in his campaign to become president in 2016: The millionaire class and the billionaire class increasingly
own the political process, and they own the politicians who go to them for money….we are moving very quickly from a democratic
society, one person, one vote, to an oligarchic form of society, where billionaires would be determining who the elected officials
of this country are.
Ted Cruz, who failed in his campaign to become president in 2016: “Lobbyists and career politicians today make up what I call the
Washington Cartel. (They) on a daily basis are conspiring against the American people….(C)areer politicians’ ears and wallets are
open to the highest bidder.”
Vice President Joe Biden (2015): You have to go where the money is. Now, where the money is, there’s almost always implicitly some
string attached…..It’s awful hard to to take a whole lot of money from a group you know has a particular position then you conclude
they’re wrong (and) vote no.”
Secretary of State John Kerry (2016): The alliance of money and the interests that it represents, the access that it affords to
those who have it at the expense of those who don’t, the agenda that it changes or sets by virtue of its power is steadily silencing
the vast majority of Americans…..The truth requires that we call the corrosion of money in politics what it is–it is a form of
corruption and it muzzles more Americans than it empowers, and it is an imbalance that the world has taught us can only sow the
seeds of unrest.”
Former Vice President Al Gore: “American democracy has been hacked….The United States Congress…is now incapable of passing
laws without permission from the corporate lobbies and other special interests that control their campaign finances.”
For wicked men are found among my people.
They lurk like fowlers lying in wait.
They set a trap. They catch men.
Like a basket full of birds,
Their houses are full of treachery;
Therefore, they have become great and rich,
They have become fat and sleek.
Jeremiah 5:25-28
The situation in the United States is obviously critical. It’s also obvious that we are self-destructing and, apparently,
nothing can be done about it. Our ship of state is heading relentlessly toward that iceberg and neither what I or anyone
else says, can stop it. A rebellion, such as the one against England that freed our ancestors from the tyranny of being
rules by a foreign oligarchy, is not possible in view of control the well-armed and well-prepared military and police have
in our oppressed society. Add to that the fact that the vast majority of people are
deliberately bogged down in simply trying to survive financially due mainly to the shenanigans of Humanoid corporations,
and you can see why there is no hope for a turnaround to save us from ourselves.
The impending catastrophe will probably not occur during my lifetime. All I can do is sit on the sidelines watching the tragic
show proceed to an unhappy ending, as a dismayed and disappointed God may be doing from out there. You may consider taking this
advice from the Biblical writers who said in Ecclesiastes 8:15 and Isaiah 12:13:
Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you may die.