Let’s Hear it for Our intelligent Designer!

The Miracle of Eyes

The eye appears to have been designed;
no designer of telescopes
could have done better.
How could this marvelous instrument
have evolved by chance, through a succession
of random evolutionary events?
Many people in Darwin’s day agreed
with theologian William Paley,
who commented:
“…there cannot be a design
without a designer.”
Robert Jastrow (1925-2008)
American Physicist and Astronomer

The saying “ignorance is bliss” is attributed to poet Thomas Gray (1716-1771). Not so with me.
I want to know all I can about life and the world we live in – the good and the bad. Kindred Spirit
Dr. Henry F. Shaefer, Quantum Chemist and five times Noble Prize nominee put it this way:

“The significance and joy in my science
comes in those moments of discovering
something new and saying to myself,
“So, that’s how God did it.” My goal
is to understand a little corner of God’s plan.”

The design, construction and functions of our eyes is a case in point. One of the thousands of doors
opened by science, that seem to reveal the existence of an Intelligent Designer, is the discovery of
how we see. We depend on our eyes more than any other sense. It’s one of our primary sources for
gaining knowledge. However, it’s another instance where most people take this precious gift for granted .
Try this: Cover your eyes and move about for half an hour or so to fully realize how important they are.
Much of what I am about to say, can be found on the internet or in books. But they all leave out what
may be considered to be the SUPERNATURAL aspects of this precious gift. Okay, hang in there with me to
find out what I consider to be a flash of insight on my part.

To be able to see requires light, which is reflected by an object. The source of natural light is our Sun.
After sunlight strikes an image, let’s say a face we are looking at, the image is
reflected and passes through the CORNEA, the clear dome-shaped surface covering the front of the eye.
The cornea bends the incoming image. The IRIS, the colored part of the eye, regulates the size of the
PUPIL, the opening that controls the amount of light that enters the eye. Behind the pupil is the transparent
LENS, similar in shape to a magnifying glass. After the image passes through the lens, it travels through a
perfectly clear liquid called the VITREOUS HUMOR that enables the eye to maintain its oval shape. The first
stop for the image is the RETINA at the back of the eyeball, which is thin, delicate, photosensitive tissue
containing the special “photoreceptor” cells that, unbelievably convert the image into ELECTRICAL signals.
These electrical signals then travel from the retina of the eye via the OPTIC NERVE, a bundle of about one
million nerve fibers, to our brains. It is said in textbooks that we “SEE” with the VISUAL CORTEX in the back
part of our mushy brains.
The visual cortex part of our brains is made up of NEURONS, which are unique cells that carry MESSAGES.
STICK OUT YOUR TONGUE. The message I sent to your neurons using words was picked up by your eyes, traveled
“electrically” via the optic nerve connecting your eyes to your brain, and was received and “understood,”
supposedly by your neurons.
Some questions I could not find answers to:
1. Neurons, like all of the other cells in our bodies, are made up a jelly-like substance called CYTOPLASM.
How does cytoplasm “SEE” and “UNDERSTAND” what I said?
2. When we “see” an image in our brains, like the image of a horse, WHAT ACTUALLY DOES THE “SEEING?”
For example, close your eyes and think of your mother’s face. There it is somewhere in your brain, but what
actually “SEES” the image? When I asked my doctor the question, he was perplexed saying that it was something
that was not covered in medical school. The best WE both could come up with is that the “SEEING” is actually
done by that mysterious non-thing called CONSCIOUSNESS, which is apparently AWARE of everything going on in
our universe that can be sensed either via our five senses or intuitively. Is not CONSCIOUSNESS like Minds
and Thoughts, in the SUPERNATURAL WORLD. Would it not be appropriate to consider our ability to “see” to be
a miracle-like ability?
We are totally unaware of it, but an image, passing through the convex lens of an eye, impinges on the retina
UPSIDE DOWN* as it does in cameras, and it’s our BRAINS that automatically turn them RIGHT-SIDE UP! Did
“Mother Nature” provide it with that skill? Or, did our Intelligent Designer plan it that way so we could
see things as they really are?
*To get the upside-down image with a magnifying (reading) glass, hold the lens between a sheet of paper and a
well-lighted object, or an outside scene. You then move the lens until a sharp image is focused on the paper.
If it’s an image of an outside scene with moving cars and people, they will appear in reverse and upside down.

To my mind, how we actually SEE is a SUPERNATURAL PHENOMENON that cannot be described as such in public schools,
and that it is not RELIGIOUS matter to do so but an ACADEMIC one. I feel strongly it’s just as valid to infer
the existence of an invisible SUPERNATURAL CREATOR as it is to infer the existence of invisible electrons, protons,
neutrons and quarks. There is sufficient evidence in both instances to grant each equal time in the classroom.